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A Beginner’s Guide to Patient Satisfaction Survey


There is a razzmatazz of information available everywhere and it might get tough to find out which one is credible and which isn’t. You’ll have to wade through a lot of information before arriving at the right one.

How To Skyrocket CX Rate With Human Touch?


What do you think of improving the CX rate with a human touch?

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You Shouldn’t Have Told Me That


The other day I went out to breakfast with some friends. There were eight of us, so we needed two tables pushed together. The restaurant was crowded. The hostess pointed to a table and said when that party got up, we could have their table and the table next to them, which was empty.

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How to prove that fixing CX problems cuts costs


I recently described how to tie CX to revenue in a measurement system. Admittedly, it’s a little complex (though very doable; we do it.H 4th Dec 2019. By Forrester Independent research and advisory firm

Putting the ‘Q’ in CX – People are the measure of everything


Quality is the key pillar of excellence – one of the vital components enabling success in Customer Experience. Often, when we think about Quality, we instantly dive into something objective. Perhaps a physical product; objectives that are easy to measure; that we can standardize; and so on. .

Digital Room Takes Control of its Contact Centers on Unified CXone Platform

NICE inContact

E-commerce printing company Digital Room had been using different vendors for voice, email and chat.

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TUESDAY TIPS BY THOMAS: Percentile Calculations for Benchmarking


Dapresy supports percentile calculations on aggregated data. This is especially handy for result benchmarking – allowing you to put results into context. Below we see a typical example from a CX survey.

AI IRL Podcast Episode 41: 3 Questions to Avoid Bias in 2020


?. Subscribe via iTunes , Spotify and more. It’s that time of year. Not for holiday decorations and good cheer — although that’s allowed, too — but I’m talking about getting ready for 2020. By checking your AI for biases.

How To Be the Partner Your Clients Can’t Live Without

The DiJulius Group

How To Be the Partner Your Clients Can’t Live Without If you are a business that serves other businesses (B2B), someone’s vendor, it is even more critical that you deliver a world-class customer experience, otherwise, you are always in danger of being replaced.

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CX Storytime Tale of Have Wine, Might Travel

Russel Lolacher

Even when travelling to the most beautiful, exotic destinations, an airline can make, or break your experience. As the first and last chapter in your book of adventure, they have the power to change the narrative. Stay tuned for a story of changed plans, Airline impacts and new opportunities.

When personalization goes wrong

Personalization is an important part of modern marketing and customer engagement. By creating personalized campaigns that resonate with people on an individual basis, companies have the potential to forge stronger connections with prospects and customers, strengthen their brand, and boost sales.

Developing STEM Storytelling for Professional Development – 3 Blogs

One Millimeter Mindset

Developing STEM storytelling as part of your professional development trajectory focuses you on stories which include. Instead of stories which make other people feel marginalized, intimidated or outright excluded.

Introducing the New Competitive Landscape Chart


Product Updates


Does Your Manager ENABLE or DISABLE Your Career?

Michel Falcon Experience

I’d imagine that the person you settled down with in your personal life took the time to get to know you before making any jumps in your relationship such as moving in together or buying your first home.

In Tech We Trust

Chadwick Martin Bailey

In the world of corporate reputations, Big Tech companies have had a rough couple of years. As we ramp up full-steam into the 2020 electoral cycle, they are increasingly in the cross-hairs of government regulatory and legal actions.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Surveying Your Customers

Innovative CX

are sent a survey after every transaction, online, at the coffee shop, when our car is repaired or at the post office. Most of these surveys claim to have just a few questions, they’ll take less than a minute to complete and some even reward us for taking the survey.

Why brand reputation starts with effective listening


Date: Wednesday, December 4, 2019 Author: Steve Nattress Why brand reputation starts with effective listening. Published on: December 04, 2019. Author: Steve Nattress Thanks to the internet, consumers are now living in a world of almost infinite choice.

How to make that big, intimidating organizational shift towards text analytics & AI


The post How to make that big, intimidating organizational shift towards text analytics & AI appeared first on Keatext. Customer Experience

Success-Based Pricing Model: What does it really mean?


Building and deploying innovative technology is time-consuming and stressful, especially when your customer experience could be at risk. There are often variables that are out of your control, making the process daunting and scary.

Top 5 CX Books That’ll Transform Your Customer Experience


December is official upon us, and as I write this from our Boston, Massachusetts office it certainly feels like the first month of winter. But cold temperatures and a sleety, snowy mixture that fell outside this week aren’t the only telltale signs that it is the final month of the year. We’re reminded that another trademark December event is here from the emails in our inbox claiming “the best deals on gifts” to the lights strung on homes that glow at night.

Can Customer Success help increase Product Stickiness?


Remember the last time you said these words – “Oh I don’t know about this, let me GOOGLE it.” Despite the fact that all you are doing is a web search on the internet, and that there are a multitude of search engine competitors like Bing, Yahoo, etc.

A Roundup Of Key Machine-Learning Announcements From AWS re:Invent

Forrester's Customer Insights

For data science practitioners, machine learning developers or insights-driven business leaders, here are the key announcements from Amazon's AWS re:invent 2019 show that you should care about.

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Agile Research – The Secret to Organizational Adoption

Gold Research

At a recent market research conference of over 1,200 research and insights professionals, the #1 challenge they faced was their “inability to impact business direction and engage organizational leaders” through their market research and customer insights efforts.

Bad Data Series: Excite Wasn’t Excited About Google


Join us as we analyze memorably misinformed business decisions in our “Bad Data Series.” We’ll explore the many ways the wrong social analytics solution, offering inaccurate insight , could result in brands misunderstanding potential market opportunities.

Retailers: Make Your Website Accessible Or Leave Money On The Table

Forrester's Customer Insights

This blog post is part of Forrester’s Holiday 2019 retail series You want anyone to be able to buy from your retail website, right?

Gen Z Career Tips: Exceed Expectations in Your CX Role

Smarter CX

Over the next several years, 61 million Gen Z professionals —people born after 1996—will enter the workforce and create a shift in talent management; this generation is two-thirds the size of the Baby Boomers and eclipses both Gen X and Millennials. If you fall into this cohort—or close to it, as a young Millennial—there’s a challenge that stands in your way: you have a tendency to exceed expectations and skill-up faster than companies can support your growth.

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Scott Dallas, Corporate Controller, on Why Qualtrics is Where he’s Growing his Finance Career


At Qualtrics we want to connect our people to careers that feed their purpose; jobs that motivate & inspire them. This is Scott’s “Why Qualtrics” story. I was born into a finance family and grew up talking about investing and stocks around the dinner table.

Quality and First-Contact Resolution: From the Agent’s Perspective

Brad Cleveland

Quality and first contact resolution are essential aspects of effective service. Handling contacts with quality is at the heart of a customer service agent’s role in the organization. First contact resolution is an outcome of quality, really an extension.

AI IRL Podcast Episode 42: How AI Visuals are Revolutionizing Shopping


Subscribe via iTunes , Spotify and more. A picture’s worth a thousand words. So, why wouldn’t retailers want shoppers using an image search instead of a keyword search? The thing is… they do. And one company called ViSenze is making it possible. Think about it.

PCI Compliance in an Outsourced Customer Care Program: What Do You Need to Know?


There’s no doubt that today’s businesses – from SMB to global mega-brands – take data security and data protection very, very seriously.