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Closed-Loop Customer Feedback: How to Drive Real CX Results


Customer satisfaction surveys have traditionally focused on collecting aggregate data. From a market research perspective, this approach makes sense—it’s statistically accurate, high-level, and shows trending data. However, many customers today often feel less than satisfied with this “open-loop system.” They expect that if they take the time to provide personal feedback, the company should take the time to provide personal follow-up.

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Alphabet Soup of CX Metrics


Ten years ago, I emerged from the intensely analytical digital agency world of clickthrough and conversion rates, funnels, and seasonality, and dove headfirst into the CX space. It took me a year of immersion to really understand the CX landscape and how to speak and think about it properly and confidently.

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How Employee Churn Costs You Money

InMoment XI

It turns out that your greatest asset in your efforts to create an excellent customer experience (CX) can actually be one of your greatest costs. What are we talking about? Your employees, of course! And, more specifically, employee churn. Employees make or break the customer experience, and if they are not satisfied in their position, they can cost you money by negatively impacting customer experiences—or by packing up their bags and going elsewhere.

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Three Simple Ways to Get Customers to Trust You


Think of the brands or companies you enjoy doing business with the most. What is it that makes you want to come back? Here are a few possible reasons: . The product does what it is supposed to do. . They have great customer service. . They provide a great overall customer experience. . You like the employees. . The salesperson is knowledgeable and helpful. .

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The State of Customer Experience 2023 Report: Part 2

JUST RELEASED! The Northridge Group’s State of CX 2023 Part II research report reveals that nearly half of consumers surveyed had knowingly spoken to a customer service associate working from home—and almost 75% of those respondents felt the associate's location did not impact the service or experience. So why do more than ⅓ of business leaders want contact center associates back in the office?

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Things the Healthcare Industry Can Learn from Retail CX


In a saturated retail market full of good products with competitive prices, the only way sellers stand out is by providing an excellent customer experience. Buyers who receive good customer service tend to become loyal advocates of the brand, while those who don't are more likely to take their business elsewhere.

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Possible Outcomes Of Unresolved (Or Ignored) Customer Complaints and Requests

CSM Magazine

No business is perfect. Despite your best efforts to provide quality products and services to your target audience, mistakes, oversights, poor decisions, and negative experiences are bound to occur. Although the goal is to minimize such outcomes, when situations arise that cause a customer to file a complaint or make an inquiry, businesses must be prepared to resolve the matter as efficiently as possible.

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How to Calculate Customer Effort Score 


As a customer success manager with unlimited access to industry thought leadership (thanks, internet!), you know exactly how rapidly things change and how quickly new metrics pop up on the scene. Already it probably feels as though you’re measuring a hundred different metrics that all mean different things: product usage rates, customer success scores, and more.

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Why You Should Analyze Customer Conversations In Chat


Chat for customer support was starting to trend before the pandemic. But as it wore on, customers took an even bigger interest, and live chat tickets surged by 50%. Today, according to Zendesk, support teams that have the fastest resolution times and highest CSAT ratings are 42 percent more likely to be messaging with their customers. The Benefits Of Analyzing Your Customer Conversations.

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Five examples of brands driving customer-centric innovation


Customer centricity is now the ultimate “must have” for business empowerment that is assured to drive organizations to success.

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How Government Services Can Provide Better Citizen Satisfaction & Experience

Attention government agencies and BPO partners! CXperts is your go-to solution for improving citizen experience. Our omnichannel and digital contact center solutions are designed to supply superior CX, reducing costs and maximizing efficiency. Plus, we are a Minority Owned Business (MBE). With our certifications, we are the perfect partner to help government agencies meet their CX goals and fulfill federal deal requirements.

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What Is Sentiment Analysis? Definition, Types, Importance, and More

InMoment XI

There is so much more to communication than just the words we say. Take sarcasm, for instance. Sarcastic comments often rely heavily on irony, conveying the opposite meaning from the one being directly expressed. But this irony is hard to convey without the added benefit of voice inflection and bodily cues (which is why it can be so problematic when someone tries to be sarcastic in a text message or email).

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Five Opportunities for Convenience Stores in 2023


As the summer comes to a close and brands look ahead to 2023, Cameron Watt, President & CEO of Intouch Insight, addressed attendees of the Outlook Leadership Conference in Asheville, North Carolina. Watt’s speech covered observations and opportunities for convenience stores that were uncovered by Intouch Insight’s ongoing consumer surveys, mystery shopping, and audit programs.

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How a Service Code Empowers Employees to Deliver Exceptional Experiences

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

The frustrated leader looks to the heavens, shaking their fists toward the sky. “It seems so obvious,” they shout. All around, trees empty themselves of scattering birds. Ok, maybe the picture I’m painting is a bit melodramatic — but it’s not far off a reality that’s happening at far too many organizations. These fed-up leaders often lean on this phrase — “It seems so obvious !

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How Call Coaching Will Help You Retain More Customers and Make Customers Happy


Customer retention is the most important aspect of doing business. It helps you realize your company’s profitability and improve customer service, market share, and revenue. However, retaining customers can be one of the most challenging aspects of running a company. Studies show that only 30% of companies retain more than 50% of their customers after two years!

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Retail Tech: Empower Associates, Optimize CX, and Boost Productivity

Speaker: Andrew Regan, Managing Partner at BlueSeed Retail Ltd.

Did you know that 70% of new retail technology fails to deliver expected benefits and can often decrease customer value, service, and experience? With that in mind, how can we empower our store associates to leverage new technology to optimize the customer experience and boost productivity? This exclusive webinar with Andrew Regan will dive into strategies to empower retail associates for success with new technology.

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The Future Today! How to Build a Proactive Experience to Gain Growth and Save Costs!

Beyond Philosophy

On the Apple phone the other day, it suggested widgets to me of apps I might want to use. The phone notices that I want to use the apps at a particular time of day, so it pushes them to me proactively. Providing proactive experiences is part of the future I see for Customer Experience , a side effect of Customer Science. For those who read this newsletter, you know that Customer Science is where we have a convergence of artificial intelligence (AI), data, and behavioral sciences.

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Net Promoter Score for Ecommerce: 9 tips & tricks


As an ecommerce business, Net Promoter Score® might be the most powerful KPI in your CX toolkit. You can get by without paying attention to NPS, but you will thrive when using it as a growth north star. Net Promoter Score is a metric that measures the likelihood of a customer recommending your brand to their personal and professional social circle. The higher your NPS, the higher the chance that your customers will turn into active Promoters and enthusiastic advocates for your products.

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Amazing Business Radio: Zhecho Dobrev


The Value of Emotional Attachment in the Customer Experience. Don’t Overlook the Value of Emotions . Shep Hyken interviews Zhecho Dobrev, leading principal consultant at Beyond Philosophy and author of The Big Miss: How Organizations Overlook the Value of Emotions. He shares how emotions and customer relationships affect buying decisions. Top Takeaways: Customer loyalty is based on the customer’s emotional connection with the company.

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B2B Customer Journey Touchpoints CS Teams Need To Plan For


B2B Customer Journey Touchpoints: A Guide for CS Teams. B2B customer journey touchpoints mark the roadmap toward successful outcomes for clients and CS teams. By charting the points in your SaaS customers’ journeys, you can plan how to deliver clients’ desired outcomes and satisfying experiences that promote subscription renewals and higher revenue.

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Improve Contact Center Outcomes with Key Insights

Contact center leaders are skilled at balancing competing day-to-day priorities. They help others make informed business decisions, all while working to keep agents and customers engaged in positive experiences. Rapid access to the most relevant and actionable information is critical to managing agents, supervisors, and communicating with executive leadership to improve efficiencies and business outcomes.

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Process mortgage documents with intelligent document processing using Amazon Textract and Amazon Comprehend

AWS Machine Learning

Organizations in the lending and mortgage industry process thousands of documents on a daily basis. From a new mortgage application to mortgage refinance, these business processes involve hundreds of documents per application. There is limited automation available today to process and extract information from all the documents, especially due to varying formats and layouts.

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Aligning Your Community Plan with Stakeholder Expectations

Vanilla Forums

Cycles in business are normal. When COVID-19 first reared its ugly head, companies were forced to re-evaluate their in-person strategies. This quickly translated, for many companies, to seek community programs as a panacea. Companies who had never considered online spaces for their audiences now looked at ways to shift the way they did business suddenly.

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Is Targeting Perfectionism Impeding Being Purposefully Present?

One Millimeter Mindset

Initially, there’s a high probability you will lose your balance when learning to ride a 2-wheel bicycle. Also, there’s a high probability that you will fall off the bike and land on the pavement. Ouch. So, what will you do next? Right now, many of you parent, teach, or coach young people doing life events for the first time: learning to ride bicycles, play sports, attend kindergarten.

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Top 6 Tips for a Successful SaaS Customer Engagement Strategy


Six Customer Engagement SaaS Strategies That Work. For software service providers, customer engagement SaaS strategies play a central role in a successful business model. Proactive interactions with your customers can increase satisfaction and retention, driving repeat business and referral revenue. In this article, we’ll offer some tips for a winning customer engagement SaaS strategy.

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The Hidden Costs of Poor Customer Onboarding

Churn starts within the first 30 days of customers purchasing a product. A lot of it comes down to the first impression customers get through the onboarding process. A poor experience can result in losing current and future customers, and unnecessary overhead. It’s important to know what a poor onboarding experience looks like, the associated hidden costs, and how to build a top-tier onboarding experience for your customers so you can avoid losing hard-earned revenue.

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Leadership Advice And Why Equality Matters

Doing CX Right

Catherine Sugarbroad, Chief Revenue Officer and Founder of, and Stacy Sherman discuss the meaning of equality in and out of the workplace, and why advancing women's leadership impact retention and customer experiences. The post Leadership Advice And Why Equality Matters appeared first on Doing CX Right.

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10 effective employee retention strategies 


In a world where a remote or hybrid work experience is the new normal, employees now have greater flexibility when choosing where they want to work and employers have added pressure to avoid turnover and improve employee retention. The good news? Actions can be taken to help keep your talent around for longer. In fact, according to a recent Work Institute report , more than three-quarters (77%) of the reasons why employees leave are preventable.

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Weather the Storm


It is tempting to enact severe actions during an economic downturn to save costs. Before you start slashing budgets across the entirety of a business, consider the following. Evaluate ROI, not just costs. When scrutinizing budgets with an eye to savings, look beyond the cost and ask what value each item contributes to the company. In the case of CX programs such as support and moderation, it’s tempting to view these as mere operational costs — easy candidates for reduction.

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Q&A recap | From overwhelmed to over quota: How to be a more effective CSM


As a CSM, are you stuck in a vicious cycle of overwhelm? You wake up and go to sleep thinking about work. Your doomy to-do list follows you around like a shadow. Nagging thoughts of everything you didn’t get done dominate your free time. When you do get to experience that rare endorphin buzz of getting caught up, it’s eclipsed by the fear of that next fire drill lurking around the corner, waiting for the perfect time to crash your productivity party.

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The Ultimate CX Solution: Combining Software + Service

In today's competitive business landscape, customer experience (CX) has emerged as a critical differentiator. Companies are increasingly investing in CX services to optimize customer satisfaction, drive customer loyalty, and ultimately, enhance their bottom line. Traditionally, businesses have had to choose between a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) approach or a full-service model, where an agency handles the entire CX program.

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45 Website Usability Survey Questions

Zonka Feedback

Whether you’re selling a product, a service, a course, or looking to have users sign up for a subscription, a website always has a key purpose. As a skilled developer or CX manager, your goal should be to create a website that guides users or potential buyers to achieve that purpose. However, issues like a long page-loading time, inconsistent information, cluttered interface, etc., can drive users away even before they consider making a transaction.

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How One Person Can Dramatically Impact Your Workforce Management Plan


As workforce management professionals, we are faced with the daunting task of figuring out the ideal forecast, matching that forecast with a schedule and then making sure that our “master plan” works in the real world – meaning all the people that we are counting on for their shifts work their shifts as planned. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always play out that way.

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How Snowflake Can Accelerate Organizations' Transformation


Over 11,000 attendees experienced the Snowflake summit in Las Vegas earlier this summer. If anyone is wondering if the industry is ready to attend in-person events, the answer was a resounding yes as evidenced by this event.