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How to Enhance Your Customer’s Memory of Their Experience

Beyond Philosophy

I’m obsessed with memory. I love the subject and discussing the behavioral sciences that explain it. Today, we decided to address memory and how crucial it is to enhance your customers’ recollections of their experience with you.

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Bring online & offline together to increase choice in shopper journey


Following the easing of restrictions, rapid innovation in how consumers can fulfill their shopping needs will follow. As Customer Experience continues to grow in importance, brands that best integrate physical and digital channels to create choices in how customers can shop will succeed.

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Putting a monetary value on CX


I have spent much of the last 6 months thinking about how to calculate the value of CX in financial terms - the core of any winning business case. In this article I will share some of what I considered

How to Bridge the CX Gap Across the Organization


A Frost & Sullivan executive summary on how to bridge the CX gap that is prevalent across so many organizations today. Articles

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Hello to “Hands-Off”: Visual Strategies for Contactless Service


Does this sound familiar? A customer calls the contact center with an urgent issue. His new coffee machine isn’t working properly, his smart sprinkler system isn’t configured correctly, or his internet connection is inexplicably down.

Another Way to Amaze Your Customers – Pay Attention


I recently wrote about taking the extra step to deliver amazing service. There were three steps: pay attention, care about your customers and put forth extra effort. For this article, I want to focus on the first step—paying attention. Paying attention is more than just the first step.

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5 Common Sales Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Integrity Solutions

No matter how rapidly and dramatically external events may change, the top sales challenges seem to stay the same, year after year. Why aren’t salespeople and sales organizations able to make much headway in overcoming these common struggles? It’s not for lack of activity.

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CX Q&A: Answers to Your Top Customer Experience Questions

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

Customer Experience Questions require a CX Community. In March of 2020, as Covid-19 first began disrupting the way we live and work, my team and I decided to put together a live webinar, called What Can CX Leaders Expect?

COVID-19’s Impact on Contact Centers has Leaders Rethinking Strategy, Technology and Business Continuity Plans

NICE inContact

The rise of COVID-19 has prompted many contact centers to embrace remote working amid stay-at-home orders and concern for employees’ health and safety.

Promotions – Tip #7

Steve DiGioia

Not the kind that gets you the corner office, a big expense account, or stock options; I’m talking about the kind you use to advertise and spread the word about your business.

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Top 150 Global Customer Experience Thought Leaders and Influencers of 2020


The Super-Heroes of Customer Experience are here! Customer Experience – The new focus of 2020! Customer Experience has become a top priority for businesses in 2020. It is now considered to be the key brand differentiator and a critical factor for your brand’s success and revenue growth.

Chase Business Results, Not Survey Scores

Heart of the Customer

We had a great discussion on LinkedIn a few weeks ago about the disconnect between customer experience and leadership. This post kicked things off: As I interview CX leaders and CEOs, it’s been fascinating (but not surprising) to hear the vast differences in focus.

3 of the biggest contact center challenges, and how voice authentication solves them

NICE inContact

AI-based voice authentication is not just powerful identity and verification contact center software. It’s a giant leap forward in enhancing our privacy and data protection, with built-in safeguards for more secure business transactions in real-time.

Have you completed an “attitude audit” from the customer’s perspective lately?

Wired and Dangerous

It all started with a creative conversation…those funny “what if” discussions that get sillier with late night exuberance and adult beverages. What fruit would they be if all pharmacists were a fruit?” asked a deeply serious pharmacist. “If If lawyers were farm animals, which one would they be?”

Fixing What People Buy because Clients are not Sold What They Need?

One Millimeter Mindset

Today, let’s ideate together. Take a deep breath. Relax. Let’s innovate. What happens to your revenue stream when employees stop fixing what people buy? Because clients are not sold what they really need. When internal teams actively drive revenue?

Retail Digital Experience Can Still Satisfy Europeans during COVID-19


Retail Digital and Physical Experience Can Still Satisfy Europeans during COVID-19. The post Retail Digital Experience Can Still Satisfy Europeans during COVID-19 appeared first on Eglobalis.

A Digital-First Contact Center Strategy Can Deliver Customers for Life. Is It Time to Start Your Digital Revolution?

NICE inContact

Digital has far-reaching implications not just for how organizations provide service today, but also for how much more change is coming in the very near future. Those who “win” customer service will need to completely reimagine it—and digital will be central to that.

Amazing Business Radio: Ramon Ray


Tools of Amazing Customer Experience. How Big and Small Businesses Can Improve CX. Shep Hyken interviews Ramon Ray , founder of Smart Hustle Media. They discuss various strategies and tools that businesses large and small can use to create amazing customer service and experience.

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What is DevRel?

Vanilla Forums

“What actually is Developer Relations?” is a question that I see almost every week as I’m compiling tweets and articles for DevRel Weekly.

2 Key Technologies Contact Centers Need for WFH Agents

Upstream Works

This is Part 3 in our 3-Part series about how contact centers can adapt and thrive during a global pandemic. See Part 1 and Part 2. As the pandemic wears on, contact centers face challenges on two different but highly related fronts.

Work from Anywhere: Why the Future of Contact Centres is Cloud-Based

NICE inContact

As organisations transition to a post COVID-19 world, contact centre employees need to be able to work from anywhere for businesses to stay competitive.

The 3 Questions You Need to Ask Employees About Their Leaders

The DiJulius Group

1. Feature Article The 3 Questions You Need to Ask Employees About Their Leaders By John DiJulius, Chief Revolution Officer Former Southwest Airlines co-founder, Herb Kelleher was known as a rebel, innovator and a genuine leader who cared about his people.

The CX Reframe: Three predictions for CX after COVID


Welcome to the final installment of Talkdesk’s CX Reframe: A 5-Point COVID Response Plan.

What Powerless Feelings Do to Customers & Employees | #Leadership

Kate Nasser

To undo customer and employee anger & upset, find their powerless feelings & empower them. Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™, Author of Leading Morale. The post What Powerless Feelings Do to Customers & Employees | #Leadership appeared first on

Join Us for Interactions Live!

NICE inContact

A major virtual conference, open to contact center pros everywhere. Even six months ago, who could have predicted that across the planet, we’d be leaving in-person conferences behind—at least for now—and recreating them as virtual events?

012: Key Takeaways from Today’s Featured Leader: Howard Schultz – Part 1

The DiJulius Group

In today’s episode, Chief Revolution Officer John DiJulius and senior consultant Dave Murray from The DiJulius Group feature the man who revolutionized, not only the coffee industry but the entire retail and hospitality industry – Howard Schultz.

A Bonus Recommendation for Reopening Your VoC Program


In my last blog post , I offered 5 recommendations for re-opening your VoC program in light of COVID-19 closures. If you have not checked out that blog post, I highly recommend doing so ( click here to read ).

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The importance of social listening on review sites


Social listening including review sites keeps every part of the marketing machine on the right path and there are some great tools to automate the process. The post The importance of social listening on review sites appeared first on CustomerCount.

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Private Social Messaging Accelerates Customer Experience (CX) Transformation

NICE inContact

Many consumers needing customer support, especially younger ones, want to interact with businesses through private social messaging apps, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Twitter Messenger.

Guavus-IQ: What’s under the hood?


For communication service providers (CSPs), understanding how their network is utilized by their subscribers (and the resultant quality of service – QoS) and how the subscribers experience the network and services are the significant factors influencing their revenue and business value.

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Best Customer Onboarding Software: What to Look for in Reviews


For some customer success teams, looking for new customer onboarding software can be a long, multi-faceted process. For every great recommendation there is a negative review out there somewhere. And in the world of customer success, vendor recommendations are paramount.

Ready to win more deals with larger price tags? It’s time to personalize your sales motion process.


By Vanessa Bagnato, Director of Enterprise Solutions, with Jenny Lewis, Director of Sales for Enterprise Account Management, and Nolan Frazier, Director of Sales for New Business. When the customer drives the sales process, everyone wins.

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Healthcare consumerism: Better in theory than in execution


Consumerism is rapidly becoming a driving force in healthcare. According to one survey, consumerism was second only to industry consolidation as most top of mind for healthcare professionals. While healthcare […].

A Campaign Can Make You Extra $1 Million. Here’s How You Can Actually Measure It


An undergarments retailer used two powerful Optimove features – control groups and segmentation according to lifecycle stage – to perfect their Seasonal catalogs campaign. The result: a measurable increase of $1 Million in customer spends over a 1-month test period.