Sat.Aug 10, 2019

What Is Field Service Management Software—And Why Do You Need It?


Does your company want to…. Manage the technicians and engineers you send out on service calls more efficiently so you can expand your customer base? Ensure you earn consumers’ repeat business by improving customer service and establishing yourself as a leader in your industry?

The ultimate 7 tips for getting more respondents for your survey


If you’re a marketer, it’s important to get meaningful data from prospective and existing customers. Surveys are needless to say, one of the most effective ways to collect that information.

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The ROI of Customer Experience


On the face of it the business case for a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program comes down to a simple equation: happier customers = increased profits.

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The new Enalyzer navigation


We pride ourselves on our design and UX, and after endless meetings and discussions, we’ve applied some changes to make the Enalyzer experience better for you. We have improved transitions screens, menus and visuals to make your experience even smoother. Minimalistic design. We’ve grown. A lot.

How to Leverage Quality Management to Transform the Customer Experience

When was the last time you took a step back to examine quality management (QM) in your contact center? Determining behaviors that are critical to successful customer experiences, and then coaching agents to exceed that standard on every customer interaction, is the key to running a great contact center. Download this eBook and uncover how winning organizations are improving Customer Satisfaction, NPS, and other key metrics.

Beyond NPS – Predictive Profiling Identifies CX Opportunity

North Highland

Considered by some to be the “pioneer of marketing,” John Wanamaker is credited with coining the phrase “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” ” His statement sheds light on the ongoing challenge organizations face when it comes to quantifying the impact of customer interactions.

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