Breaking down the walls: Loyalty Magazine Awards 2019

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This was my second year on the judging panel at the Loyalty Magazine Awards. You can see the full list of winners in this month’s Loyalty Magazine , but here is a selection of the winners which I feel best illustrate where the industry is heading. This effort is a marked improvement.

Loyalty Magazine Awards 2018: Tales of the (Mostly) Expected…

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That’s been my feeling as I mull over this year’s Loyalty Magazine Awards, where Currency Alliance was proud to be Prime Sponsor. In the attention economy, the mind of the modern consumer is hardwired for instant gratification – often at zero effort.

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Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires—Top Benefits of Using Them


Customer satisfaction questionnaires, also known as Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) surveys , keep your customers engaged with your brand, keep them feeling invested in their experience, and keeps them from churning away. According to CMO Magazine customer spend grows alongside trust , after building the relationship. Building something that has little interest from your customers is a waste of time and effort, for the most part.

NPS: Achieving Brand Loyalty by Closing the Feedback Loop


Sure, sales are great, but nothing beats sales from repeat customers. It takes energy, effort, and a willingness to understand. Fortune magazine published an article titled Why Startups Fail, citing post-mortems done on 101 startups.

{Guest Post} How Employee Engagement Impacts Your Company’s Performance and Results

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In a Forbes article, contributor Kevin Kruse writes that engaged employees contribute “discretionary efforts.”. They’re willing to contribute efforts beyond the bare minimum requirements their roles demand from them. While it’s still impossible to know for sure just how significant a role employee engagement plays on each company, we do have the ability to measure – and improve – engagement scores. A-team), a SaaS company that makes sales and marketing teams more productive.

5 Crucial Customer Satisfaction Metrics


To know if you’re on the right track to provide the best Customer experience, it is crucial to measure your efforts and optimize your performance. Net Promoter Score®. One of the most important metrics regarding measuring your efforts for Customer service is Net Promoter Score.

Why Do You Need to Rethink Your Customer’s Journey

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While innovative at the time the idea was introduced, the sales funnel has changed a lot with technology. Maybe the consumers got smarter, or the sales funnel was always flawed, and we only realized it now. All that effort to convert a small fraction of readers into buyers.

What Is Data, Anyway? 4 Types of Crucial Customer Information Your Company May Be Ignoring

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Even seemingly negative interactions, such as the loss of a sale or a visitor leaving your site without moving forward through any of your sales channels, is a valuable data point to be gathered. One of the first steps is to analyze points of contact where the loss of a sale occurred.

Data 80

Customer Experience Strategy – 30 Ways to go about


With such a method in place, your customer service, marketing, and sales strategies will be more of a solution addressing the needs of the customers. The amount of creativity and effort goes into all these blows the mind of anyone and that would be the starting of their success story.

Social Media Audit Tools


If sales are up or down, social data – i.e., consumers talking to you on social media – tells you why. With search engine simplicity, HowSociable turns up a Magnitude Score on your brand (or any other), revealing engagement across a number of social platforms so you know where your fans are.

19 of the Best Social Media Audit Tools for 2019


If sales are up or down, social data – i.e., consumers talking to you on social media – tells you why. With search engine simplicity, HowSociable turns up a Magnitude Score on your brand (or any other), revealing engagement across a number of social platforms so you know where your fans are.

How to Create Successful Customer Service Stories: 9 Inspirations to do it Right

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“Make a customer, not a sale.” The quote reminds me of why a brand needs to focus on building a long-term relationship with its customers, rather than just treating them as a sales opportunity. No doubt, sales are important. Million in sales.

Consumer banking: money can’t buy loyalty

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Granted, such efforts have underpinned the early successes of neobank startups. Efforts included combining CRM data with data from its Facebook page as part of a push to encourage more customers to use and download their app.

SEO for Dummies: What Is SEO and How Make a Good Use of It


You would specify that you’re thinking about setting up a balcony garden, so upon checking the catalogs, the librarian would give you the right books and magazines. Now it’s all about the quality of content, conversions, and sales.

46 Customer Experience Pros Share the Biggest Mistakes Companies Make in Evaluating and Purchasing Customer Experience Software


Unfortunately, this issue derives from the fact that CRMs are primarily marketed to sales teams and sales divisions instead of customer service and care teams. Because there is a disconnect between sales and customer service.

Loyalty Strategy 2019: How to Win in the Next Decade

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We believe these trends will occupy most brands’ efforts during 2019. Profit is derived from engagement that links directly to incremental sales. And, your brand needs to be present in marketplaces beyond those sales environments controlled by you.

People-First Culture Keynote: Las Vegas 2019 (Employee Engagement & Company Culture Keynote)

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My first question is, is 2019 going to be the year that you continue to reinforce efforts to improve your employee experience? ” That company now just $400 million a year in sales, system wide, across the globe. Magazine all of the time.

Inside Customer Success: Uberflip


Uberflip has always had a strong marketing team because, after all, we’re a content marketing platform, the sales team has grown a ton over the last couple of years, and we have an amazing, fast-growing engineering team that’s built an amazing product.