What is Customer Effort Score (CES) & How to Measure It?


Former CEB Global’s research (now part of Gartner), explained that the level of effort consumers put into interacting with a brand has a direct impact on loyalty levels. How do you know how easy it is for your clients to interact with your business, though?

How to Be a Low Effort Company


Much has been studied, discussed and debated about keeping customers satisfied and loyal to your brand. In the past, people believed that providing a unique customer service experience was the key to customer loyalty. The Importance of Being a Low Effort Company.

How to Track Customer Effort for Every Transaction


Viktor Magic will walk you through how to run a customer effort questionnaire and why it’s important to track CES after every transaction. Customers don’t want high effort experiences because difficult experiences make the customer feel exhausted.

How to Learn from Bad Net Promoter Scores


A quick look at some Net Promoter Score benchmarks will quickly reveal a painful truth: bad NPS scores happen. The worst response to your company’s detractors, though, is no response at all. Here are a few strategies to consider: Do your research.

Contact Center Metrics That Matter

Speaker: Nate Brown, Co-Founder, CX Accelerator

The Contact Center is one of the most strategic and influential groups related to the larger Customer Experience (CX). Do you have the right metrics in place to assess your true impact?

Beyond a single number: How to add context to your Net Promoter Score

Vision Critical

Many smart companies use Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure how well they’re meeting the needs and expectations of their customers. And, more importantly, how can your company use NPS to make better business decisions? What is a Net Promoter Score, exactly?

How to Systematically Decrease Customer Churn


The proof is in the numbers: a 5% increase in customer retention can lead to a 25-95% increase in profits , according to a Harvard Business School study. Decreasing customer churn leads to more than repeat customers and referrals. So how do you decrease churn for good?

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Reduce Customer Effort, Increase Loyalty: A Recipe for Growth


This means that companies need to pay attention more than ever to the customer experience. In this post, let’s take a deeper look at the role customer effort plays in retention and churn, as well as how you can measure this throughout the course of a customer relationship. This is not to be confused with customer churn rate , which is the total number of customers lost / total number of customers at the start of the time frame you’re measuring.

Reduce Employee Effort for a Great Customer Experience

CX Journey

There's a lot of talk about how much effort a customer is required to put forth in order to complete some task with an organization, whether it's to buy a product, to get an issue resolved, or to do something else. What about employee effort?

17 tools to help you write the perfect email to just about anyone


L et’s talk about how writing emails is so anxiety-inducing for some people that it caused at least one person to go invent an algorithm to figure out how to write an email based on 64 personality types. (I’m That should make it easier to put a face to your reader.

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How To Measure Customer Emotions

Beyond Philosophy

We discussed how to measure customer emotions on our recent podcast. Today we will discuss how to measure feelings, which feelings you should measure, and where and when you should measure them. How Do We Measure a Feeling? A 7 or 8 score is considered passive.

How to Use Continuous Improvement Strategies for Customer Experience Improvement


In this day and age, all companies who want to get an edge over the competition must embrace customer experience continuous improvement as a strategy to ensure their customers receive great customer experiences. Act to improve the change further.

Using Industry Benchmarks to Set a Good Net Promoter Score (NPS) Goal


Humans like to know how they’re doing compared to everyone else. At Wootric, we advise companies on setting up an effective Net Promoter Score (NPS) program. NPS also stands for the Net Promoter System®, which was built around the Net Promoter Score.

Why Customer Efforts Fail – Eight Signs to Look For and Avoid

Customer Bliss

Most companies jump in to the CX work without evaluating how the organization works together, whether the CEO is truly committed and if the patience exists for the long road ahead. CEO’s aren’t clear about where they want to take the company for customers.

Reducing Customer Effort – Make it Easy to be Your Customer


Are you measuring Customer Effort Score? First introduced in 2010, Customer Effort Score (CES) is a fairly new contact center metric. Making your customers exert effort when interacting with you is – no surprises here – obviously a bad thing.

Prevent High-Effort Experiences with CES


Something that may seem trivial to you may be a serious friction point for your customers. How was the setup experience? 96% of customers who’ve been through a high effort experience report being disloyal (as opposed to only 5% of customers in low effort experiences).

How to Measure (and Improve) Customer Happiness


Decades ago, when business was mostly done in person or over the phone, it was easier to grasp a customer's satisfaction level. Customer Experience customer service cloud-based contact center customer satisfaction rating Net promoter score customer effort scoreHappy customers smiled and said, “Thanks, see you next time.” Happy customers shook your hand and left good tips. They said things like, “You know, I told my brother about this place,” and so on.

How to Get More From Your Net Promoter Score Program


This post is a collaboration with our partner Wootric , the Net Promoter Score platform for boosting customer happiness. NPS is a simple one-question survey in which you ask your customer “How likely are you to recommend our product to friends or colleagues?”

How To Improve Net Promoter Score?


How To Improve Net Promoter Score? How to start the cycle of Improvement. There are no shortcuts to improving your NPS. It requires a long-term effort. Very few companies have been able to systemise promoter growth. to find out more.

How to Measure Customer Experience: CSat, NPS and More


This level of competition has increasingly led companies to research for new ways to get customers while retaining their existing customer base as well. Customers, being more informed than ever due to technology, now expect a certain level of customer service at all times.

NPS 178

The Satisfaction vs Effort Paradox: Reviewing “Lessons from the Mouse” & “The Effortless Experience”


This is something we’ve always believed to be true and accurate. This idea is so ingrained in us that 89 of 100 leaders surveyed flat out stated that their primary goal was to exceed customer expectations. Being happy and jovial also makes the job fun and easy to deal with customers.

How to Improve Call Center Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)


Call Center Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) is, together with other customer related measurements like Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Effort Score (CES), among the most widely recognized and frequently used KPIs in the call center. What is it, why is it so important and how can you improve CSAT in your call or contact center? The higher the percentage of positive customer feedback, the better your CSAT score. Make sure to schedule for this. .

Two Major Flaws of Your Customer Listening Efforts

CX Journey

Are you listening to your customers? In order to transform the customer experience, it's critical that you listen to your customers. You really are just "collecting" feedback, like you collect stamps, as I like to say. They're trying to help you.

Customer Experience ROI – How to Introduce And Grow It

Customer Bliss

Honoring “Customers as Assets” connects volume and value to customer experience ROI and growth. Your goal as CCO is to unite the leadership team in delivering one-company customer experiences and connecting the delivery to business growth. Click To Tweet.

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How to Use a Google Reviews Widget


Google reviews widgets, available in various shapes and sizes, enable you to embed or display online reviews from your Google business listing on your own website. Using widgets to display a business’ Google reviews has become a go-to strategy for today’s marketers.

Why Customer Efforts Fail – Eight Signs to Look For and Avoid

Customer Bliss

Most companies jump in to the CX work without evaluating how the organization works together, whether the CEO is truly committed and if the patience exists for the long road ahead. CEO’s aren’t clear about where they want to take the company for customers.

How to Create the Perfect Customer Satisfaction Survey: Questions, Tips & Templates


Running a successful business requires more than just a great product — it also means that you need to please your customers and ensure their satisfaction. That is why you need to consider ways of getting feedback from your customers through effective customer satisfaction surveys.

Is NPS outdated and irrelevant?

Ann Michaels and Associates

The Pros and Cons of Net Promoter Score. Companies across the globe continue to recognize that superior customer experiences yield greater business results, resulting in brand loyalty while driving revenue growth. When it comes to market share, losing the Customer Experience (CX) race can be detrimental for a business. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) has become a common tool to measure the state of an organization’s CX in an effort to improve customer service.

Teams Score Big With Fans And Franchises!

Beyond Philosophy

They have each partnered with a sports franchise in a brilliant play to boost the emotional engagement with the team’s fans. Honda paid for parking for all the fans that drove Hondas to a Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim game. These positive feelings tend to spread.

What Gets Measured Gets Improved (Contact Center Monitoring + Includes Sneak Peak at Zappos Monitoring Form)

Myra Golden

Many would say that weighing daily can discourage you or that it’s just not a smart approach to weight loss. I am saying that you need to measure agents and your overall customer experience. And you need to measure often. How often do we monitor calls and give agents feedback?

Reducing Customer Effort – Make it Easy to be Your Customer


Are you measuring Customer Effort Score? First introduced in 2010, Customer Effort Score (CES) is a fairly new contact center metric. Together with the “tried, trusted and true” Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) it helps you to measure just how happy your customers really are. Making your customers exert effort when interacting with you is – no surprises here – obviously a bad thing.

Are You Making This Net Promoter Score (NPS) Mistake? - Frank Reactions

Tema Frank

Is Rewarding Executives on Net Promoter Score (NPS) a Mistake? If you want management to take customer experience seriously, you have to tie their compensation to customer experience results. What is the Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

How to Take Control of Your Net Promoter Score


When it comes to measures of brand loyalty, Net Promoter Score® (NPS) is king. Many customer-facing companies obsess over their NPS score, always searching for that magic formula that will drive it up. Here’s how they compare. The NPS Score That’s Entirely in Your Hands.

Top 5 Blog Articles for CX Practitioners in 2018


If you missed any, here is your chance to get caught up and ready for a winning 2019: How to Choose the Best Net Promoter Score Software for your Business. These three questions will start the right conversations to choose the perfect NPS software for your company.

Peek inside HubSpot’s customer-centric strategy: how to build a customer-obsessed culture  


Q&A with Michal Redbord , General Manager, Service Hub at Hubspot Previously we have shared how you can build a customer experience management processes in your company. Most companies aim to grow with some financial metrics. We're trying to improve our NPS target constantly.

Trust Isn't About Keeping Score

CX Journey

Image courtesy of Dobi How is low trust impacting your organization? In response to my recent post, A Culture of Distrust , Richard Fagerlin reached out to me about his book Trustology : The Art and Science of Leading High-Trust Teams.

UK Scores Fall Whilst U.S. Rise – What’s The Problem?

Beyond Philosophy

Every time I go back to the UK I feel like I took a step back in time. The Customer Experiences I have in the UK are not as good as I have in the USA, now there is evidence to back this up. Time and Effort. dropped to the lowest in nearly a decade. in 2016 to 7.75

Why invest in the Net Promoter Score?


Are you wondering whether to invest in the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to improve your customer experience? In this post, we’re only focusing on Net Promoter Score. Numerous companies use NPS today to measure customer loyalty, and the reasons to implement NPS are many.

Ask Abby Nicely #2: What’s a Good Net Promoter Score?


Meeting your business’s big-picture NPS goals of going from bad to good (or even world class) takes time, effort, and ultimately putting theory into practice every day. How nerdy was I? I didn’t know how to study or really where to start.

Moving up Gartner’s CX Pyramid with Journey Mapping

Heart of the Customer

This week I’ll go into how to use journey mapping best practices to move up the model based on Gartner’s description of the model on their public website. Selecting the right journey mapping approach requires you to understand where you are on […].