5 Best Practices for Keeping a Killer Knowledge Base


Answer: When they are a writing a knowledge base to help customers solve their problems quickly and reduce repetitive conversations with your support team. Writing documentation for a knowledge base is hard. A knowledge base is how you communicate with customers.

How Surveys Can Help You Make Improvements to Your Knowledge Base


Recently, Anna Rubkiewicz dove deep into the topic of customer feedback management. In her article, Anna discussed the idea that companies can use what they learn from their customers during service or support engagements to inform the creation of their knowledge base documentation.

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CXNext Live: Today’s Biggest Knowledge Base Challenges and Opportunities


Here it is nearly 2020, and knowledge bases are still a hot topic. In fact, Forbes and CIO Review recently published articles about why knowledge bases (KB) are the next big thing, and how AI can help CIOs make knowledge management (KM) systems more impactful, respectively.

Knowledge Base Template: 5 Easy Steps to Create Your Own from Scratch


It turns out the company’s customer service portal has a section called “ Building Instructions ” where customers can search for manuals based on their set number, theme, and year. A knowledge base offers your customers 24/7 support. What is a knowledge base article?

How to Start Your Career as a Client Service Manager in an Advertising Agency

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The position of a client service manager can be one of the best starts one can have in a career. So, let’s discuss a client service manager’s duties and the main tips on how to start a career in advertising. Client Service Manager’s Duties. Knowledge Base

Improving Customer Experience: Useful Tools for Property Managers

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This is the reason why most managers put customer service in the highest priority. Even in the industry of real estate, property managers can use tools to help them reach out and attend to every potential client. Management software. Knowledge Base

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Customer Feedback Management – All You Need to Know


On the one hand, with thousands of clients and leads just a couple swipes and clicks away, advertising and collecting feedback has never been so easy. So, let’s talk effective customer feedback management. The Customer Feedback Loop. Customer Feedback Loop ?

Top Tips for Managing Your Customer Service Team

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If you want to raise the bar of your quality of customer service, your efforts must begin with the management of your service representatives. However, when your service reps know how to manage a customer’s complaint in a professional, efficient fashion, stress automatically goes down.

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2 Questions Every Customer Service Manager Should Be Asking Everyday

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Your success as a customer service manager is directly proportional to your ability to drive simultaneously customer satisfaction and employee engagement. So if surveys are your only source of feedback, then at the most, you personally know 15% of all your customers’ angst.

5 Ways to Wow – The Power of Proactive & Predictive Customer Care

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Earning a customer’s loyalty is the name of the game with customer experience management today. And we can simply hop onto social media to review honest feedback from real customers about a brand before we commit to spending our hard-earned dollars with them.

CRM for Colleges and Universities: What Are the Benefits?

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The surprising thing is that most colleges are yet to embrace CRM software, mostly because they do not possess the required knowledge regarding the benefits and use of such systems. Here we present useful information on why colleges need customer relationship management systems.

7 Performance Review Phrases for Better Customer Feedback

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Below are seven useful performance review phrases for questions related to customer handling, customer satisfaction, customer management and overall customer interaction. How did you manage to achieve that? Knowledge Base

How Can FAQ Pages Help Your Customer Service?

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You can get feedback from customers and focus groups, and you can tweak each element to make it run as smoothly as possible. Yet somehow, a customer manages to have a problem anyway and they need someone to talk to. A searchable knowledge base, like the one in A.M

How to Get Started with Customer Experience Management

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The reasons to embrace Customer Experience Management can be various, but the common truth is that businesses now find it hard to resist jumping on the bandwagon too as the age of the customer is finally and irrevocably here. But should you actually hire CX managers from the start?

7 Customer Retention Strategies That Work

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Yes, it is great that you managed to get one more client to your business’s portfolio, but you should also focus on retaining that customer. This means that besides offering them high-quality services, you should also personalize them based on their needs and requirements.

Essential CRM Software Every Real Estate Agent Should Use

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When you are looking for customer relationship management, you have to think of software that brings it all together. Buffer is a social media management tool that allows you to manage all your social media accounts. Knowledge Base

How to Put Customer Service at the Heart of Your Leadership Strategy

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You can’t assume that everyone who comes through your business will be coming to you with a good working knowledge of best customer service practices. It is well worth investing in leadership training for your managers and other people working in leadership positions.

How to Improve Amazon Customer Satisfaction

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If your service remains top-notch, you will receive more positive customer feedback and reviews, and this maintains your high ranking. You also have to follow the Amazon rules related to customer feedback. Monitor and Manage all Feedback Factors. Knowledge Base

Who Does Customer Success Software Work For?

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Rather than walking to a meeting without the knowledge of where the customer is and how it is doing, the software helps them understand the ‘health score’ of a customer and any other data related to it. Knowledge Base

What Is Zero-Day Protection and How Does It Work to Thwart Zero-Day Attacks?

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The system works well because of the effective feedback loop. As a content creator he has helped establish the voice and brand for companies such as Traderscap which is providing managed account service worldwide. Knowledge Base

How to Inspire Your Team to Achieve a Better Customer Experience

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If managers treat employees well, they will pass the treatment onto customers. Some tool examples include, Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Management needs to give positive feedback and inform workers of areas needing improvement. Knowledge Base

5 Expert Tips for Customer Service Recovery

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If the disappointed customer receives an apology or correction from the management, though, he or she will likely come back and try the business’ products. Knowledge BaseService recovery is a necessity in every organization regardless of the niche of business.

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5 Strategies for Creating a Customer Service Culture

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One of the most common challenges I hear from managers and business owners is how to get staff to provide better service. Similarly, managers foster better customer experiences by catching employees when they provide exceptional service. Knowledge Base

How to Apply Automation into Your Startup’s CRM Sales Processes

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A good place to begin is to automate as many areas of the business as possible including client communication, sales management, and even those repetitive day-to-day tasks like data entry and report generation. Lead management. Sales management. We’d love to hear your feedback.

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20 Creative Customer Loyalty Ideas to Keep Customers Happy

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Nine times out of ten, they will choose to direct their marketing efforts into preserving their present consumer base. With their consent, you can highlight their feedback about your product, a quote and picture from them, or your message for them in a newsletter or a social media post.

Five Key Skills for Virtual Team Leaders

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Team leaders of such virtual teams need to know how they can effectively manage their teams to bring out the best in them. Managing people virtually can sometimes be more challenging than doing so physically. Feedback is also important to ensure all team members are on the same page.

Patient Feedback: A Strategic Guide


The Rise of Patient Feedback. Consumers are relying on feedback of previous happy (or unsatisfied) customers in order to make purchase decisions. They’re reading patient feedback to guide their healthcare decisions. Online Patient Feedback: The Facts and Numbers.

Leverage CRM Technologies to Pave the Path to a Successful Company

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a great technology that can help your business focus on its relationships with customers, clients, suppliers and service users. Customer relationship management (CRM) is one of the most essential keys for success nowadays.

5 Powerful Tools for Social Media Customer Service

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More and more people use social media to leave feedback about their interactions with companies and services, contact brands directly, and ask questions. Knowledge BaseSocial media has become an essential part of our everyday lives.

5 Tips to Manage Remote Customer Support Agents


But even with a dispersed team, managers and supervisors can ensure that agents are providing the expected high-quality support to maintain positive customer experiences. Here are five tips to manage your remote customer support agents.

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15 Customer Service Skills Agents Need


Time management skills. This is why agents should be masters of organizing and managing their work time. Additionally, all downtime that happens during slower days should default to preparing additional resources for customers like knowledge base articles and canned responses.

12 Steps to Handling Customer Complaints

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If our front-end employees have to call a manager for a complaint to be handled, we have just increased the time cost to the complaining customer. the customer may not be willing to wait to talk to the manager). Knowledge BaseNo business likes to get complaints.

Why Empathy Is So Important for Enhancing Customer Experience

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It’s therefore critical that senior management come up with an innovative strategy that will allow them to retain their clients and keep on growing. Once the company gets feedback from its clients, it needs to make sure that their voices are heard and understood properly.

What Is Proactive Customer Service and Why It’s so Good for Business


Secondly, all the tools you use to monitor customer activity can be a source of valuable feedback from customers. Based on the customer feedback , you can make more informed product design decisions. Gathering customer feedback in proactive customer service.

5 Tips to Help Improve Your Customer Support Writing Skills

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Additional programs are also available such as social media management tools, customer service software, and customer relationship management software to manage social media networks, handle clients’ online reputation and more. Knowledge Base

5 Tips for Knowledge Management Success


Bottom line: Your chatbot is only be as good as the knowledge base that powers it. The best customer support teams have robust knowledge bases that are thoughtfully organized and offer a concise solution to each potential question. Those that have been involved in curating knowledge bases know that getting to that point can be a steep climb – one that never really ends. Bonus: One knowledge base also means less content for you to maintain.

How to Impress Potential Customers with UX Design

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They get puzzled by a large number of questions asked by sales managers and business analysts. By the way, even a negative feedback can be useful since it arms you with information about your customers’ vision. In this situation getting feedback is crucially important.