The online retail Christmas battle; what makes a winning digital experience?


Since 1999, Maru/edr have been benchmarking the online retail landscape over the crucial Christmas trading period to unearth best practice and understand what makes a winning digital customer experience. Our unique methodology uses trained assessors to evaluate the end-to-end user experience across a selection of leading retail sites. Despite hitting the headlines recently with lower-than-anticipated growth, it was online fashion pioneers ASOS who top the league table.

5 breakthrough in-store experiences (and the employees behind them)


Increasingly, online and offline customer experiences form part of a merged ecosystem where shoppers move freely between multiple channels. To provide the levels of ease and personalization customers now expect, brands must engage their audiences seamlessly across all touchpoints. The consumer experience is no longer just a matter of going shopping in a store or pulling out a device to make a purchase online. What goes into a great in-store experience?

10 Steps to Immediately Improve Customer Retention With Journey Analytics


Richard Boire, of Boire Filler Group , lays out this difference in a compelling fashion. Journey analytics can quickly focus attention on the biggest opportunities to improve customer retention by answering critical questions such as: Which customer service interactions result in poor customer experiences and sub-par retention? By mapping the customer journey you are able to analyze the complete experience from end-to-end in the eyes of your customer. By Swati Sahai.