Sat.Nov 20, 2021

Our Competition is Beating Us, Despite the Fact We Are Better Than Them. Why?

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One of our listeners, Jeanne-Claude, has a problem. He sells a complex product and despite the fact that they have the best one in the industry, the competition is outselling them. I can relate. I sold a complicated product when I was in corporate life, and it was always a highly competitive field.

Why Is It Better To Have An Outsourced B2B Appointment Setting Service?

Magellan Solutions

Outsourced B2B Appointment Setting Service Is Not B2C. B2B appointment setting is a crucial skill to SMEs especially those who are trying to generate sales. But it’s also an art that needs a certain kind of finesse.

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Why You Should Not Hire Lawyer And Instead Outsource Legal Call Center Services?

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Why People Are Choosing To Outsource Legal Call Center Services. Legal issues exist all over the world. But the severity of the issues varies depending on where you are. . One of the most common legal problems are related to money, housing, and debt. . The World Justice Project conducted a study.