Best of the Podcast 2018: How A Telecommunications Organization Earned the Right to Customer Growth

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Today’s “Best of 2018” episode features Patricia Pedhom Nono , who was previously the general manager of customer service & customer experience at MTN Cameroon , one of the biggest telecommunications companies in Africa.

Tactics To Implement in Your First Six Months Leading CX in the Telecommunications Industry

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In this episode, you’ll hear from two brilliant leaders who’ve led CX work in the telecommunications industry. She helped formalize a process for customer feedback data collection and set up a customer panel. Do you work in a telecommunications organization?

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Earning the Right to Customer Experience Transformation at a Telecommunications Company

Customer Bliss

In today’s episode, I talk to Patricia Pedhom Nono , General Manager, Customer Service & Customer Experience at MTN Cameroon , one of the biggest telecommunications company in Africa. Package Feedback and Unite the C-Suite.

Unite the Silos and Create an Internal Shared Vision When Implementing a CX Transformation

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In today’s episode, I chat with Alvin Stokes , Senior VP of Customer Experience at Cable & Wireless Communications (C&W) , and we discuss how he began a CX transformation in an international telecommunications industry spanning 17 markets.

Introducing GetFeedback for Field Service Lightning


What you may not know is managing a mobile workforce is no easy feat. Without an automated management system—like Salesforce’s Field Service Lightning (FSL)—it’s a bit like herding cats. Setup is easy and you can map feedback data to any FSL object in just a few steps. .

13 Product Management KPIs and Metrics You need to Know


As a product manager, you will have to know your product health, if there are any issues concerning your product, how does your team work on it and a lot more. Yes, the Product Management KPIs. What is product management KPI? How to choose the right product management KPIs? #1

March Madness! Events for Customer Experience Excellence

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

Customer feedback is the key to the kingdom when creating the best experience for your customers. But if you really want to make a difference, you must move past typical methods for gathering feedback, and discover new ways to actually turn that knowledge into actions that drive change. Blog Customer Engagement Customer Experience Featured conferences customer experience speaker customer feedback events linkedin SXSW technology webinar It’s that time of year again!

Are You There, Company? It's Me, Your Customer.


Your customer experience management (CEM) system is up and running. Most CX programs today gather customer feedback data and use it to inform company decisions; but not many are coming back to their customers to let them know that their voice was heard.

Lesson #2: CX Measurement Is Hot, But It's Not What You Think It Is


As noted previously, the term VoC is frequently used to describe the measurement of the customer experience; so is the term customer experience management (CEM). A consulting firm mentioned in the introduction, Forrester , coined a third term: customer feedback management (CFM). Market research methods are great for solving the right problem, and I am a big fan, but it’s not VoC and it’s not the optimal approach to customer experience management.

Field Service Software Reviews


Don’t take our word for it that Alliance Enterprise is the best field service management software on the market, listen to our customers! The mobile component allows real time data entry from the field for instantaneous feedback.”

Field Service Software Reviews


Don’t take our word for it that Alliance Enterprise is the best field service management software on the market, listen to our customers! The mobile component allows real time data entry from the field for instantaneous feedback.”

Customer Reviews of the Best FSM Software on the Market Today


When you’re looking to upgrade your business’s IT solutions, you want to read field service software management reviews from actual users. The mobile component allows real-time data entry from the field for instantaneous feedback.”.

Why Your Sales Enablement Strategy Isn’t Working

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For example, here’s what a sales enablement leader from one of the big three telecommunications companies said to me last month: We’ve trained all of our national account reps on business acumen. Equip your managers to coach your reps.

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Four Ways to Increase Meaningful Interactions with Your Customers

CSM Magazine

A recent study by Jaywing claimed that 73 percent of telecommunications and utilities marketers would rank improving their customer contact strategy as the top priority for data-driven marketing, so how can utility brands enhance the overall interaction between supplier and consumer?

Building a CX Dashboard

CX Accelerator

It helps you, as a CX Manager, focus on the metrics that are important. How you gain that understanding involves regression analysis on customer feedback data which is well outside the realm of this post so I’m going to leave that for another day.

Updated Philosophies Can Be More Impactful For Your CX Than Updated Tech

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The foundation for all telecommunications systems is the network. We adeptly design and manage mystery shopping, compliance, engagement and voice of customer solutions grounded in strategic relevance, program integrity and actionable insights. Customer Experience Customer Satisfaction Customer Service Employee Feedback Leadership Mindfulness Strategic Leadership Voice of Customer Voice of Employee

CX Club – Round 7 – Leadership (part 1) – Motivations, Business Case & Trusted Adviser

Ian Williams

So you go out and you spend maybe 6 or 7 figures on a customer feedback platform, and then your customers tell you “These are the things that are wrong!”, And I think that, in CX management, what you got to recognise is your customers are your associates you’re working with.

Lesson #4: Text Analytics Is More Than A VoC Feature; It's An Absolute Must-Have


Structured Feedback. Structured customer feedback is the most common, the easiest to deal with, and super important in spite of this lesson’s title. Unstructured Feedback. Unstructured feedback is key to understanding why those satisfaction levels are what they are.

Sunshine Financial ServiceCommitted to Excellence


As a diversified BPO, Sunshine Financial Service touches many different industries including finance, telecommunications and IT, among others. So far we have been delighted by the virtualization of the COPC Certification process,” said Li Yanxia, General Manager of Sunshine Financial Service.

Our Favorite Thank You Notes from Customers and Testers


In the spirit of the season, we asked our Customer Success and Managed Services teams to share some of the most meaningful thank-yous they’ve received from customers and testers. and it really shines in the feedback they receive on a daily basis. Diego, Program Manager.

CX Experts We Love

Wootric CX Blog

Her She is a customer journey expert whose analysis of customer feedback at key touchpoints has led to product and service enhancements that have delighted customers. But if you don’t have hard facts attached to them … then your management team will [ignore these points].”

Customer experience, authenticity and other themes at the 2016 APAC Customer Intelligence Summit

Vision Critical

Simson and her team focused on listening and responding to feedback from individual customers. Divesh Sisodraker, Vision Critical’s EVP of product management, shared a preview of what’s coming up in Sparq, Vision Critical’s customer intelligence platform.

Thematic drives improvements in global Net Promoter Score benchmark ratings


Thematic has been working with a global telecommunications provider who has been measuring NPS using an established Voice-of-Customer platform for many years. And finding out ‘what is the NPS of a specific theme in feedback’”. . Do you measure transactional Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

Using Artificial Intelligence to Build a Great Future for CX

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AI is already here and it’s revolutionising the way businesses manage their data to transform the customer experience (CX). Henry Jinman says it pays to tread with caution, despite all the success stories and shares his top three tips for before you begin.

The One Relationship That Determines The Success of Your VoC Program


In a telecommunications company, for example, the IT department has a system that houses all the technician appointments for the day, including specific customer information such as email address and phone number. In addition to IT, you’ll need assistance to help you understand what all of this customer feedback means. They can be very helpful in connecting the dots and making sense of customer feedback.

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Leveraging the Power of Collaboration for a Telecomms Customer Experience Implementation

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After spending 2 years on the front line, she became a manager of the call center, moved into product management, and even did a bit of marketing and user experience. She starting with the areas where she knew there were customer pain points and gathered the customer feedback.

A 6-Year Chief Customer Officer Role Roadmap, With Libby Duane Adams – CB69

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Prior to Alteryx, Libby was a leading sales representative for the media, advertising, telecommunications and automotive industries at Strategic Mapping, a provider of spatial analytics and mapping software. Episode Overview.

5 ways to prepare for a new era of Customer Experience


Even in a segment like fast casual dining where physical locations remain a critical component in the customer journey, digital is playing an increasing role in the pre-dining experience (choosing venue and customizing orders on-line), the in-store experience (interacting with staff via digital onsite) and the post-dining experience (providing feedback and recommendations).

How to Gain Leadership Buy-In for VoC. HINT: Show Them The $$$


Let’s take a hypothetical example where you are the head of CX for a B2B telecommunications company. Sean McDade, PhD is the author of Listen or Die: 40 Lessons That Turn Customer Feedback Into Gold. He founded PeopleMetrics in 2001 and is the architect of the company’s customer experience management (CEM) software platform. For almost any initiative in business, the way to convince leadership to invest is to show them a return on investment (ROI).

12 Well-Known Companies That Outsource To Philippines

Magellan Solutions

This smart move allowed them to gather essential feedback which later helped them to create a tool and give it a unique personality. In the beginning, only a team of four people work on the development and management of this project management tool.

2015 Temkin Group CX Vendor Excellence Award Winners

Experience Matters

Nominees are rated based on their capabilities, results, and client feedback. Rick Meyreles (VP – Global Voice of Customer, World Service at American Express), Jen Rodstrom (CX Transformist at Temkin Group), and Bruce Temkin (Managing Partner & CX Transformist at Temkin Group). 1) Company Overview: Clarabridge’s customer experience management platform helps hundreds of the world’s leading brands understand and improve the customer journey.

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So, Here’s the Thing About Journey Mapping


She’ll give you insights on the data you should focus on when crafting a journey map, how to eliminate blind spots and what you can improve right now to increase the quality of the feedback you’re collecting. It’s still the rage.

CX Day Thoughts on Brand-behind-the-Brand Storytelling

Team HGS

By Scott Yates, General Manager, HGS. HGS caters to this client culture, from seasonality (we manage staffing fluctuations from 280 to 420 agents during the holidays), to floor setup. Prior to HGS’s solution, the response rate was 6%, and this feedback now stands at up to 19%.

Why Customer Experience Is Now Job No. 1 for CEOs


Cashiers are disappearing from grocery stores while pharmacies use apps to manage Rx refills. If not managed skillfully, these demands can drive away large segments of your customer base. While standing on that line, Delta pushes Jessica a survey asking for feedback about today’s trip.

Whitepaper: The Five Core Pillars for Your CEM Strategy


Customer Experience Management (CEM) is a methodology of measuring business performance based on the voice of the customer at all touch points in order to drive continuous customer-focused improvements. Using Customer Experience Management (CEM), companies are able to transform their focus on customers into more tangible and measurable outcomes, thus, bringing the customer commitment to life. Company Consensus: Getting managers on Board.

CEM 40

How to Move to a Work-At-Home Model When a Rapid Response is Required


This means that most organisations have been left ill-equipped to manage the requirement for the rapid deployment of Work-At-Home solutions necessitated by the spread of COVID-19. You have to ensure the management team has an exceptional communication strategy,” Edwards explains, “Agents, Team Leaders and Management all need to understand what is going on, and not just from a strategic level, but from an everyday operational level.

How to Improve Customer Service with Unstructured Data


We’ll cover: Simple techniques for making sense of feedback in house. How to calculate the impact of positive and negative aspects of your service. How to measure the ROI of initiatives based on customer feedback.

Work life balance – what does it mean and why does it matter?


Those who work part time or with flexible arrangements are often seen as needing a special reason to do so, such as managing childcare or juggling work with other commitments. Maintaining work-life balance through feedback and data.

5 Powerful Ways to Use the Customer Experience Metrics You Already Collect


Customers especially respond well when it’s made clear that the request for further feedback is coming from the product team, rather than from sales, marketing or customer service. Say you want to capture feedback after a customer calls into your call center. By Swati Sahai.

Why your customers break up with you


When my Bain & Company colleagues recently studied churn , they found that most telecommunications and media companies lose between 2% and 2.5% There’s one good way to nip this kind of exasperation in the bud and build loyalty among your customers: Ask them for feedback, then act on it. Net Promoter companies create systems for gathering quick, regular feedback and channeling it to frontline employees and others throughout the company.