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Where is the Line Between Forgetfulness and Great Service?

Steve DiGioia

Great service is comprised of many parts and each must be present to create the experience every customer desires. Let’s briefly discuss each one of my top 8 until we get to “memory”. I know you’ll agree with me that it should be near the top of your list. Training.

Retail-tainment: The future of in-store experience


Since its conception, the fashion industry has evolved at the speed of seasonal shopping. Not anymore. The time it takes to upload a new.R 11th Nov 2019. By Elliott Jacobs

Are you a Digital Experience Leader?


Can you imagine trying to conduct business these days without having a website? . I don’t know anybody that can!

Performance Management Tips for Cross-Generational Success

NICE inContact

What do you get when you put a Baby Boomer, a Gen-Xer, a Millennial, and a Generation Z-er in a room together? A contact center! The generational diversity in today’s contact center is incredible.

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How to Leverage Quality Management to Transform the Customer Experience

When was the last time you took a step back to examine quality management (QM) in your contact center? Determining behaviors that are critical to successful customer experiences, and then coaching agents to exceed that standard on every customer interaction, is the key to running a great contact center. Download this eBook and uncover how winning organizations are improving Customer Satisfaction, NPS, and other key metrics.

The CX Champions


CHAMPION. A simple search will tell you it’s, ‘a person who fights or argues for a cause or on behalf of someone else.’ Hmmm…sounds like CX to me. So, what makes a true CX Champion? According to some of our 2019-2020 CX Championship Judges, it comes down to a few very important things.

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Top 12 CX Champ Winners


Too much of a good thing? When it comes to our Finalists for CloudCherry’s 2019-2020 CX Championship, there’s no such thing! With over 100 stellar submissions to choose from- falling into either the Practitioner or the Influencer Categories- our Top 10 list quickly became our Top 12 list.

Performance Management Tips for Cross-Generational Success

NICE inContact

What do you get when you put a Baby Boomer, a Gen-Xer, a Millennial, and a Generation Z-er in a room together? A contact center ! The generational diversity in today’s contact center is incredible. Varying levels of expertise, coupled with different perspectives on organizational and customer problems, is invaluable to the contact center.

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Smart Home Support – 4 Key Technologies to Simplify Service


Smart Home technology is expected to become a $151.4 billion market by 2024. However, it still has a long way to go before it reaches its full potential. Many consumers face significant technical challenges as they set about smartening up their homes. While in theory, smart devices should be easy to set up – most are wireless and can be remotely connected – in reality, non-technical customers are often insufficiently skilled to set up these products on their own.

5 Top Customer Service Articles for the Week of November 11, 2019


Each week I read a number of customer service and customer experience articles from various resources. Here are my top five picks from last week. I have added my comment about each article and would like to hear what you think too.

B2C 68

How AI Can Help

Speaker: Roy Atkinson, Senior Writer Analyst, HDI and ICMI

Workforce Engagement Management has many “moving parts” including onboarding, forecasting, Quality Management, employee recognition, coaching and more. Contact Center managers spend a great deal of their time performing tasks related to engagement, and often don’t have the requisite time to properly prioritize and monitor progress. In addition, the complexity of the work performed in the Contact Center has increased, as customer contacts span many channels. This complexity is currently at a stage where emerging technologies such as AI and Machine Learning can have substantial impact and real ROI.

Relying on Yesterday’s Business Backstory to drive Business Growth?

One Millimeter Mindset

Yesterday’s business backstory gets you to where you are today. However, does this history showcase how you get clients to where they need to go: tomorrow and in the future? Today’s businesses represent the intersection of people, processes and interconnected software-machine interfaces.

When Smart AI Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be


Having artificial intelligence powering your brand’s social analytics is table stakes, but AI comes in a variety of iterations these days – and yes, there’s such a thing as “old AI” at this point! And when smart AI isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, your brand’s health is at risk.

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Automation and AI are Making Contact Centers More Human

Think Customers

Contact centers are undergoing a digital transformation that reimagines customer engagement—but don’t count humans out. At ICMI Contact Center Connections , industry experts laid out the many ways that digital technology augments, rather than replaces, human associates.

How customer surveys can affect customer purchase behaviors


The number and range of customer feedback surveys being undertaken by organisations wanting to understand how their customer’s feel about the organisation and its product is substantial. However, customer satisfaction surveys have a little bit of quantum mechanics in them!

How to Cut the High Cost of Contact Center Agent Attrition

Agent attrition has always been a burden on a company’s bottom line. When turnover runs rampant in the contact center, institutional knowledge is lost, productivity drops, the quality of service decreases, and employee engagement and morale go down. This white paper takes an in-depth look at the problem and explains how outsourcing can be used to fix it.

How to Share Customer Insight Across an Organisation


How to Share Customer Insight Across an Organisation. by Sam Frampton. on 12 Nov 2019. customer experience. When it comes to helping teams build customer-centric products, a big part of that is figuring out how you can help communicate more effectively and efficiently insights about customers.

When Smart AI Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be


Having artificial intelligence powering your brand’s social analytics is table stakes, but AI comes in a variety of iterations these days – and yes, there’s such a thing as “old AI” at this point! And when smart AI isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, your brand’s health is at risk.

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5 Steps to Prevent “Culture by Accident”

Andrew Mcfarland

Every company likes to believe that they have a unique culture. Indeed, someone once described culture as “the way we do things around here when no one is looking!” So, whether a company invests a little time on culture or. Culture Accidental Intentional

Aldo Crowns User-Generated Content King

Think Customers

Ask any millennial what an influencer is and you will hear about vibrant social media stars who flaunt the latest trends in food, fashion, and health. These players have transformed who has a voice across many industries, for better or for worse. And now retailers are testing just how influential they themselves can be. Organizations have begun to tap into user-generated content (UGC) by sharing media created by people who are wearing or using their products.

Straight Talk about Security, Compliance and Reliability in Cloud Communications

The risk is real - every organization recognizes the consequences of inadequate security, compliance and reliability in communications systems. Data breaches make headlines and privacy violations put companies at legal risk, not to mention the very real revenue costs of downtime. In this report, 8x8 shares how they secure data across every step of their communications system - and how you can easily comply with tightening regulations.

There’s Just One CX Metric That Matters To Your C-Suite – But You’re Not Reporting It

Forrester's Customer Insights

I’d be doing you a massive disservice if I didn’t tell you that the one CX metric you must report to your CEO and the rest of your C-suite is not NPS. It’s also not Level of Effort, CSAT, or even Forrester’s beloved Customer Experience Index. It’s: $ I feel compelled to point this out […].

NPS 39

How to Write a Great Customer Experience RFP


Whether you’re writing a Customer Experience RFP, Employee Experience RFP, Organizational Transformation RFP, or any other, our template will save you time and help you evaluate and choose the best partner. Writing a Request for Proposal is no easy task, but RFPs don’t have to be painful.

SEO And Site Search: Not Quite The Match Made In Heaven

Forrester's Customer Insights

We (Collin and Mark) had a hypothesis: Site Search and SEO were natural partners in a broader scheme to help customers find answers and products. But, we needed evidence: How should these strategies intersect?

How to Ace Your DIY Customer Satisfaction Survey


The prevalence of Survey Monkey and other DIY survey platforms have made it cheap and easy to implement customer satisfaction surveys. And while these platforms might be right for you, before you jump in, hit pause and think your DIY strategy through.

Redefining Customer Experience Metrics for Better Performance

Speaker: Lynn Hunsaker, Chief Customer Officer of ClearAction Continuum

Join us for this insightful webinar with Lynn Hunsaker, Chief Customer Officer of ClearAction, who will show you how to zero-in on true leading indicators and describe how to connect business results metrics with employees’ workflow metrics.

Why First Call Resolution is the Most Important Call Center Metric


By Stephanie Ventura Metrics tracking is a vital element of every call center. However, aiming to track all possible call center metrics can lead to information overload. Instead, organizations must focus on metrics that yield the greatest insight.

Agile Procurement In Government Is Not An Oxymoron

Forrester's Customer Insights

In any conversation focused on Agile, it takes some time to figure out what each party means when they use the term.

5 Research Strategies for Getting Insights from Healthcare Consumers

dscout People Nerds

If you’re looking to understand human behavior in the healthcare space, these are ways to see patients, consumers and users in a new light.

Three Key Factors That Drove Alibaba’s 2019 Singles’ Day Success

Forrester's Customer Insights

Alibaba generated a staggering $38.4 billion in online gross merchandise value (GMV) on this year’s 11.11 (AKA Singles’ Day), up 26% year-on-year. It surpassed our earlier forecast of $37.4 billion in GMV, despite China’s economic slowdown and uncertainty generated by the trade war with the US. Focusing on three key factors, Alibaba drove success by: […]. B2C marketing digital business holiday omnichannel customer experience retail

B2C 26

How to Make the Transition to Customer Service Outsourcing

Speaker: Randy Clapp, Chief Revenue Officer, Advantage Communications Inc.

You’re feeling the pressure of keeping your employees engaged and improving your customer experience, but you’re not sure if you’re ready or even know how to make a smooth transition to a contact center. Randy Clapp, Chief Revenue Officer of Advantage Communications, will lead you through an outsourcing Self-Assessment you can apply to your business in this insightful webinar developed to provide you with the building blocks to take your customer service experience to the next level.

Military Life in the Tech Lane: Being a Reservist or in the Guards With a Tech Career


Taking on the management of two careers simultaneously can present a unique set of challenges. From prioritising your development and charting your desired career path, to finding a sense of work-life integration and personal success every career pulls on an individual in different ways.

Five Vendors Lead In Forrester’s Second “The Forrester Wave: Unified Endpoint Management, Q4 2019” Evaluation

Forrester's Customer Insights

Today, we released our updated Forrester Wave: Unified Endpoint Management, Q4 2019. This is the second year we’ve published our UEM Wave (you can find last year’s report here), and this year, we looked at the top 13 vendors in the market today and evaluated them across 23 criteria. Organizations looking to improve employee experience […]. age of the customer employee experience endpoint security infrastructure & operations mobile technology unified endpoint management

Changing Careers: Tips for Moving from the Military to a Career in the Civilian World


The process of discovering and pursuing the next steps in your career presents a variety of challenges.