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8 Ways for CEOs to Rethink Employee Engagement

Think Customers

“CEOs need to connect with their employees.” This statement shouldn’t take any business leaders by surprise. In past decades, though, it was hardly a requirement. These days, leaders of Fortune 500 companies and startups alike are taking a different tack.

How to Move Customers Past Price

The DiJulius Group

This guest article is brought to you by Jeff Mowatt, speaker at the 2019 Customer Service Revolution. Do your team members ever give you this excuse when your company loses a customer, “Our competitors are hammering us on price. That’s why we’re losing business.”

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How To Create Customer Journey Map Of A Restaurant?


Are your customers annoyed by your late services? Customer Experience

Fundamentals of a Customer First Strategy For Every Industry


Every industry strives to improve their customers’ experience with their products and services. Adopting a customer first strategy is therefore in many company objectives. Unfortunately it rarely goes beyond the theory in many organisations, so I decided to help out with these six suggestions.

Obstacles Contact Center Agents Come Across During Interactions


There was a time when customers only had a single choice when it came to contacting a company's customer service department. They had to dial a number to reach the department by phone—and make sure that they did so during the company's customer service department's hours of operation. Read More.

Field Service Management Technology For Better Business Outcomes


See how IoT, Big Data, AR and AI drive better service results for today’s service leaders.

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How powerful is the experience you are currently delivering to customers?

Wired and Dangerous

Customers have changed! Research shows their expectations for customer service have increased significantly in the last 12 months. When it comes to deciding where to shop, 64% of people rate quality of customer experience as more important than price. For today’s wired and dangerous customer any encounter with indifferent service fosters a quick exit to a new provider.

Get to the Heart of the Sales Mindset and Increase Questioning Confidence

Integrity Solutions

If your employees struggle with a willingness to ask the questions that will deliver more client value, you need focus on shifting their mindsets and building their confidence.

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Professional Communication Soft Skills are more than Talk

One Millimeter Mindset

Today, make a list of your professional communication soft skills. If you Google “soft skills”, you arrive at 5-7 skill sets for which communication is deemed of utmost importance.

The eight best practice capabilities of outstanding customer experience leaders


Engagement. The 8 best practice capabilities of CX leaders

I’m New to Contact Centers. Here Are 5 Things I Learned at ICMI’s Contact Center Expo.


Last week, I attended ICMI’s yearly contact center expo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The theme was “Navigate the Tides of Transformation,” which was fitting for two reasons. One, because the conference was at The Diplomat Beach Resort, which is located right on the beach.

What are the Top LMS Tools for Customer Service Teams


Every call center or business with its own customer service department should invest in a high-quality Learning Management System (LMS). Because ongoing education for your employees is crucial to keep delivering the best customer experience.

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Exciting News From The XM Institute

Experience Matters

The time has finally come for me to tell people to stop purchasing Temkin Group research reports. Are we eliminating them? Are they irrelevant? We’ve just decided to give them away for free on the Qualtrics XM Institute site.

Why Online Customer Reviews are Important for your Business?

Provide Support

The importance of online customer reviews. Modern customers start their search of products or services with thorough analysis of information available on the Internet. They visit company’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages and read available online customer reviews.

A New Way to Improve Your CSM Team Performance


CSMs Are Problem Solvers. Like diligent gardeners, Customer Success Managers (CSMs) excel at identifying problems and attacking them at their roots. Once one problem is solved, they move on to the next one, steadily weeding out every problem until only the healthy crops are left to flourish.

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AI IRL Podcast Episode 20: Can AI Save Billions in Clinical Research Costs?


Subscribe via iTunes , Spotify and more. When the cost of drug development has increased a few hundred fold, how do you find a way to cut expenses and time? AI to the rescue.

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Customer Experience Is More Than Your Frontline

Hello Customer

In the previous episode of 'Leslie Illustrates' we learned how to leverage feedback to all of the departments in an organisation. This week, Leslie explains why you shouldn't let the sole focus on customer experience reside in your frontline staff.

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What Are the Advantages of Adding Smiley Face Feedback to Emails?


Customer Feedback. Customer feedback comments, concerns and ratings go a long way in helping businesses improve their overall performance. This is because the business now knows what to focus on. Moreover, the feedback also shows customer satisfaction levels and the likely customer retention rate.

Introducing our new content series – Discovering Customers!


The post Introducing our new content series – Discovering Customers! appeared first on Survicate. Discovering customers

Taking Instagram Analytics to the Bank


With more than 500 million active daily users , Instagram is the hottest platform for brands to be on right now. But many are still unsure of how to communicate the amazing engagement they’re seeing – and correspondingly unable to demonstrate it in terms of ROI.

CX Execs Rise To Power Across B2C And B2B Industries

Forrester's Customer Insights

Unprecedented Growth Chief customer officers and chief experience officers were once a small community of visionaries and practitioners pioneering customer experience (CX) across industries.

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Serving Multi Location Clients At the Local Level

Often, as digital marketers, we get caught up in the business of completing tasks. When it comes to multi location clients, an agency's responsibilities can grow exponentially.

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Forrester's Customer Insights

Even Big Digital Companies Need Little Humans. Lots Of Them Amazon offered $10,000 of startup capital and up to three months of pay to qualifying employees who quit. and go start a local last-mile delivery business.

Social Media Contests at DataStax Accelerate 2019


Want to win a DataStax Swag Bag? Follow @DataStax on Twitter and attend DataStax Accelerate 2019 for three chances to win! Submit your funny captions for the #Accelerate19Caption contest. Most clever captions win a Swag Bag. Answer our #Accelerate19Trivia correctly. First correct response wins a Swag Bag. Participate in the #Accelerate19Games Selfie Scavenger Hunt. Up to 3 attendees who post a selfie with the most items on our Scavenger Hunt list will win a Swag Bag.

Enterprise CCM: Customer Communications Management Isn’t a Maybe, It’s a Must


Discover how to create customer loyalty and a better customer experience in competitive industries with customer communications management (enterprise CCM). How do you communicate with someone important to you? Are you likely to send them disparate messages, go weeks in between conversations or neglect them when they reach out? You wouldn’t treat an esteemed friend or family member this way. So, why would you use this approach with the clients who create the backbone of your enterprise?

Harry’s Acquisition Reaffirms It: Brand-Building’s In A Generational Shift

Forrester's Customer Insights

Like fading celebrities, brand owners fear one thing most of all: irrelevance. “I I think my mom/dad/grandma/grandpa uses them.” The horror. Edgewell Personal Care’s most recent annual report is all about that horror. In so many words, it acknowledges that its primary men’s grooming brands — Schick and Wilkinson Sword razors, among others — are grandpa […].

The Importance of Segmentation

Fox Metrics

Before we get into why “segmentation” with web analytics can be highly valuable to your site’s performance and profitability, let’s first define what the term means.

Why Qualtrics – Erin Leonhard – Software Engineer – Seattle, WA


At Qualtrics we want to connect our people to careers that feed their purpose; jobs that motivate & inspire them. This is Erin’s “Why Qualtrics” story. One thing that attracted me to the field of software engineering, in general, is the boundless choice of what industry you can work in. Since I had a lot of options, I knew I wanted to work somewhere where I could make an impact on normal people and where the people I worked with were passionate about what they build.

The Importance of Segmentation

Fox Metrics

Before we get into why “segmentation” with web analytics can be highly valuable to your site’s performance and profitability, let’s first define what the term means.

Recruiting airmen and retaining families-how X-data supports retention of service members


Finding the right mix of X (experience) and O (operational) data isn’t just about finding a better way to serve customers. It’s also about finding a better way to attract, retain , and understand the needs of employees. That applies to all industries, including aerospace and defense.

The Importance of Segmentation

Fox Metrics

Before we get into why “segmentation” with web analytics can be highly valuable to your site’s performance and profitability, let’s first define what the term means. In the area of data analytics (and in simpler terms), “segmentation” means taking your site’s visitor base and dividing it into specific, homogeneous groups based on certain characteristics and criteria. Typical items site managers. Source. General Personalization

5 Top Customer Service Articles for the Week of May 20, 2019


Each week I read a number of customer service and customer experience articles from various resources. Here are my top five picks from last week. I have added my comment about each article and would like to hear what you think too.

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Astea to Present at the LD Micro Conference June 4, 2019


HORSHAM, PA (May 20, 2019) — Astea International Inc.,

Avaya and Verint: Two Market Leaders, One Incredible CX Strategy


When thinking about Workforce Engagement , what comes to mind? Call recording? Quality Management? Workforce Management? You wouldn’t be wrong, but Workforce Engagement has evolved into so much more.