Sun.Apr 05, 2020

Self-Service in the Modern Call Center: Key Considerations for Technology and Strategy

NICE inContact

With technology’s rapid evolution, convenience and self-service from decades ago don’t quite measure up to today’s expectations. The days where a simple IVR system did the trick are long-gone. Today’s consumers want more convenience — and they’ll take their business elsewhere to get it.

5 Steps to Create a Customer Service with a Sales Focus

Answer Dash

Consumers have never had a greater choice of products and services to choose from. This, in turn, means that providing exceptional customer service has become a greater challenge.

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10 Best Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) Software of 2020


You probably hear the words ‘feedback management’ umpteen times per day. Everyone keeps buzzing these words and though it might have become more than familiar by now, you would have definitely understood one thing and that is; Feedback Management is not something to be snubbed by your enterprise.

Coronavirus Gaming Pulse


Coronavirus Gaming Pulse. Welcome to a special rendition of the Optimove Pulse – providing you with a daily update of the online gaming industry’s trends, insights, and benchmarks amid the coronavirus global crisis. With this special page you can keep track with gamers’ behavior across more than 400 online gaming brands from all over the world. Highlights: (last updated: April 5). Drop of almost 80% in number of weekly sport bettors (29 March to April 4) compared to the first week of Feb.

Increased Customer Satisfaction and Lower Call Volume During Rapid Expansion

Learn how a customized support solution for a rapidly expanding company resulted in increased customer satisfaction and decreased support calls.