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What CX Should Mean For Government Leaders

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To succeed in today’s federal government, leaders need to view the world by how their decisions impact the experience of the people and organizations they touch daily.

How to Prove the Business Value of Your Customer Experience Investment

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Customer experience (CX) investments are often measured with soft evaluations of how an omnichannel marketing funnel feels to a customer. From a human-centered design perspective, a smoother, simpler experience is a successful outcome. But CEOs and board members want hard data about the effect on P&L: Does the new CX increase customer acquisition and revenue? Is the product or service delivery more efficient? Do customers have a newfound affinity that improves lifetime value?

4 Proven Ways to Level Up Customer Trust

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Companies today invest a lot in gaining top customer service skills. Businesses implement marketing strategies that they are confident will work out with their consumers and help them connect instantly. However, building trust is a lengthy process that many business owners claim can take years.

How Visual Engagement Tools Can Streamline Online Banking Experience


Online banking has been transforming customers’ behaviors, expectations, and needs. Why is that so? It’s because it provides a more comfortable life for the customer, which is what they want precisely.

Redefining Customer Experience Metrics for Better Performance

Speaker: Lynn Hunsaker, Chief Customer Officer of ClearAction Continuum

Join us for this insightful webinar with Lynn Hunsaker, Chief Customer Officer of ClearAction, who will show you how to zero-in on true leading indicators and describe how to connect business results metrics with employees’ workflow metrics.

5 Ways Live Chat Improves Your Customer Support


At Kayako, we’re big proponents of live chat customer support. That’s because we know how powerful it can be at helping boost your customers’ experience—and your business in the process.

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Introducing GetFeedback Flow Templates


Increase data quality, reduce clicks, and drive key business processes with CRM embedded surveys. The term “ garbage in, garbage out ” is a concept that the quality of input data determines the quality of output data. In other words, what you put in is what you get out. Since data lies at the heart of your business, trusting faulty input data to influence critical business decisions is risky and can yield misleading results. In turn, this begs the question: what good is bad data?

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Learn How to Develop a Journey Mindset


Our recent webinar featured special guest, Kerry Bodine. Watch this on-demand webinar now to learn how to develop a journey mindset at your organization

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Oh, the Places You’ll Go: The 4 Contact Center Location Considerations


We talk a lot in this blog forum about partnership and who you should choose as an outsourcer contact center partner, but where you choose to outsource to is almost as important an element in the procurement process.

The CX Stage


I am a storyteller. I have spent the better part of my life sharing those stories on stage through song, dance, and acting. And, when I joined the CloudCherry Team over two years ago, I felt certain that little- if any- of the skills I’d honed during this 20-year career would be transferable.

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Beyond the Contact Center: Unlocking Insights with Speech Analytics

A global survey of 500 key decision makers by Opus Research shows the core benefits of making the leap to an omnichannel contact center, such as uncovering actionable business insights on employee-customer interactions.

Employee Happiness is the Key to an Excellent Customer Experience

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What we know from early research on employee engagement is that if you have happy employees, chances are you’re going to have satisfied customers. My new ebook, Happy Employees Make Happy Customers , explores this concept in great detail.

Women’s Football is Slaying on Social. Here’s How Smart Video and Influencer Marketing Are Helping Make It Happen

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What is Employer Reputation Management? A Quick Start Guide


Online review management and review-based marketing have increased at an unprecedented speed. But so has the proclivity of less-than-ethical businesses to find shortcuts that boost their reputation or, alternatively, sink that of their competitors.

How Optimove Beat GDPR (Again): What Happens When You Put Data into Good Use


This year sure flew by.

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Training for Lead Generation, Customer Onboarding and Support

Customer lifecycle training gives customers the knowledge and tools they need to be successful. As customer success and satisfaction grows, so does retention and repeat business. This eBook can help training teams improve or expand their customer training programs.

Customer Experience Enablement: What it is and How it Can Help Your Business Bottom Line

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Since you’re here on the Wootric blog, you probably already know that providing a high-quality experience to your customers is vital to your business. You’ve heard people talk about CX becoming the key differentiator for brands in the coming years. Source ).

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The 5 W’s Of Customer Feedback


You want growth? Your customers’ health is more important than your top of funnel. It sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s true. Over half of customers believe their experience is more important than price when making a purchasing decision ( Gartner ). And according to Harvard Business Review, it’s 25 times more cost-effective for you to retain existing customers than to invest in new ones.

June Weddings Offer Brands Huge Social Love to Put to Work


Among the other spring occasions brands have to work with – both for selling and connecting to social audiences – are weddings. With June a particularly big month, with 12 percent of couples walking down the aisle, what can brands learn and leverage, whatever their category? Things have changed.

Harness Data to Help You Define a Partner Channel Upsell Strategy


It’s crystal clear that your partner channel is an asset to your company’s overall business revenue number. What’s murkier is the operational process to actually put those dollars in your pocket.

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How to Make the Transition to Customer Service Outsourcing

Speaker: Randy Clapp, Chief Revenue Officer, Advantage Communications Inc.

You’re feeling the pressure of keeping your employees engaged and improving your customer experience, but you’re not sure if you’re ready or even know how to make a smooth transition to a contact center. Randy Clapp, Chief Revenue Officer of Advantage Communications, will lead you through an outsourcing Self-Assessment you can apply to your business in this insightful webinar developed to provide you with the building blocks to take your customer service experience to the next level.

Are Chatbots True AI? Understanding the Difference


There are so many incredible ways that artificial intelligence (AI) can be applied across the enterprise: conversational intelligence, smart routing, agent augmentation, interaction insights.

Why Open Source Is Both the Past and the Future


The open source software market is expected to reach $32.95 billion by 2022 , nearly tripling in growth in five years. Certainly the fact that 98% of developers use open source tools —even when they’re not supposed to—has something to do with this. A successful open source project requires the support of a strong community, including documentation, code contribution, testing, and bug fixing.

Driving ROI with Intelligent Virtual Assistants


Companies plan to more than double their adoption of Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) by early 2020. And that’s no surprise considering the major shift in focus towards customer service. But despite the fast adoption, choosing new technology for your business is still a big decision.

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Why Investing in the Cloud is Investing in Customer Experience [VIDEO]

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Companies that recognize the importance of investing in technology and the software to help connect the dots with customers are the companies creating great customer experiences.

Personalized Customer Experience with All-In-One Voice, Video, Chat, Contact Center

Reliable communications are mission critical in today’s business environment. Customers are increasingly selective, and companies compete on the customer experience. Incorporating integrated communications as a key component is driving high returns.

Global Warming For Iceberg Metaphors

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The Dark Web Is Nothing Fancy; It’s Really Just A Different Series Of Protocols Commonly when surfing the web, Transport Layer Security (TLS) is the cryptographic protocol that provides confidentiality for your communication with the server.

The 7 types of sampling and response bias to avoid in customer surveys


In a previous post on biased survey questions , we went through how bad survey questions (e.g. leading or double-barreled questions) can negatively impact your survey results. In this post, we’ll be diving into the other major cause of misleading survey data: survey bias. Bias is defined as “an inclination of temperament or outlook.” The concept comes up frequently in sociology and psychology, because it’s associated with prejudice or favoritism.

The Forrester Wave™: Data Management Platforms, Q2 2019

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I’m excited to share that our evaluation of data management platforms — “The Forrester Wave™: Data Management Platforms, Q2 2019” — is now live.

How Google Suggested Answers Make Google Reviews More Important

Google suggested answers just increased the practical value of your Google reviews significantly. If you've been paying attention to your Google My Business (GMB) listing lately, then you know about the GMB Q&A.

A New Segmentation Model for Customer Onboarding

A great customer onboarding program is a proactive and meaningful way to make a lasting impact on customer engagement, retention, and expansion. In this eBook, Skilljar will show you a new framework for building a customer onboarding program, including how to segment users and drive long-term value and retention through education.