15 Fashion Influencers to Watch from London Fashion Week 2019


London’s Fashion Week was, of course, an online sensation. And that’s because those involved in the Fashion Week are promotional pros, with powerful influencers among them. So, in entirely random order, we’re sharing 15 notable fashion influencers who understand the art of audience engagement. To kick it off, we noted that many of these fashion-forward folks are advocates for larger issues around social change, of which there are sub-categories.


News & Customer Experience

Today we enter the fantastic world of a fashion store. Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that each customer follows different paths when interacting with a brand. When it comes to fashion retail , there are so many and different touchpoints. Fashion industry is an overstocked market, therefore the only way brands can differentiate themselves is by delivering an ultimate customer experience aligned with their own identity and values.


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COVID-19 Response Triggers Fluctuating Passion for Beauty & Fashion Brands


With salons and boutiques alike forced to shut their storefronts amidst COVID-19, and so many people working remotely and rarely leaving their homes, beauty and fashion are falling from consumers’ priority lists. H&M was one of the last fashion giant stores to close their stores.

5 Reasons Never to Miss SXSW Interactive

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

I’ve noticed a lot of blogs and articles and general gripes lately about why SXSW Interactive has jumped the shark. It’s fashionable to post emphatically about how there’s no appeal to the massive conference tackling digital and interactive trends each March. More Posts - Website Follow Me: The post 5 Reasons Never to Miss SXSW Interactive appeared first on Customer Experience Consulting.

The Post-Covid CX Powered by AI

Speaker: Brian Morin, CMO, SmartAction & Aarde Cosseboom, Director of GMS Technology and Product, TechStyle Fashion Group

Adapting to a post-Covid world means recession-proofing your contact center with AI that reduces reliance on live agents with virtual agents that are always on, perfectly trained, and at a fraction of the cost. Most companies looking to ditch a "Press 1" experience struggle with where to start and how to infuse natural language into their existing technology stack. Join this webinar with TechStyle Fashion Group who recession-proofed their contact center with personalized and frictionless experiences to customers who prefer self-service. Also joining is SmartAction who manages the AI-powered CX for more than 100 brands.

Growing Business the Old-Fashioned Way

Customers Rock!

Interactions with existing customers tend to be one of the following types: A bill. Other ideas on how to create meaningful interactions with existing customers: Birthday cards/anniversary of start of relationship. Which types of interactions you use depends on the company, it depends on the culture, and of course, it depends on what is important to the customer. Here is a blast from the past, a classic Customers Rock! post on taking care of your current customers.

“Oh when you smilin’, when you smilin’ The whole world smiles with you” – do happy customers = better customer experiences?


I make no secret of the fact that I am a fan of ‘old fashioned values’ in the delivery of great Customer Experiences. Championed by the most customer centric brands in the world, such as the Ritz Carlton, the importance yet simplicity of ‘pleases’ and ‘thank yous’ cannot be underestimated in the effect they can have on customers and the way they are made to feel in their daily interactions with organisations and their people.

What Will SXSW Mean for Customer Experience in 2015?

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

I’ll be heading to South By Southwest Interactive in Austin, Texas. Wearable technology that’s more fashion than functional – the iWatch is just the beginning?? Blog Customer Experience Featured Innovation Opinion #SXSWi innovation interactive linkedin South by Southwest SXSW technology It’s that time again! It’s the crazy, chaotic and somewhat kooky festival that attracts me each year.

Warby Parker: Seeing the eyeglass business through a new set of lenses


Fashion has also played a role in the company’s success, of course—Warby Parker’s elegant designs are wildly popular among young, hip shoppers. Interaction prioritization PodcastRoughly half the adult population of the US wears eyeglasses. Until recently, I never did. But now that I’m getting a little older, I need corrective lenses to read anything closer than about a football field away from my face. I’ve noticed several things about eyeglasses.

Three Steps to Proactive Customer Service

Bill Quiseng

Too often, businesses focus solely on the negative feedback from their customer surveys in CSI fashion, identifying the pain points and taking the steps to eliminate them.

3 Questions To Guide Your “New Normal” Customer Experience Strategy

Kerry Bodine

That might have involved: Products: As I mentioned in a previous post , we’ve seen many different types of organizations — ranging from distilleries to fashion brands — pivot their production lines to create the products we need now.

Customer Experience Indexes: Modern Thinking


Old-fashioned thinking for customer experience indexes is to jump on the bandwagon of what everyone is doing. Assumes satisfaction with a remedial interaction measures relationship strength. Implies your interaction’s value to customers.

The Digital Revolution: Best-in-Class Digital Experiences

NICE inContact

1) Centrally managing next generation digital interactions in the contact center. However, this can undermine the brand reputation because consumers engaging the company through these channels are unlikely to get the answers or resolution they want in a timely fashion. It needs to be simple to activate new channels through pre-integrated capabilities, and it needs to be cost-effective to enable all your agents to manage blended interactions that move easily among channels.

Part 2: Clearing the Clutter of Your Support Workflow

Team Support

Once areas of clutter are identified, it’s time to begin truly making changes to the way your support team works and interacts with customers. This way, your company is updating customers in a timely fashion. Did you miss Part 1 of this series?

The Digital Revolution: Best-in-Class Digital Experiences

NICE inContact

1) Centrally managing next generation digital interactions in the contact center. However, this can undermine the brand reputation because consumers engaging the company through these channels are unlikely to get the answers or resolution they want in a timely fashion. It needs to be simple to activate new channels through pre-integrated capabilities, and it needs to be cost-effective to enable all your agents to manage blended interactions that move easily among channels.

5 Ways You can Build Customer Trust with Social Media

Russel Lolacher

And it’s most effective by playing the long game , understanding trust is built in the small interactions as much (if not more so) than the bigger moments of truth. Are you taking the necessary approach to build customer trust? . “It

9 Ways Millennials Have Transformed Contact Center Customer Experience

NICE inContact

Read on to learn the 9 things that millennials are expecting from the organizations they buy from and interact with, and how you can adjust your contact center to exceed their customer experience expectations. Globally, 55% of all customer service interactions now start online , and that numbers jumps to 65% for millennials. While older consumers may be used to waiting on the phone while their information is retrieved, millennials expect quicker interactions with limited lag time.

How Visual Engagement Tools Can Streamline Online Banking Experience


Banks can also interact with their clients more engagingly and provide new solutions that can satisfy customers’ needs and expectations. Banks are just starting to incorporate AR into their online process, but the fashion and home industry have been using AR ever since Augmented Reality started. The fashion industry has seen too many AR apps that help consumers to picture how they would look in a new cosmetics, hairstyle, eyewear, or a new outfit.

TechStyle Improves Contact Center Efficiency and Customer Service with inContact

NICE inContact

The fashion world constantly needs shaking up, and TechStyle is doing exactly that. Whether it’s the active wear of Fabletics, footwear with Shoedazzle, women’s fashion from JustFab, or children’s items via FabKids, TechStyle’s great taste doesn’t stop at clothing. Relying on the inContact Customer Interaction Cloud , TechStyle has been able to boost agent productivity by over 25% to deliver improved, value-added customer experiences.

How to Build a Compelling Business Case for Modernizing Your Contact Center

NICE inContact

This makes sense since many of the activities designed to acquire and retain customers and to deliver and support products and services all utilize the contact center in some fashion. With better reporting you believe you can accurately identify and correct inefficiencies allowing you to handle more interactions. Increasingly, the contact center is used to deliver holistic customer experience throughout a lifetime of customers’ journeys.

Hire People with the Ability to Care: A #MakeMomProud Case Study

Customer Bliss

Then, they train these folks how to make change in their hand the old-fashioned way and how to count it back to you. As we move past many of the traditional ways of interacting with companies, what we expect from the people across the chat-box, the sales counter, or the service desk has changed dramatically. Especially, the newest breed of customer is flexing their spending muscle by choosing to interact with companies that provide caring people, relevance, choice, and speed.

3 Drivers of CX Success in 2021

Upstream Works

The more data you have about your customer, the more opportunity you have to provide a great customer experience during every interaction. In this regard, contact centers are in a position to provide even better CX – and personalized interactions that digital natives highly value.

Customer service quality can falter if just anyone answers your email


Provide high quality responses at every point of contact and make sure to reply in a timely fashion. Everybody’ customer interaction. Websites, email and digital voicemail are changing the game in business. Some companies are taking the lead with great digital service like Computers.com and Amazon.com. Others are falling far behind and are letting their customer service quality falter as a result. A friend of mine had a complaint about the service, or lack thereof, at a local hotel.

Hotels 223

The Subtle Differences Between Customer Support and Customer Service


Some see it as the old-fashioned version of customer support. But customer service takes a comprehensive view of your customer interactions. It’s accurate because it refers to the company’s interactions with their customers and their business goal of giving them value for their time and money. Your focus will be on the interactions that customers have with your employer and aiming to fulfill their needs.

ICYMI: CRM Best Practices for 2020


Today, when customers interact with a brand, they aren’t just looking to buy a product or service. For many years, luxury fashion has enjoyed strong customer loyalty.

Brand Move Roundup – May 11, 2020

C Space

Drest , the gaming app launched last fall by former Porter editor Lucy Yeomans, has launched a beauty partnership with makeup artist Mary Greenwell; users can now choose custom digital makeup looks for the 12 available avatars, which could already be dressed in fashion pieces.

Celebrating #WomenInCX this #InternationalWomensDay

Customer Guru

In an endeavor to do so, we have collated the stories of women CX and business leaders across the globe and across industries – right from finance to e-commerce, and IT to fashion. Jennifer believes that CX needs to be measured and improved quantifiably, and customers must feel happy interacting with a brand for its CX to improve. There is perhaps no one better than Zahra in the fashion blogging space. Read how Zahra is transforming fashion and lifestyle blogging.

The Best Call Center Team Names


This is especially true in larger organizations where staff do not have an opportunity to interact with each other on a regular basis.

6 Great Customer Service Tips to Improve Your Satisfaction Ratings


Give clients personal, old-fashioned contact. In the age of automated everything, being a little old fashioned can have huge benefits for your business. Close the loop with a positive interaction and you won’t just win over a new promoter – you’ll also prevent detractors from damaging your brand. You’ve built a great product, perfected your customer acquisition process and even started to poll your clients to learn more about what they think of you.

Miro and SuiteCX: Collaboration in the time of COVID


We were able to hold entire weeks’ worth of workshops in a collaborative fashion thanks to the virtual whiteboard space Miro provided. I love whiteboards. Like, in an inordinately needy way.

Tools 141

Understanding the Customer Service Expectations of B2B Customers

Team Support

Be as consistent with your customer service interactions as possible – Like any great relationship, communication and trust are two founding pillars. Should an agent fail to respond in a timely fashion to a customer, they’ll get an SLA notification directly in the software to let them know that it’s time to follow up. This can include well-written articles, video tutorials, and much more that your customers can interact with on their own time.

B2B 52

‘Customer excellence is here: it’s just not very evenly distributed yet’. The Nunwood 2014 UK Customer Experience Excellence Report


The report is a fascinating assessment of the customer centric nature of brand names that we interact with on a daily basis. It is absolutely true to say that emotionally engaged customers will interact with you more often – the Nunwood top 10 are demonstrating excellence in achieving this. Interestingly, my experience last week saw one of the organisations involved responding in ‘best in class’ fashion – I was very impressed.

Report 193

What is your customer effort strategy?

Customer Interactions

Most businesses are well aware of the need to save their customers from unnecessary effort but why is this so important and how can it be approached in a strategic fashion? Customer effort is often discussed in terms of the physical, cognitive and emotional exertion and the time investment that interactions and transactions involve.

Why businesses need to use social media as a customer service channel by Elena Lockett


Now, to summarise what businesses should know before moving into the social media customer service world: Speed and ease are the key factors why anyone interacts with a business online, if you’re slow and hard to find, your customers aren’t going to be happy. Elena spends her free time running a fashion blog, presenting a weekly radio and attempting to go to the gym. Is it just me or do you find it weird when you search for someone on social media and you can’t find them?

3 KPIs To Track if You Want to Boost Your Customer Experience


But CX is more than just your interaction, it’s all about how your customers see you as a brand. to 11.6% in fashion ). A strong CES rate is also a predictor of your future customer loyalty, and allows you to see what needs to be done to improve the way your team interacts with your customers. You want your interactions with them to be smooth and with little to no breaks. What is your relationship with your customers like?

Guest Blog: Live Chat Simplifies the Customer Journey


A live chat tool is ideal for these tasks as it owes to interactive methodology and better communication. Global fashion giant H&M makes use of live chat analytics to understand shoppers’ fashion preferences. The live chat asks the shopper a few questions to get an idea about their fashion taste, likes, and dislikes, then provides the most appropriate shopping suggestions using analytics.

The Trifecta of Service Excellence and the Agent’s Reality

NICE inContact

In addition, companies frequently need to intelligently route other interaction points such as web form submissions, CRM case objects, tech support tickets, etc. Businesses need to enable sophisticated, sometimes quite complex, routing because the system of record typically treats contacts in a simple fashion such as “first in, first out” lists which typically doesn’t meet the needs of most contact centers that strive for excellence in customer experience.