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How to Succeed in Leadership, Marketing, Innovation and Insight


Although I love quotes, especially about how to succeed, I love success even more. Do you? One of my favourite quotes on the topic of success comes from Winston Churchill during his address to the Harrow School (UK) during WWII in 1941.

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Customers Want Personalized Experiences AND Privacy. Can They Have Both?

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

Customers Want Personalized Experiences. Customers have told us they want streamlined, personalized experiences. At each step in the journey with your brand: They want to be recognized and acknowledged. They want relevant, personalized offers at the right moment.

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The secrets of Gymshark’s customer-centred success

Vision Critical

With businesses fighting hard to re-engage their customers in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Gymshark is one company that retailers could learn some lessons from, says Daniela Cicoria, senior customer success manager at Vision Critical. Retail

The Definitive Guide to ONLINE Customer Experience Events

Kerry Bodine

While some in-person customer experience conferences in parts of the world less affected by the pandemic seem to be moving forward for fall 2020, there’s no clear indication of when the global events industry will get back to some kind of new normal.

5 Strategies for CX Excellence


After writing my book, Listen or Die , which outlined 40 lessons that turns customer feedback into gold, I often got the question: "what are the small handful of strategies that provide the biggest impact or provide the most insight on driving CX excellence?". Here they are!

Guest Blog – How Social Media Chatbots Can Help Businesses Target and Generate Leads


Guest blog – Nahla Davies is a software developer and tech writer. Before devoting her work full time to technical writing, she managed—among other intriguing things—to serve as a lead programmer at an Inc.

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The Big Mistake People Make With Artificial Intelligence

Beyond Philosophy

The Big Mistake People Make with AI. Business leaders of today have to understand the technology of tomorrow. Specifically, one would be wise to understand what AI is, how it works, and what problems it can solve for your business.

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Three Strategies to Quickly and Effectively Recover Customers


Customer retention lies at the heart of everything from customer experience (CX) strategies to contact center tactics. Additionally, retaining and recovering existing customers is far more cost-effective for a brand than focusing solely on acquiring new business.

Changing Passwords Sucks! 5 Tips To Make It Better

Kerry Bodine

This past weekend I tackled a long overdue task: Changing all of my old and not-so-secure passwords. What can I say… These are exciting times.)

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Bridging the Gap Between Product and CX


Three ways for CX and Product teams to work better together in optimizing the customer experience. Articles

Call Center Software, Customer Experience as Survival Tools for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs)

NICE inContact

Challenging times can present opportunities to reassess. Even as they preserve cash and scale back, SMBs need to double down on customer service and the customer experience. Call center software can be a key driver—and a bridge to the other side of the crisis

Top 150+ Global Customer Experience Thought Leaders and Influencers of 2020


The Super-Heroes of Customer Experience are here! Customer Experience – The new focus of 2020! Customer Experience has become a top priority for businesses in 2020. It is now considered to be the key brand differentiator and a critical factor for your brand’s success and revenue growth.

The Value of CX (Part 2): Advancing the Maturity of CX

Vision Critical

A Q&A with Crystal Miceli, Vice President and Head of Product Management. Q: In your last post , you referred to NPS being a single stage in CXM maturity. Can you elaborate on the maturity model?

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Would You Fight to Make Your Customers Happy?


These are the kind of people—and the kind of company—you want to do business with. First, a little background. I was having a conversation with a colleague and came up with the idea that you shouldn’t have to fight with a company to get your problem resolved or for them to make you happy.

Latest Research Shows the Future of CX is Here and It’s Digital-first Omnichannel

NICE inContact

Each year, we survey more than 2,500 consumers across the globe to discover the latest on their real-world habits and opinions on a wide spectrum of customer service-related topics.

Customer Care Versus Gossip – Tip #8

Steve DiGioia

The other day I heard some people complaining about poor customer service. Each shared their complaints about a past shopping trip that irked them enough to commit the story to memory (those are the worst kinds).

Truth in Teamwork: How cross-functional collaboration drives remote resolutions


Many enterprises struggle to deliver excellent customer care and suffer from a range of operational inefficiencies due to a lack of inter-departmental communication and cross-functional collaboration. Their agents and technicians are effectively siloed.

KPIs, Analytics and Data: The Right Tools for the Job

Vanilla Forums

While most Community Professionals may think that coming up with what KPIs should be measured is a difficult task, I’ve actually seen more failure in how the KPI measurement is executed and how the data is reported. Community

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20 Call Center Software Features that Can Help Organizations Address Their Most Pressing Challenges

NICE inContact

If you're a call center looking for software, you have a lot of options to choose from. Similar to cars, call center software packages range from low-cost, low-feature options to platforms with a lot of bells and whistles and a high price tag to match.

A celebratory toast to customer success, CX innovation and helping others


There’s an ancient proverb that reads, “If you want happiness for a lifetime, help someone else.” The world’s greatest thinkers, for centuries, have agreed that, at its core, happiness comes from helping other people, and we see evidence of this everywhere today, even in the smallest ways. .

Can Your Front Line Team Provide a Great Service Exit?

Wired and Dangerous

The opening keynote was preceded by the safety briefing for the large banquet hall attendees. It was the usual “in case of fire” cautions and instructions.

The Big Mistake People Make with AI

Beyond Philosophy

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for decades and mostly used in a science-fiction context. As a result, many people are either terrified of it or assume it is as inexplicable as magic.

Guest Post: How to Attract New Business During COVID-19


This week we feature an article by Derek Goodman, entrepreneur and creator of Inbizability. He shares some tips on how to gain new customers during difficult economic situations, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Just a few months ago, your business was as busy as ever.

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Covid-19: How Has the Pandemic Affected Life Events?

Brandwatch CX



How to Give Feedback to Remote Agents


Every agent on your team can use feedback to improve, increase efficiency, and learn how to move into specialized customer service roles.

GPT-3: A Tidal Wave of Hype


What is GPT-3? GPT-3 is the latest AI language model developed by OpenAI which has 175 billion parameters, versus 1.5 billion for its predecessor GPT-2. First described in a research paper published in May, this language-generating software was released last week in a private beta.

How important is mobile-first customer service?

Beyond the Arc

Is your approach to customer support optimized for today's mobile-first customer service world? Ever-present smartphones enable companies to leverage geo-location, edge computing, AI, and other technologies to provide assistance that is precisely tailored to each customer's needs and current context.

The Best B2B Client Expansion Strategy


Client expansion is the bird-in-the-hand approach to B2B enterprise growth. Just as the proverb implies, there is a lot of potential in the assets you already influence.

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How invested are You in Your Own Professional Story?

One Millimeter Mindset

If you are not invested in your own professional story, why continue to urge others to invest in your story? There just may be a disconnect of belief between what you say you do and who you really are. You see it, I see it, we all see it.

KPI Community Basics: Part 2 - The ABCs of KPIs

Vanilla Forums

No matter what kind of work you do, measuring progress is a challenge. Many organizations set arbitrary measurements for the results of their work.

Why Financial Companies Need Call Recording Software

Joe Rawlinson

With the growing rate of fraud and misinformed people being taken advantage of, it is becoming increasingly important to protect customer information. For a financial company of any type, maintaining appropriate documentation is almost a must. Here is how call recording software can help protect your company against these issues. Call Recording Software for the Finance Industry. Call recording is a service that allows you to record incoming and outgoing business calls.

Customer Churn During a Pandemic: What SaaS Companies Need to Know


A crisis is a time for Customer Success teams. In situations such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, your CS team can take action to prevent customer churn during the pandemic while also helping to build a sustainable future for both parties once the danger passes.

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Cyara Debuts NEW Premium Support Services


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