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You Ask, We Tell: How Do I Increase Survey Response Rates? Should I Shorten My Survey?

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I’ve been looking back over my 20+ years of various research consulting roles and during that time, I’ve continuously fielded questions from clients and others within the industry.

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Wondering how to improve customer experience in your contact center? Try these 10 best practices

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Watch our demo video to see CXone in action and then contact us to find out more about how CXone can help you improve your business results through more satisfying customer experiences. Contact Center Trends & Insights Contact Center Management CXone


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What Is Product Experience and How Does It Relate to CX?


A substantial part of your customer’s opinion of your brand comes from their direct experiences with your products—how they interact with products and how products make them feel. Understanding how people perceive and use your product is important to ensure you meet their needs. Product Experience

Destiny and the Revolution: How the future of Uniphore is the future of customer experience


By Jeannie Walters The future of customer experience is exciting in many regards, but what’s happening around low code/no code opportunities is downright fascinating. I had the privilege of interviewing Umesh Sachdev, CEO of Uniphore, and Yochai Rozenblat, former CEO of Jacada, soon after the acquisition of Jacada was finalized.

The Ultimate Guide to CX Surveys

Customer feedback is essential if you want your business to thrive – it will give you the direction to improve. Discover best practices, how to formulate a great survey, and the best customer experience survey questions to ask, all with examples!

5 Reasons Why Colleges & Universities Need Live Chat & Chatbots


Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ll have heard of, and likely used live chat. You have probably interacted with chatbots too, knowingly or unknowingly. In both cases, students definitely have. Today’s students are digital nomads.

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Great Service is Great Theater. An Encore.

Bill Quiseng

A while back, I wrote an article entitled “Great Service is Great Theater”. Today I want to offer another article about the very same subject, an encore performance so to say.

Uniphore Named One of the Fastest-Growing Companies in North America on the 2021 Deloitte Technology Fast 500™


Attributes 526% Revenue Growth to Massive Enterprise Demand for its Conversational Automation Platform that Uses AI to Modernize and Democratize Customer Experiences Palo Alto, Calif.

The New Hybrid Field Service Model: Does Visual Assistance Have A Part To Play?


The pandemic has transformed how field service is delivered, with the industry focused on servicing customers in the most efficient way possible.

Highly Cited Researchers 2021: How nations and institutions foster exceptional performance


Today we unveil our annual list of Highly Cited Researchers. We congratulate some 6,600 scientists and social scientists for demonstrating significant influence among their peers in their chosen field (or fields) through the publication of multiple highly cited papers during the last decade.

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Developing Agent Empathy Through Emotional Intelligence

Speaker: Dave Seaton CCXP, Founder & Principal at Seaton CX

Practicing empathy is a foundation of good customer service and improves customer satisfaction. How do contact center leaders assess, manage, and coach agents to show empathy? Take away exercises and job aids to improve empathy skills starting today.

Hacktoberfest at Uplight


This year, Uplight was excited to participate in Hacktoberfest on October 13th and 14th. Hacktoberfest is an annual event hosted by DigitalOcean, where, for the whole month of October, open source community members are encouraged to give back to the community by completing pull requests.


How Emotional Intelligence Drives CX Success


How CX Leaders Can Leverage Emotional Intelligence to Lead Their Teams to Success Human emotions are complex. Studies have uncovered?

8 Customer Success Tools to Enhance Your CS Software


Customer success tools extend the functionality of your CS platform, multiplying its value. By connecting data from other success tools to your CS tool, you can view and manage all your customer data from one place instead of leaving it isolated in separate information silos.

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19 Actionable Help Desk Metrics for Customer Support Teams

Help Scout

Help desk metrics allow you to make the most of your help desk and ensure your team is excelling. Here are 19 to start tracking today. Read the full article

Driving Business Value with Contact Center and UC Integration

With the growth of hybrid work models and work from home, one thing is more important than ever: integration. But, how are companies leveraging it - both technically and operationally? In this whitepaper, you’ll get in-depth insight into how companies are utilizing integrated platforms in their day-to-day operations, and which success metrics they are measuring. Download your copy now to discover how companies are future-proofing their contact centers as they adapt to remote and hybrid workforces.

“New-Style” Digital Versus “Old-Fashioned” Human Interactions

Shep Hyken

Here’s a question, and I think I know the answer. Would you do business with an airline that didn’t offer the ability to book a ticket online, check-in online, and get your boarding pass online? . Assuming that every other airline has these self-service digital options, what if one didn’t?

Creating a Better Collections Experience


When customers miss payments, it’s up to collections departments and agencies to recover what is owed.

This is the Most Powerful Tool in Your Armory, But Do You Understand Why?

Beyond Philosophy

Consumers do insane, possibly dangerous things when they feel a threat to their resources. In particular, highly commoditized resources we perceive as necessary for basic functioning. Unfortunately, panic buying shows that the difference between everyday life and chaos has a thin margin.

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How customer sentiment analysis works


The post How customer sentiment analysis works appeared first on Keatext. Sentiment Analysis

2021 CX Trends Report

In this e-book, you’ll discover the origins of CX, the evolution into an actionable tool for customer feedback, and where the future of CX is moving towards.

150+ Poll Questions to Engage Your Target Audience

ProProfs Chat

At some point in time, we all have answered a poll – Whether it was a question about our ideal election candidate or our favorite beverage brand. We love when somebody cares about our opinions. .

Keeping Compliance Under Control


Few industries are regulated as closely as wealth management. To remain viable, investment firms must comply with a complex—and often changing—list of regulations established by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Beat Customers to the Customer Service Line with Artificial Intelligence

CSM Magazine

Daniel Fallmann, Founder & CEO of Mindbreeze explains how artificial intelligence can be utilized to provide a holistic view of customers and help identify potential problems ahead of time. In the world today, time is everything. Everybody is looking to save time and use it productively.

How Contact Center Technology will Change the Way You Do Business.

Call Experts

Contact center technology can be the nerve center of your organization’s customer relationship management (CRM) strategy. Depending on the services offered, the contact center can also be called a call center, service desk, or customer service department.

AI-Enabled Agent Quality Assessments Optimize Contact Center Performance

Quality Assurance is a major challenge for contact centers today. With up to 95% of customer interactions going unreviewed, many organizations are relying on a small sample of data to coach and evaluate their agents. AI-enabled agent quality assessments transcribe and analyze almost all agent-customer interaction recordings, leading to more comprehensive, consistent and unbiased agent evaluations and MUCH better CX. Find out how by downloading the whitepaper today!

Spotlight: Highly Cited Researcher Edward Holmes


Ranking in the top 1% by citations in the Web of Science , Highly Cited Researchers are renowned for exceptional research influence. But what makes them tick?

Banking Needs Humans & Machines to Deliver Better Experiences


The challenges of the pandemic thrust banks that were struggling to remain relevant and their customers who were still digital holdouts into the same situation: learn how to shift banking activity from in person to online practically overnight. And shift we did.

Build Chatbot using Twilio WhatsApp API


A Chatbot is an application that uses pre-written messages to communicate with users. This communication could take the form of text messages or even voice messages. There are various ways and technologies available for developing a chatbot.

Black Friday Marketing: Here’s Why It’s Wrong To Prioritize New Customer Acquisition During the Holidays (at the expense of existing customers)


Earlier this year, CommerceNext conducted a large-scale survey among retail marketing leaders.

Optimizing Your Customer Journey In 2021

You know it’s important to optimize your customer journey, but you’re not sure which part of that journey to focus on. Customer interactions across multiple touchpoints mean it can be tricky to isolate a specific part that’s going to deliver the best results for you - and your customers. Creating a strong customer experience is now one of the most important priorities businesses focus on. Don’t be left behind. Time to take a customer first approach & start looking at strategies you can implement to optimize your customer journey. Download the guide today!