Fri.May 22, 2020

Guest Post: How to Walk the Customer Experience Tightrope


This week we feature an article by Tom Libretto, chief marketing officer at Pegasystems. He explains the importance of finding the right balance when providing the customer experience. For most of us, the idea of walking a tightrope with no safety net to break our fall would be our worst nightmare.

5 Best Practices for a Remote Customer Success Team


Technology, as they say, is the future. In 1995, 9 percent of people reported that they telecommuted or had done so in the past. In 2016, that number had risen to 37 percent.

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A Quick-Start Guide to Low- and High-Touch Onboarding Outreach Using Plays


Customer onboarding has a long-lasting impact with deep ties to a customer’s likelihood to churn. Whether through automated or manual monitoring, Customer Success must remain hypervigilant during onboarding to ensure customers stay the course.

The Best Call Center Team Names


Note: This blog post was originally published on March 8, 2018, and as it is one of our most popular posts, we have updated it to include the latest research, up-to-date statistics and best practices in this topic.

The Ultimate Guide to CSM Compensation Plans

CSM Practice

More and more SaaS businesses are realizing the value of having a customer success team to ensure the continued success of their customers. Successful customers are more likely to renew and pay more through renewals and expansion, ensuring a steady revenue growth for SaaS businesses.

Will Zoom Become a Customer Experience Tactic?

Michel Falcon Experience

In this episode, I welcome Troy (@troy), the co-founder of Juice Marketing (NYC) and we chat about: – If Zoom meetings will become more popular than face-to-face interactions with customers. – How to identify what type of interaction each customer wants.

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4 Steps to Successfully Rollout a Community Plan

Vanilla Forums

Creating and rolling out a plan of any nature is difficult. There are essentially four key steps involved in rolling out a plan for your online community , but in truth, half of these steps begin before the actual rollout phase, so we really need to back it up a bit. Community


10 Super-Effective Lead Generation Strategies that Totally Work!


Having a perennial flow of leads is the holy grail for any business. No matter how mature and top-class your product is, if there are no takers for it, then you can expect to shut down your business soon. Lead generation is the engine that keeps your business running.

How to Create Online Questionnaire Easily

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You’ve probably heard how a good questionnaire is the backbone of any market and social research. But the success of any questionnaire depends on how effortlessly it blends with the needs of the target audience and their ease of giving appropriate inputs.

Moving from a State of Shock to a Steady State

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About 8 weeks ago (or maybe more depending on your location) the world changed. The spread of COVID-19 has had a huge impact on many aspects of our lives, customer success is no different. Customer engagements abruptly slowed down and within days were put on hold or stopped completely.

SEO Content Writing Tips for Beginners


70% of marketers say that SEO marketing is more effective than pay-per-click. This is because the process of SEO in digital marketing relies on written content that brings audiences insights and value. In turn, your content marketing builds brand authority and presence over time.

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The Many Voices of Customer Experience


There are many more voices that can contribute to our understanding of customer experience than most organisations realise - all of them have a role to play in understanding Customer Experience

How Do You Make an SEO Content Outline?


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A Step-by-Step Guide to Create a Questionnaire

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You’ve probably heard how a good questionnaire is the backbone of any market and social research. But the success of any questionnaire depends on how effortlessly it blends with the needs of the target audience and their ease of giving appropriate inputs.

What Are the Top Three SEO Strategies?


Whether you’re just getting started with SEO content, or you’re looking to boost the results of your hard work, it can be tricky to know how to move forward. One thing is for sure, though: SEO matters. According to statistics from Junto, 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine.

The E-commerce Guide: How to Tackle eCommerce Customer Pain Points

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There is no magical pain relief spray to ease customer pain points. Every challenge needs your undivided attention. Period. Online transactions are going through the roof and beyond- In 2019 , U.S. online retail sales amounted to 365.2 billion US dollars.

During The Pandemic, Empathetic Brands Build Trust With Wary Consumers

Forrester's Customer Insights

Now more than ever, consumers crave connection and reliable information. Learn how marketers can offer this. Age of the Customer consumer energy index customer insights data insights pandemic promoted

How to reduce shopping cart abandonment

Fox Metrics

Most people who are involved in eCommerce have experienced the dreaded abandoned cart scenario at some point. This is very frustrating because it means that someone decided to get a bunch of products in their cart, but they bailed out and left the items without making a purchase.

Restaurant Experiences as We Enter Recovery Phase


Adaptation has been the fundamental business principle at the forefront of people’s minds for the last few months. And no one has done this better than the restaurant industry.

AI and Machine Learning for Small Business (Microsoft Growth Center)

Answer Dash

Science-fiction books and movies feature machines that are smarter than humans. These genius robots and computers are either a blessing or a curse. Artificial intelligence (AI) powers them. AI is part of reality now. It’s already in use in our daily lives.

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Online Member Service


There is a significant global trend of customers wanting to self-service. The ability to self-service is great for members and means financial institutions can provide services at a lower cost.

Brand Move Roundup – May 21, 2020

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The Brand Move Roundup – May 21, 2020. We’re tracking the notable brand moves & highlighting the companies who are tackling this challenge successfully. Tweet.

May 22 – Customer Success Jobs


Role: Customer Success Manager Location: Remote, US Organization: ON24 Customer Success Manager(CSM) is responsible for the relationship between ON24 and its clients.

Schrodinger?s SOAR: Feature or Abstraction?

Forrester's Customer Insights

“Security Orchestration, Automation and Response” (SOAR) is not a term that Forrester has used in the past, but its prevalence in the market is such that I’ve decided it’s better to use a slightly broken acronym that’s adopted by the market than to continue to leverage the different and more concise “Security Automation and Orchestration” […].

Top 7 Customer Success Goals


Here is a list of Top 7 Customer Success Goals which might help businesses to create value for their customers. #1 1 Successful Customer Onboarding. Getting off to a strong start greatly enhances the chances of achieving success, and a long term satisfied client.

Guidance for Customers

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