Social CRM: An Idea Whose Time has Come?

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Social Media CRM, or Social CRM, is getting a lot of air time these days. But where does it fit? Today’s post is by Laurie Shook. Laurie is a technology marketer creating solutions that help people communicate and collaborate more effectively.

Where Does Customer Experience Management Fit in an Organization?

Customer Input

Customer experience is a multichannel, cross-departmental concern and while every department in the company affects the customer experience, the role of managing it should belong be a new, separate function with leverage across the organization.

Employ more customer service options to provide a concierge level of excellence

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It’s not that we need surveys to show which organizations step out of the box to ensure a concierge level of excellence so coveted by consumers; organizations like Zappos, Amazon, and Nordstrom essentially offer everyone “fantastic” service.

Will your customer service leave a long lasting impression?

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Giving a good impression is the ambition of many companies and it is fair to say that with the investment in technology, social media and training much progress is being achieved across the board.

Customer Experience Transformation in Telecoms

Transforming CX: Critical success factors mobile operators are looking for.

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Does Having a Net Promoter Score Really Net You Anything?

CX Chronicle

It seems that NPS or Net Promoter Score is a very popular customer metric to have and to brag about these days, but what does is really mean or what does it tell you that are both useful and action-oriented? First of all, it''s a metric, and a calculated metric at that. As a metric it''s also simply a number. Today''s temperature is a number. The Dow Jones daily average is a number. The latest Olympic achievement involves a number.

Perspective Counts.

Annie Tsai

A small tweak in perspective can go a long way. A few years ago I found myself in a rut. After catching up with a mentor, I took her advice and started looking at projects as building blocks as opposed to stops a train makes on its way from Point A to Point B. In […]. Customer Experience Management Personal

Do the Republicans and Democrats Have a Customer Experience Problem (Forbes)


Aveus Partner, Linda Ireland, recently became a contributing author at Forbes.com with her first post, Do Republicans and Democrats have a customer experience problem? A timely post on Forbes.

Consider Posting Customer Service Statistics

Brad Cleveland

Posting statistics on your customer services can be smart move. It tells your customers that you care, emphasizes important aspects of performance, provides your team with focus and, yes, provides useful information to customers.

The Ten Commandments of Customer Service

This cheat sheet covers ten fundamentals of customer service to help your business excel.

Customer-Obsessed Service

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Social media has pushed customer service to the forefront for many organizations. Responses are often faster in social media than they are in traditional service channels, since social media makes everything extremely visible.

Using Story to Weave Emotionally Engaging Customer Experiences

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Using the power of storytelling, organizations can create not only more seamless cross-departmental interactions, but create more emotionally engaging customer experiences.

Building a business culture to deliver the best customer service

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A strong business culture that is aligned with superior business goals outperforms their competitors by light years. These are the organizations who have figured out how to delight their customers and even make them smile.

Customer service: should you blow your own trumpet?

Very Best Service

With the increasing emphasis on customer service , more and more companies claim that they offer a very good service, the very best service even. But is it wise to blow your own trumpet?

5 Things You Can Do to Make Your Customer Experience Stickier

Tactics for Boosting Engagement and Brand Affinity.

A brief encounter in a coat rack.


An everyday example of brand-love, I feel, often sits better than a luxury example such as, maybe, Aston Martin or Sunseeker. And not only because I don’t own either an Aston or a sleek ocean-going cruiser – although I am open to freebies. My example concerns clothing. Outdoor clothing to be precise.

Why Call Center Training, By Itself, Doesn’t Work

Pretium Solutions

I know this may sound strange coming from a principal of a company that provides call center training around the globe. However, my colleagues and I truly believe 100% in the following statement: Call center training, by itself, doesn’t work.

Clearing the fog of confusion between PSIM and VMS

Customer Interactions

I returned from TechSec 2012 in Delray Beach, FL about a week ago. The conference attracted a great audience, evenly balanced between end users, consultants and integrators. Martha Entwistle kick-started our TechSec session on "PSIM, PSIM-Lite and VMS - Solving Problems outside the Acronym Box." I presented the essential concepts, but my guest panelists brought those concepts to life with genuine vendor-neutral case studies.

Customer Experience Food for Thought

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I want to eat there! As many of you know, I have been doing quite a bit of traveling lately, speaking about my book and sharing the Customers Rock! message all over the world – most recently in Bogota, Colombia!

How Does Customer Experience Impact Angry Customers?

Let's look at how the customer experience of an angry customer informs strategy, and how companies can transform frustrated customers into delighted ones.

Lithium’s Customer Heroes

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Measuring the Impact of Social Media

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This post is part of the Social ROI Blog Carnival at Think Customers: the 1to1 Media blog. Visit the blog carnival post “ Calculating the ROI of Social Media ” to check out the full list of posts from numerous well-known social media thought leaders.

What Leaders Should Know About Call Centers

Brad Cleveland

Brad identifies what leaders should know about contact centers, and provides tips for acquiring this understanding. Brad identifies what leaders should know about contact centers, and provides tips for acquiring this understanding.

Using Social Media to Build Relationships

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A lot of businesses love social media because they feel it helps them spread the word about their organization and what they do. And it does.

5 Customer Satisfaction Templates You Can Use Right Away

Begin or improve your customer satisfaction program with these 5 ready to use templates.

Lessons in Customer Experience From a Hair Salon

Customer Input

What organizations of any size and in multiple industries can learn in customer experience from a simple hair salon service story. Blog Customer input Journal Customer Experience

Getting back to the basics of effective customer service

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In one of the most successful self-help books, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People , author Stephen Covey identifies the elements truly effective people use regularly as tools towards their success.

Olympics: Does your customer service deserve the gold medal?

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Olympic Motto and customer service: If you wish to reach Customer Service Excellence why not simply adopt the Olympic Motto: “Citius, Altius, Fortius” (1) (1) Often translated as “Swifter, Higher, Stronger”. customer service customer service excellence Olympic motto

On Kitties and Customer Experience…Making Things More Human


Recently, I took a family vacation back to my hometown in a little burg in Pennsylvania. This involved transporting my wife and my 2 and 4-year-old girls across country – literally planes, trains, and automobiles to get there. Needless to say we had many “service experiences” along our way. It’s always interesting to me how. View Article

Customer Experience Strategy: How to Measure the Immeasurable

Take a second to reflect on the brands you love. How do you go about creating an awesome customer experience strategy that works for your own customers?

An Essential Customer Service Skill – Listening for Understanding

Pretium Solutions

Mature communicators will listen with active interest! In order to listen with active interest, there are four key essential elements you must use to listen for complete understanding of your customer. All these elements help ensure you hear your customer and let’s your customer know you are hearing what he or she is saying. Pay attention. Give the customer your undivided attention and acknowledge the message. Recognize that what is not said also speaks loudly.

My Vision of the PSAP of the Future

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As an industry, 9-1-1 is on the threshold of some big changes. NG9-1-1 and consolidation are two. But those aren’t the only trends that will shape the PSAP of the future. Let me share my vision with you. Every week, I read about more and more municipalities undertaking or expanding city-wide video surveillance initiatives. Of course, the focal point for these programs is typically the city surveillance center.

How to keep your customers from leaving you

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A surprisingly high statistic from the Research Institute of America (RIA) states an average business will never hear a word from 96 percent of their unhappy customers whose complaints range from poor service, rudeness, to discourteous treatment.

Take lessons from the leaders in customer service

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If I have a problem with Comcast, I am obligated to call their toll-free number and begin the maze of selecting the right option. When I finally arrive at choice #3 I am then instructed to hold on for the next available agent who will assist me with my problem.

7 Steps to Elevate Your Customers' Experience

Learn how to walk through your customer's journey in order to improve their satisfaction and engagement