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Why Journey Map? 3 Problems They Can Solve

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

Why Create Customer Journey Maps? Journey maps can be extraordinarily impactful upon how an organization approaches their products, services, and interactions. They are also often widely misunderstood. Stop for a moment and imagine a customer journey map in your mind. What do you see?

The 6 CX Fundamentals of Organizational and Human Adaptiveness


The 6 Customer Experience Fundamentals of Organizational and Human Adaptiveness Change. The post The 6 CX Fundamentals of Organizational and Human Adaptiveness appeared first on Eglobalis.

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How to Achieve Meaningful CX Measurement for CX-Based Compensation


The Coronavirus pandemic has left no aspect of customer experience (CX) programs unchanged, especially compensation practices tied to CX results.

From a Good to a Great Website: 9 Ways to Engage More Successfully


Denyse Drummond-Dunn · What makes a great website? Never miss an episode. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts to get new episodes as they become available.”. What makes a great website? What makes a website great for your customers? What makes a website great for your potential customers?

Interview With CX Ambassador Corrina Owens


Interview with Corrina Owens, marketing and demand generation manager at SpendHQ—a leading SaaS spend analysis solution—about her career in the customer experience space. Articles

Experiences that Matter - Volume II


We are so proud of the work our clients are doing in there communities and want to try and share these positive stories. Follow #ExperiencesThatMatter on social media to keep up to date. Here is our latest round-up to catch you up

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Summer '20 Release: Customer-led innovations help you stay on the path of customer-centricity

Vision Critical


The Complete Guide to User Experience Metrics


Learn how to use the most popular UX metrics, improve the user experience, and prove the ROI of your efforts. Guides

Speaker’s Corner: Around the World in 240 Minutes


Collaborating with over 11 speakers for over 240 minutes from across the world we delivered our very first global virtual event! Hosted by Nadine Dereza, we showcased how the power of the spoken word can inspire us to reach our true potential even during the most challenging of times.

How to Engage Agents in Your Contact Center Quality Management Process From Start to Finish

NICE inContact

Now’s the time to step back and look at how you involve agents in your contact center quality management. Ensuring that they have a stake in the process—and engaging them in your quality process from the ground up—is a huge motivating factor that will help your agents (and your contact center) excel.

According to Steve #3 – Remember When

Steve DiGioia

Remember when you’d fall asleep on the living room couch and wake up after midnight to a TV that was all static because the stations when off the air ? Remember when the 5-second rule applied for almost any food that fell on the floor?

How to Bridge the Gap for CX Across the Organization


Leverage key CX metrics to demonstrate the value of customer experience and build partnerships across departments. Guides

Customer Engagement – March 2014


This article was originally presented on Customer Engagement Magazine’s website. The post Customer Engagement – March 2014 appeared first on StoryMiners. Appearances Articles

Do It Yourself – Call Center Software

NICE inContact

Watch and discover how CXone empowers agents, supervisors, and admins to drive efficiency and deliver exceptional customer experiences with a total solution suite. Call center software is not easy. There are tons of little pieces and parts and lots of ways to build it today.

Enhancing Remote Maintenance using Visual Technology


Field service organizations have long been implementing measures to reduce their high operational costs. Technician dispatches, in particular, are a huge drain on resources, considering that each truck roll involves technician labor costs, and vehicle expenses such as fuel and insurance.

How to Use Real-Time Feedback for Bug Tracking


Four steps to integrate user feedback into your bug tracking program. Guides

Making Your Contact Center Adaptive: Advanced Management Techniques for Quickly- Changing Customer Expectations


How do you expect customer expectations to change in 2017? Customers will expect most of their vendors to serve them as well as their favorite vendors do. Like the new cash register-less check-out at Amazon GO? Why doesn’t Target offer that?

More Consumers Are Cautiously Accepting Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled Customer Service Methods

NICE inContact

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for years, but it's the recent advances that have created so much buzz. These advances show that AI is making machines smarter in very visible ways, ranging from "smart homes" to lifelike robots making the rounds of late-night TV shows.

Would You Please Leave a Review About Your Experience?


Getting customers to review their experience with you is powerful.

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Prove The ROI of Customer Experience (WITH ACTUAL MATH!)


Simplified CX YouTube series episode on how to prove the ROI of your CX program. Videos

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Caitlin Delohery – Interview with Mike Wittenstein


Describe the day-in-the-life of a professional speaker. A professional speaker doesn’t just speak, they run a business. Often, they run every part of their business.

What’s More Important? – Tip #6

Steve DiGioia

Are your company’s numbers, budgets, and marketing efforts taking the lead over all other aspects of your business? But what about the customer? What’s more important?

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Improving Customer and Employee Retention: Tips and Strategies

Joe Rawlinson

The retention of customers and employees is correlated to a point. A customer that has worked with a specific client manager or staff member will have a rapport with the employee. Constant turnover can make it difficult to build that rapport that is so important in customer retention.

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The Secret of CX Success

Heart of the Customer

Swing for the fences! Shoot for the Moon! You got this! During my many years as a high school and collegiate lacrosse player and coach, I heard (and said) encouraging platitudes like these more times than I can possibly count.

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Top 50 Customer Service Leaders – Best Customer Experience Influencers


We’re honored to be honored for our work alongside so many of our customer service and customer experience colleagues.

Did everyone bring their service greatness attitude today?

Wired and Dangerous

You are in complete control of your attitude. Victor Frankl in his classic book, Man’s Search For Meaning , described how prisoners at the Auschwitz concentration camp in World War II determined their longevity by the way they imagined their future. The book has sold over 10 million copies.

What do Talkdeskers have to say about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion?


2020 has been a challenging and unusual year on so many levels. The COVID-19 pandemic took the world by storm and governments worldwide declared stay-at-home and social distancing measures to protect public health safety.

Are Client Retention Folks the Best Salespeople in Your Company?

One Millimeter Mindset

It just could be that client retention folks are the best salespeople in your company. You know. Professionals involved in the post-sale care and feeding of newly-acquired customers.

Top 50 Customer Service Leaders – Best Customer Experience Influencers


We’re honored to be honored for our work alongside so many of our customer service and customer experience colleagues.

Amazing Business Radio: Patricia Fripp


The Secret to Success is Good Customer Service. How to Use Customer Service Stories to Teach, Inspire and Reward. Shep Hyken interviews Patricia Fripp , CSP, CPAE, speech coach and customer service expert.

How a Workforce Engagement Solution Benefits Remote Customer Support


The days of on-premises support systems and locally-based customer support agents is over. Remote work or work-from-anywhere situations used to be a sparsely used option but has now proven to be the reality for most. Instead of a gradual move to remote work, companies have had to adjust quickly.

Powerful New Way To Reveal How Customers Feel In The Pandemic

Beyond Philosophy

What A Face Mask Can Do for Customer Segmentation. Everyone has an opinion about face masks. Some think they help stop the spread of COVID-19; some think they are unnecessary and a nuisance; others fall somewhere in between.

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The Hokey Pokey of Continuous Testing: You Put Your Shift-Left In, You Put Your Shift-Right In.


Testing what you’ve developed before the big, red “go live” button is pressed isn’t a new concept. It’s been a crucial part of software development for a long time, and a practice that development teams employ everywhere.

G2 Summer 2020 reports: Talkdesk is #1 in five categories


2019 was the year when Talkdesk® celebrated being named a Leader in Gartner’s CCaaS Magic Quadrant for North America. This accomplishment was a huge step and placed Talkdesk as a key player in the contact center space.