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You Can’t Automate Your Customer Relationship


I recently wrote an article in Forbes about how three out of four customers are more loyal to your employee than your business. This research came from OnePoll on behalf of DaySmart Software.

How to Stop Losing Your Customers

The DiJulius Group

1. Feature Article How to Stop Losing Your Customers By John DiJulius, Chief Revolution Officer One of the most frustrating pain points for customers is dealing with businesses that are paranoid of customers taking advantage of them.

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When Was the Last Time You Experienced Your Customer Experience?

Innovative CX

Or put another way, when was the last time you: Accessed your website from a mobile device? Checked to see if a promotion code works when you try to enter it online? Asked one of your field sales representatives about the specifications of one of your products?

5 Must-Hear Conversations About Leadership and Relationship-Building

Customer Bliss

Throughout these uncertain times of the pandemic, I’ve been fortunate to bring you conversations with incredible business leaders, authors, and experts through my podcast, The Chief Customer Officer Human Duct Tape Show , and through LinkedIn Live.

[Case Study]: Multilingual Support Fuels Gaming Company’s Global Expansion

When support needs peaked for video game developer Wooga, they brought in multilingual player support from ModSquad. Learn how this customized solution helped them save money, grow their player base, and free up more time to create compelling, engaging games.

5 Ways Your Contact Center Can Keep Delivering Exceptional Customer Experience in Exceptionally Challenging Times

NICE inContact

The past few months have presented huge challenges for businesses and employees around the world, including the disruption for many to a work-from-home environment.

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Mike Wittenstein: I am by no means an actor


Check the original article here. Mike Wittenstein Show Notes. Mike Wittenstein had not acted since his junior high school play. But he decided to take an acting class and it helped him to grow his business.

The Difference Between B2C and B2B Customer Journey Mapping


Simplified CX YouTube series episode on customer journey mapping for B2B and B2C companies. Videos

B2C 195

7 omnichannel contact center capabilities for business continuity


Many customers prefer and expect different digital communication channel options depending on the context. It may be most convenient to text while in the doctor’s waiting room or to email customer service when there’s a more complex issue.

Mine your data before you change your loyalty program


Recently, a major retailer asked PK to assess its loyalty program, which had first launched in the late 1990s. By one metric—retention rate—the retailer’s program was still successful. But while […]. The post Mine your data before you change your loyalty program appeared first on PK.

The Connected Journey: Developing your Empathy to Strengthen Strategies for Customer Relations

Speaker: Esther Kieft, Delivery Manager (Group Technology) at Domino's Pizza Enterprises

It is well known that empathy is a key ingredient in creating lovable products, yet not all products offer the best customer experience. From meeting stringent deadlines to insufficient resources being available to carry out customer research, there is a range of reasons why customer empathy could be missing in product development. Join Esther Kieft, as she breaks down using empathy at a distance to evaluate the problems that customers are experiencing during this global health crisis.

Hit Your Professional Reset with My Blog Post 6 Pack

One Millimeter Mindset

It’s time to hit your professional reset button with these six blog posts! Today, tomorrow and moving forward, your clients need you. And, more than ever before, they require you to be fully present and in the moment with them.

Customer Experience Management – COVID Demands It’s Time To Change The Narrative

Martin Hill-Wilson

This article is intended as a provocation around how the CX community likes to see its value and the associated narrative often told to support that identity. Customer experience management is at a tipping point. Where We Are Now. The industry has blossomed during the last decade.

Customer Service Specialist is one of 10 jobs identified as having the most significant number of job openings

Myra Golden

Customer Service Specialist is one of 10 jobs identified as having the most significant number of job openings*, have had steady growth over the past four years, pay a livable wage, and require skills that can be learned online.

Masks cannot hide your smile

Customer Enthusiast

I’m reading a lot about how COVID-19 is going to irrevocably change customer service and customer experience. There’s no doubt that things will change – are changing – in the near term.

The Best Sales Forecasting Models for Weathering Your Goals

Every sales forecasting model has a different strength and predictability method. It’s recommended to test out which one is best for your team. This way, you’ll be able to further enhance – and optimize – your newly-developed pipeline. Your future sales forecast? Sunny skies (and success) are just ahead!

Part 2: The Difference Between Customer Sentiment Analysis and Customer Distress Index and Why You Should Pay Attention

Team Support

Part 1 of this blog series explored the meanings of and differences between customer sentiment analysis and Customer Distress Index (CDI™)— customer sentiment analysis uses text to indicate a positive or negative tone to the communication and the TeamSupport CDI uses data to indicate whether a customer may be satisfied or frustrated.

010: Becoming a Virtuoso with Mike Rayburn

The DiJulius Group

Dave Murray talks with Mike Rayburn – a guitar virtuoso, a wonderful comedian, and an awesome motivational speaker. Combine these three amazing talents and what you get is a keynote artist. Mike is a Hall of Fame speaker. He has given two TEDx Talks and has headlined at Carnegie Hall as a musician.

Interviewing customers doesn't improve online experience design


A guest blog by Greg Randall of Comma Consulting

Wootric-Freshdesk Integration Helps Improve Customer Support


We are excited to announce a new integration with Freshworks that enables cloud-based businesses to optimize the customer support touchpoint, a crucial moment in every customer journey. The integration is now available on the Freshworks Marketplace.

8 Contact Center Trends to Watch in 2020

In this eBook, we’ll arm you with the research you need to inform areas of investment, and 8 quick tips you can use to improve your contact center’s performance now!

Rethink the Contact Center of the Future

Think Customers

The contact center industry has always needed to look forward. It’s a business so ingrained in the trends and innovations of every industry from healthcare, travel, banking, and more. But the Coronavirus pandemic forever changed our hopes for the future.

How Shadow's New Online Community Gained 4k+ Users on Day 1


It's Episode 5 of the inSide Scoop, and time for another customer spotlight! A must-listen for any gamers out there. Huge congrats to the folks over at Shadow who went live with their new inSided community and gathered over 4000 users within their first 24 hours!

Where Are Your Standards? Why Every Company Needs a Director of Customer Experience

CSM Magazine

Bryan Horn talks standards and why he believes it is essential to have a dedicated director with a customer-first mindset leading your customer service operation. I must admit that I am a fan of world-famous British chef Gordon Ramsey.

Get More Work Done with the ReviewTrackers API and Integrations


Here at ReviewTrackers, we are committed to helping businesses effortlessly manage their online reviews , in ways that save time and maximize productivity.

An Exploratory Research Study: Customer Experience and Customer Self Support

Speaker: Mike Ellis, Marketing Manager, Vanilla Forums

Join Vanilla Forums on Wednesday, August 19, at 12PM ET for a webinar presentation led by Mike Ellis, Marketing Manager at Vanilla, as he shares their research on customer experience and self service.

Share Your Sales Enablement Experiences With Us!

Forrester's Customer Insights

Sales enablement and marketing professionals interested in the current and future state of the sales enablement function should take this survey and be the first to receive results. B2B marketing Sales enablement B2B Marketing sales sales enablement sales transformation

Sales 41

10 Career Tips for Graduates Seeking a Position in Marketing

Smarter CX

You’ve got your diploma, your resume is ready, and your cover letter is perfected. Now how do you land that position in marketing? According to Katie Martell , Marketing Consultant, “Both marketing and CX are filled with processes that combine people and technology, so it’s important to be good at both. Sharpen your left-brain logic and tech acumen along with your right-brain creativity and empathy.”

Tips 58

Control Groups in Marketing


What are Control Groups? A control group, or holdout group, is a subset of the total group of customers being exposed to a test. Many clinical trials and social experiments use control groups to illustrate what would have happened to patients or participants if they had not received the test treatment or if they had received a different treatment known to be effective. In marketing, control groups are used to measure the impact of a specific campaign or customer journey.

A Consistent Approach to Security


At many companies, security may be taken for granted, but at Confirmit, our Security and Compliance team never rests.

How Call Lifecycle Details Help Increase Customer Satisfaction

Do you want to better understand what your customers are experiencing on calls? Does your call center software lack key information, even if calls are recorded? Download this eBook now to learn how to gain insights on all your calls to increase your customer satisfaction!

Brand Move Roundup – July 1, 2020

C Space

The Brand Move Roundup – July 1, 2020. We’re tracking the notable brand moves & highlighting the companies who are tackling this challenge successfully. Tweet.

How Immersive Online Experience Will Affect Offline Retail


Over the past few weeks and even months we’ve seen how quickly retail stores have been innovating and pushing their physical services and experiences online. The digital disruption over the past 5 years and now COVID-19 has driven the necessity for retailers to quickly transform their business model.

NetBase Certification Reveals Nuanced & Unanticipated Insight


Consumer understanding will make or break a business right now. The stakes are too high to take risks with less than accurate intel, and this is a challenge many brands face.