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What is Employee Branding? And Why Does Your Company Need It?


You’ve probably heard of employer branding. You may have even read about it on our blog, and followed the steps to building a strong employer brand. If you think of “employee branding” as how your company is perceived by current and potential employees — well, that’s a pretty good starting point.

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A Fish Rots from the Head Down

CX Journey

Image courtesy of Pixabay A fish rots from the head down - and so does your culture. What does "a fish rots from the head down" mean? It means that the problem starts at the top, that the problems, failures, issues , toxicity , etc.

How 4 industry-leading Canadian brands use insight to improve CX

Vision Critical

The first CX and the City meetup in Toronto took place yesterday on a hot, sunny day, but we escaped the heat a bit at the cool Kasa Moto restaurant. More than 50 research, CX, product and marketing professionals were in attendance to network and enjoy food and refreshments.

7 customer service tips you can use right now


Let's be honest with each other for a moment. We rarely take immediate action when we read blog posts. Most of the time, we read something, decide if we like the idea or not, and then move on. The most many of us do if we're really inspired is share the post with someone else. I hope this post is a little different. Here are seven simple customer service tips you can go use right now. Your challenge is to pick one and try it. Tip 1 Visualize Great Service.

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How Omnichannel Ready Are You?

In this white paper, we will highlight some very common customer support problems that exist in most E-commerce businesses. Our intent to provide you with a solution that will set your business apart from your competitors so you can attract and retain your customers better.

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Digitizing the Dealer Service Center: Time for the Technician to Come out!


In many cases, the current customer journey delivered at dealer service centers is not ready for the prime time. The present model at many stores has been in place too long and that’s because it’s always the way we’ve done it! While boomers might have settled a long time ago for just good enough, the. View Article. Automotive

Optimal Customer Journey Road Map [Infographic]

Michelli Experience

+ Joseph A. Michelli, Ph.D. is a professional speaker and chief experience officer at The Michelli Experience. A New York Times #1 bestselling author, Dr. Michelli and his team consult with some of the world’s best customer experience companies.

Customers Today Call for Consistency!

Wired and Dangerous

Customers today are more powerful than ever! And they base the majority of their decision on where to spend their hard-earned dollars on the customer service experiences they encounter.

How Can You Leverage GDPR to Improve Customer Experience?

Customer Bliss

As modern day consumers of digital media, you’ve probably already encountered numerous privacy policy updates through various alerts and newsletters. All of these updates are related to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that was passed in the European Union this May.

Build a bot with the Genesys PureCloud platform and Amazon Lex

Take a front-row seat to hear how this contact center integration will upgrade your IT infrastructure. Learn how to practically apply Amazon Lex and machine learning to replace your legacy IVR and overcome common IVR problems.

When Employees Misuse Their Authority Over Customers

Customers That Stick

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From Customer Journey Map to an Optimal Customer Journey Road Map

Michelli Experience

In last week’s blog , I talked about how customer journey mapping has gained widespread acceptance and how to get maximum value out of efforts to depict perceptions of customers across interactions with your brand.

Has Marketing lost its way or is it just changing? A perspective by Bernard Page


Where does Customer Experience (CX) ‘sit’ in an organisation? This is a question I am frequently asked.

Why is shorter life cycle of insurance claims critical to the industry?


Insurance companies face the dual challenge of competing in an extremely crowded marketplace, while being required to constantly up their game in order to meet ever-rising customer expectations for a shortened life cycle insurance claim. .

Frost & Sullivan White Paper–CX Innovation Through Agile & DevOps

Organizations are continuously improving their CX systems in an effort to keep up with customer demands. Automation increases quality and accelerates innovation. Learn how adopting Agile/DevOps will accelerate innovation and exceed customer expectations.

Is social media a boon or a curse for customer experience?

Customer Guru

What is customer experience? Customer experience (CX) can be defined as the sum of the interactions between a customer and a business over the period of their relationship. A positive customer experience creates repeat and loyal customers.

Introducing NPS2: The Next Generation NPS Methodology


With the advent of the Net Promoter Score ®, capturing relevant feedback has never been easier. However, since the market landscape evolved – shifting the focus from survey data towards a more complex customer satisfaction management approach – the more advanced NPS2 paved its way.

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How to Get Your Team to Deliver Consistent Customer Service

Customers That Stick

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The Devil is in the Detail When Implementing CX Technology


I just sold my home in one city and moved my wife and two children into another home in a different city. The moving process involves a lot of work and a lot of decisions. Should I use a real estate agent, or should I sell my home “by owner”? When should we list? View Article. General

eBook: Top 6 Benefits of Improving CX Assurance

More and more organizations understand the value of delivering a high-quality customer experience and investing in improving their CX assurance processes. Automating testing and monitoring, top the list of ways to improve their CX assurance efforts.

5 Franchise Marketing Strategies to Drive Revenue


Franchise marketing in today’s digital world can be challenging and complex.

Are You Making The Most Of Scarcity As A Marketing Strategy?

Beyond Philosophy

We discuss the key principle of scarcity with guest Professor Kelly Goldsmith, Ph.D., Professor of Marketing at Vanderbuilt University. Kelly is a behavioral scientist who examines consumers’ responses to uncertainty and scarcity, uncovering and explaining seemingly paradoxical effects.

“You’re not elevating human connection unless you’re creating those positive experiences unique to each customer,” an interview with Devin Anuzis of Benchmark Senior Living

Heart of the Customer

Devin Anuzis is Corporate Manager, Customer Experience at Benchmark, the leading provider of senior living services in the Northeast.

Customer Experience: The Only Path to Brand Loyalty

Smarter CX

What kinds of companies come to mind when you think of the world’s most respected brands? How do you suppose those companies became the most respected brands? If you answered “marketing” or “advertising” you’re only partly correct.

How to Create an Exceptional Customer Experience

Learn 5 actions your organization can take right now to improve the customer experience.

The Rise of Human Factors in Mainstream Education


Reading Time: 3 minutes Trying to find the UX-type accredited degree programs is often like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Why Don’t Customers Buy After They Say They Will?

Beyond Philosophy

Many organizations have called to tell us that their Customer Experience initiatives are not performing like they did. The results that were once skyrocketing have plateaued. They are surprised by this turn of events, but we are not.

4 Times the World Cup Summed Up Our Life as a CSM


The World Cup is now behind us. In every corner of the world, the past month brought about joy, pain, sadness, but mostly lots of friendly fun and celebrations.

Journey Mapping Effectiveness Comes from Leadership and Frequency


In the recent research report by MyCustomer in association with Quadient, Customer Journey Mapping Research Report 2018, results validate what we practitioners have known for years: leadership buy-in absolutely matters and it should never be a one-and-done effort. It is really great to see more and more companies realizing the benefits of customer journey mapping (CJM). Since I started mapping in 2000, clients have always seen immediate benefit from the exercise.

Customer Experience Transformation in Telecoms

Transforming CX: Critical success factors mobile operators are looking for.

Research Report: Medical Field Service & Integrated Solutions


With heavy regulation and compliance requirements, field service organizations in the medical device industry are often the early adopters and technology leaders to watch. Physicians, medical facilities, and patients are regularly calling upon medical device field service organizations to do more.

3 Tips to Improve Customer Service with Your Marketing Strategy

Smarter CX

Adapted advice from the Experience This! podcast with Joey Coleman and Dan Gingiss. In episode 26 of Experience This! ,

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Giving Customer Support A Seat At The Revenue Table


The post Giving Customer Support A Seat At The Revenue Table appeared first on Solvvy

Stay Positive w/ These Positive People Skills Beliefs | #CustServ #CX

Kate Nasser

Say these positive people skills beliefs to yourself daily to deliver consistently great customer service. By Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™ | #CX #Video. The post Stay Positive w/ These Positive People Skills Beliefs | #CustServ #CX appeared first on

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The Ten Commandments of Customer Service

This cheat sheet covers ten fundamentals of customer service to help your business excel.