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Accelerate Your CX Transformation With Collaboration

Forrester's Customer Insights

A chief customer officer (CXO) recently confided to us that “I thought building a large organization would make me more powerful. Now I think it just makes me more vulnerable.” Those words haunted me. Why would a CXO regret building a big team?

Why Aren't Customer Experiences Improving?

Innovative CX

Despite what industry experts may profess, customer experiences aren’t getting any better. While customers expect immediate answers to their inquiries, efficient order processing and fast shipping, there’s no indication that fulfilling these expectations is improving customer service.


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5 Key Customer Service Metrics and How to Measure Them


Customer service is the hub of your entire business operation. Your customers depend on your customer service staff to help them get certain services and products or solve their problems.

The comprehensive guide to mobile app surveys


Learn about mobile app surveys, including benefits and types, and how they help you collect customer feedback and optimize your mobile experience. Guides

Survey 195

Top 5 Reasons to Move to the Cloud

Hybrid or 100% cloud? The choice is yours. With comprehensive security, unmatched scalability, cost certainty, and guaranteed reliability, a cloud-based contact center solution will serve your customers 24/7 without the operational headaches and cost issues of an on-premise solution. Download Enghouse's eBook today and learn the top reasons you should move to the cloud!

Do bots speak emoji? You bet they do!

NICE inContact

Customer sentiment analysis is one of many AI-powered solutions that's transforming the way contact centers operate.

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Please Don’t Discount the Inexperienced

Steve DiGioia

This past weekend I helped a friend of mine and served as the maître d for an event of 200 people that he was hosting (it was great to get back to my “banquet” roots).

Groups 147

What is ecommerce experience and how to improve it


Learn why creating a great ecommerce experience is important for the success of your business and for improving your ecommerce customer satisfaction. Guides

7 statistics that illustrate the importance of a good call routing strategy

NICE inContact

Contact centers are busy these days with major initiatives. The 2020 lockdowns revealed gaps in contact center resiliency that many organizations are now trying to plug.

The Beginner's Guide to Brand Awareness Survey Questions


Let’s play a little game. Brand Experience

Brands 130

Plugging Your Community Into the Customer Lifecycle

Speaker: Nichole Devolites, Customer Experience Expert, SecureAuth

Customer experience professionals understand the importance of both creating and maintaining easily available programs that improve CX. Nichole Devolites is joining us for a webinar on July 27th at 12 pm EDT to discuss how CX professionals can integrate and connect their communities with the customer lifecycle. Register today!

5 Reasons Not To Ignore the Rants of Your Call Center Agents


You listen to your customers on social media. Do you listen to your customer service employees? We did…You’d be amazed at what we found, or will you?

Transforming Customer Service in a Student’s World – a Q&A with Dawson College


The world of higher education is a unique and challenging space. Competition is incredibly tough, and it shows no sign of getting any easier. The majority (86%) of higher education leaders expect competition to intensify.

EVE Cortex: The first scalable visual AI assistant in the industry


The pandemic was the catalyst that pushed many service organizations to re-think the way they interact with customers.

How Employee Engagement Drives Change and Boosts Revenue


To say employee engagement has fallen to the back burner for a lot of organizations is an understatement. Customer Experience Employee Experience

5 Reasons to Consider Managed Services for Cloud Contact Centers

Learn how cloud-based solutions and a managed services approach can reduce costs. Give your contact center the flexibility and scalability it needs to meet ever-changing demands!

10 RPA Implementation Best Practices to Automate Your Contact Center


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology is dramatically improving contact center efficiency and agent productivity.

111 Customer Service Statistics and Facts You Shouldn't Ignore

Help Scout

Your customer experience is the main differentiator between you and your competitors, and all of the customer service statistics back it up.

Is the Net Promoter Score Really So Bad?

Heart of the Customer

So, Gartner predicted that, by 2025, 75% of companies will stop using NPS to measure their customer support program. I’m calling BS. Now, I am a bit jealous, because it’s great click bait.

How the Touch Screen Age is Negatively Impacting our Customer Service

The DiJulius Group

Today we are all living in the “Touch-Screen Age.” This includes baby boomers as well as millennials, although many think of the younger generation as being the most tech savvy, virtually no one has been left out. Members of every age group now use smartphones, social media, iPads, and computers.

The Forrester Wave™: B2B Marketing Data Providers, Q2 2021

In our 24-criterion evaluation of B2B marketing data providers, we identified the 11 most significant vendors — Data Axle, Dun & Bradstreet, Enlyft, Global Database, InsideView, Leadspace, Oracle, SMARTe, Spiceworks Ziff Davis, TechTarget, and ZoomInfo Technologies — and researched, analyzed, and scored them. This report shows how each provider measures up and helps B2B marketing professionals select the right one for their needs.

Human Trust Breakers: Acknowledge & Prevent These #PeopleSkills

Kate Nasser

Prevent these often unacknowledged human trust breakers for success / happiness in business & life. Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™, Author, Leading Morale. The post Human Trust Breakers: Acknowledge & Prevent These #PeopleSkills appeared first on

How Should an OEM Organize Technical Support to Provide Memorable Experiences

Middlesex Consulting

In this Field Service News article, published on June 22, 2021we discuss the knowledge and experience hierarchy of both the people who contact tech support and the people who provide the service.

Guest Post: Leaders Need to Show, Not Just Say

Shep Hyken

This week we feature an article by Annette Franz, CCXP, the founder and CEO of CX Journey Inc. She writes about how leaders can lead by example and model the change that they wish to see from their employees. How do leaders drive (lasting) change? .

Streamline the Customer Journey for a Better Mobile-First Customer Experience


As the world begins to reopen post-COVID-19, customer experience is more important than it’s ever been, with 80% of companies saying their core business model needs to go and/or stay digital to remain economically viable.

4 AI Hacks to Make Sales Teams More Efficient

Over the last two years, there’s been a 76 percent increase in AI adoption across sales organizations. For sales teams, AI opens up a world of new possibilities, including automating outreach, identifying best-fit buyers, and keeping CRMs flush with fresh data. Read on to learn the four AI hacks sales teams need to improve their performance. Download the eBook today!

The True Cost of ‘Where Is My Order?’ Queries and Three Tips to Reduce It

CSM Magazine

David Grimes, CEO and Founder of Sorted offers some key tips to retailers on how to reduce high WISMO and WISMR contact rates while at the same improving the customer experience. Online retail is booming like never before.

Reduce Customer Churn: 5 Ways to Understand At-Risk Customers

Experience Investigators

Nobody thinks they’re neglecting customers… but many are. Some of us live, breathe and constantly think about the customer experience. But most people, believe it or not, don’t spend their time that way.

Amazing Business Radio: Paula Courtney

Shep Hyken

Investing in the Customer Experience. Looking at Business through the Eyes of the Customer . Shep Hyken interviews Paula Courtney, President of the Verde Group. They discuss how businesses should invest in delivering a WOW customer experience.

How to Automate Escalation Processes for Optimized Customer Experience


Escalation processes can determine whether a customer renews or churns. This makes your escalation management strategy a key to effective customer retention. In this blog, we’ll highlight some ways smart use of automation can help you improve your escalation processes.

Leadership Panel: Lessons Learnt from a Global Support Community

Speaker: Panel hosted by Adrian Speyer, Head of Community, Vanilla Forums

Are you struggling to support your global community? Or, are you not even sure where you should start. Establishing a global support community comes with many many questions. How do you encourage your customers to help others? What are the key metrics to measure? What are the biggest challenges? Our super panel consists of community leaders from around the world, each of whom, have experienced and overcome the challenges of a global support community. They are ready to share the trials and triumphs, and everything in between, on the road to a successful community.