April, 2020

How to Ensure Accurate Data Entry

Magellan Solutions

Data entry is an invaluable tool of a business. But it’s not as easy as you think it is, especially if the data entry team is loaded with tons of data on a daily basis. There will be times when data entry errors like omissions, duplication, extra characters, and incorrect entries will happen.

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CX Management: How to Engage Your Organization to Drive Impact


Your employees are an important part of Customer Experience Management – learn how to engage them to drive impact in your organization. Often, when discussing Customer Experience (CX) , we talk about the reporting solution, overall process, automation, design, and so on.

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What’s Ailing Your Journey?

Heart of the Customer

During these challenging times, I’ve been posting weekly videos on LinkedIn, sharing best practices on how customer experience (CX) pros can ensure their companies come out of this pandemic in a position of strength.

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5 ways to improve digital customer experience


Digital customer experience is the online experience and the journey your customers go through while interacting with your brand.

Customer Journey Mapping – are ‘static’ maps a waste of time and money?


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In this Pandemic, Move How You Listen to Customers—From ASKING to UNDERSTANDING

Customer Bliss

I want to talk about listening, and especially listening to your customers right now. Recently, I’ve received some questions including: Do you stop your surveys? How do you listen?

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Customer Retention Strategies That Work in Uncertain Times


Change is one of the few constants in life, especially in business. Enterprises that are able to adapt to change will be able to withstand not only the small fluctuations of everyday operations, but also sudden major disruptions.

Using Customer Experience to Prepare for the Future


Learning to Adapt in a Changing Industry Industries across the entire business landscape are in a state of perpetual change and development.

6 Ways To Capitalize On Customer Loyalty

The DiJulius Group

Now is the time to take your customer experience to a completely different level. In the BQ (Before Quarantine) era, the majority of business models were high tech and no touch.

How to conduct B2B customer surveys that provide ROI


Conducting B2B customer surveys is for many a struggle. There are two major problems that B2B surveys often experience; not able to collect enough responses and hard to act on the feedback. Learn how to overcome these typical B2B survey problems. Feed generated with FetchRSS

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How To Adapt Your Brand To Be Socially Responsible In Times Of Crisis


A few months ago, no company or business would have thought to prepare for a pandemic. However, everyone is currently experiencing an unprecedented situation, which has forced us to stand back, breathe and think.

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VP Customer Experience Role for Growth


VP Customer Experience Role for Growth Lynn Hunsaker. The VP Customer Experience role is evolving as companies shift to embrace the “purpose of business” proclaimed by Business Roundtable.

The Boss Can Kill the Customer Service Buzz


Back in my high school and college days I worked at a gas station. We were a self-service station, so our role was that of cashier more than anything else. One very cold morning I noticed an elderly woman drive into the station. She was probably 80 years old.

You’ll Never Improve if You’re Married to Your Ideas

Steve DiGioia

…why some plans fail and 4 methods for continuous improvement. You’ll Never Improve if You’re Married to Your Ideas. Throughout my hospitality career, I’ve heard countless managers say, “ That’ll be ok, it will work ” or “ Let’s do it this way, try it. What do you have to lose? ”.

5 Ways Customer Success Teams Can Increase Productivity While Working from Home


While most of the workforce has been, well, forced to work from home over the last few weeks, many have had very real awakenings to the ins and outs of working from home on a daily basis.

Five Brilliant Ideas to Boost your Insight Development


Insights are the pot of gold that many businesses dream of but rarely find. Why is that? Are you one of them? If so then I have some practical ideas on how you can get much, much better at insight development. #1. Insights don’t come from a single market research study.

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The Emotional Trigger That Influences Your Customers’ Minds

Beyond Philosophy

We have a mirror that has been resting against the wall in our garage for the last five years. I want to give it away, but my wife Lorraine keeps saying, “No, we’ll sell that. It’s a nice mirror.”. It is a lovely mirror. But we aren’t going to get that much for it. Still, there it sits.

How to Take Advantage of Social Media for Customer Service


Customer Experience

How to keep your customers top-of-mind during a crisis


A crisis can have reverberating effects on the day-to-day of customers and brands alike. Customer Experience Voice of the Customer

Apollo 13: NASA’s Greatest Innovation Moment 50 Years Ago


In normal times, most companies recognize that delivering an outstanding customer experience is a major factor in both customer retention and overall company success. During a crisis understanding the customer experience can become downright critical.

CEMantica – turning sticky notes into actionable insights


For over eight years now, I have been travelling around the globe, sharing knowledge with people on how to deliver the customer experience (CX) as robustly and effectively as possible. It has been an amazing, if not exhausting, journey.

What is voice feedback and how can you generate customer insights from it?


What is voice feedback? With modern technologies available today, such as speech-to-text and artificial intelligence it’s possible to automatically generate insights from calls. In this article, we'll explain what voice feedback is and how to generate customer insights from it.

Stay Connected With Customers During Uncertain Times with Calabrio and Amazon


With the spread of COVID-19, customer service teams are leaving traditional contact centers to work remotely and promote social distancing.

Contact Center Automation: From Nice-to-Have to Necessity

NICE inContact

Since the dawn of the contact center, there has never been a larger impact than the one we face with COVID-19. Many contact centers unprepared for a dramatic increase in customer contacts have scrambled to develop work from home plans and ramped up the use of self-service and automation.

Experience Management In A Crisis: Shift From Trending To Sensing

Experience Matters

Experience Management (XM) is critical for reacting to changes being caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and economic downturn. But organizations need to shift from a rhythm of tracking to an obsession with sensing.

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Making the Automotive Service Experience Exceptional: Part 3 of 3


Taking Care of Your Customers “After” This is the last of three blogs discussing an exceptional Service Experience. The first two looked at what happens Before and During the service. Today we’ll look at what happens After vehicle servicing is completed.

Experiences that Matter


7eleven, Wawa, Woodbine and Burger King are an inspiration, focused on protecting their customers and employees, while giving back to their community

How to Build & Maintain Customer Trust During Covid-19

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

Trust is a critical part of any relationship. We build relationships when we trust the other party, and when we’ve built enough trust with them. Little moments can build or break down trust quickly. Has this ever happened to you?

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The Future of Retail is in the Stars (or is it the Cloud?) Testing


“Never miss an episode. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts to get new episodes as they become available.”. Will the future of retail be without physical outlets? I had a very interesting discussion with a new client last week. Like many CPG companies, they are considering online retailing.

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Four Reasons Artificial Intelligence is the Next Step for Your Contact Center

NICE inContact

Why is AI becoming a priority for contact centers around the globe? What does it look like to actually implement it in your organization? And what kind of impact can you expect? Explore why and how contact center leaders are utilizing AI today. AI Do More With Less

Your One-Stop Guide To Customers’ Behavior During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Kerry Bodine

The coronavirus pandemic has ushered in a new way of life for people around the world. And, no big shocker here: Our collective behavior is impacting businesses large and small.

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5 Tips From Volvo on Transforming the Customer Experience


Volvo Sees Increase in NPS by Leveraging CX Insights When Volvo started its CX programme, the company was fixated on getting a higher response rate and higher NPS scores.

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Deploying a Rapid Response Contact Center – Fast – with Calabrio ONE and Twilio Flex Boost


COVID-19 is impacting all dimensions of the workplace, from where we work to how we interact with customers and co-workers. Further, it has highlighted the need for schedule flexibility as more employees work from home and are faced with other constraints such as school closures and childcare.

Building Community in Difficult Times with Insight Communities

Vision Critical

It is in the difficult times when we see the best in people and the best in community. Best Practices Insight Communities