Fri.Jul 31, 2020

CX Needs Change Management

Heart of the Customer

You probably moved into customer experience (CX) because of a passion for customers. You chose this space because you know that if you can improve customers’ experiences with your company, they will be happier, they’ll stay with you longer, and both the business and your customers will prosper.

Guest Post: Combine Customer Service and Customer Experience to Grow Your Business


This week we feature an article by Ashwini Dave , a digital marketing expert at Acquire. She explains the difference between customer service and customer experience and shares how implementing both into your business creates success.

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Voice of the Customer: The Importance of Feedback Surveys

CSM Magazine

Last Friday flyover: Reviews of COVID websites


Derek Phillips, Director of Content Strategy at PK, and I take a spin through COVID websites as hospitals evolve how they respond to the pandemic. We discuss both their merits […]. The post Last Friday flyover: Reviews of COVID websites appeared first on PK.

How Call Lifecycle Details Help Increase Customer Satisfaction

Do you want to better understand what your customers are experiencing on calls? Does your call center software lack key information, even if calls are recorded? Download this eBook now to learn how to gain insights on all your calls to increase your customer satisfaction!

Proactive Stakeholder Engagement – Key Strategies During Covid-19 From Lucid and Totango


As virtual teams and remote engagement become the norm for Customer Success teams, staying on top of customer needs and expectations is becoming more challenging.

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4 Ways to Speed Up New SaaS User Onboarding


Customer retention is critical to success in today’s customer-centric economy. Onboarding sets the stage for customer retention by beginning a positive long-term relationship between you and your customer.

5 Ways to Reduce Churn by Delivering a Consistent Customer Experience


This is a guest blog post by Dhruv Mehta from Acquire. Truth be told, there’s a direct relationship between customer retention and higher profits.

Increasing Lead Generation with Lead Source Attribution


What is Lead Source Attribution? Digital Transformation Marketing Analytics Search Marketing Marketing Attribution Lead Generation

How Wells Fargo turns disruption into an opportunity for reinvention

Hero Digital

In this episode, we talk to Jamie Moldafsky, Chief Marketing Officer at Wells Fargo. Moldafsky sheds lights on the changes in customer preferences and needs since the start of the pandemic, and how the company has responded.

6 Ways to Secure (More Of) a Budget for Your Customer Education Program

Whether you’re looking to kickstart or expand your customer education program, you need access to a budget. Learn how you can demonstrate the positive ROI of customer training and make the case for securing a larger budget in our latest eBook!

3 Ways to Find Content Gaps


Producing quality content is a great way to reach your target audience , but is very time consuming. It is important to ensure the content you are spending valuable time on will help you achieve your goals. But, how do you identify the content gaps your team should focus on?

5 On the Fly Customer Experience Tips During a Time of Uncertainty

Smarter CX

Oracle CX Marketing has kicked off season 2 of “On the Fly”—a video series with small, 2-minutes-or-less bites of marketing tips, advice, and training from marketing experts. Kicking off season 2, here are 5 customer experience tips during a time of uncertainty from the marketing pros. To view the full video series, check out the YouTube playlist or the Modern Marketing Blog. Tip #1: Rethink customer questions.

Video 78

Introducing the new Web Surveys Builder!


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How Wells Fargo turns disruption into an opportunity for reinvention

Hero Digital

In this episode, we talk to Jamie Moldafsky, Chief Marketing Officer at Wells Fargo. Moldafsky sheds lights on the changes in customer preferences and needs since the start of the pandemic, and how the company has responded.

The Connected Journey: Developing your Empathy to Strengthen Strategies for Customer Relations

Speaker: Esther Kieft, Delivery Manager (Group Technology) at Domino's Pizza Enterprises

It is well known that empathy is a key ingredient in creating lovable products, yet not all products offer the best customer experience. From meeting stringent deadlines to insufficient resources being available to carry out customer research, there is a range of reasons why customer empathy could be missing in product development. Join Esther Kieft, as she breaks down using empathy at a distance to evaluate the problems that customers are experiencing during this global health crisis.

Create web surveys 40x faster to get more web feedback!


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Webinar recap: Virtual Big Room Planning


How to stay agile in a remote work environment As we continue to social distance, companies find themselves struggling to keep their teams engaged and productive. Big Room Planning (BRP) […]. The post Webinar recap: Virtual Big Room Planning appeared first on PK.

Helpware Leads at GoodFirms by Building Customized Groupsin Client Support and Back Office for Modern Firms


Jul 31 – Customer Success Jobs


Role: Enterprise Account Executive Location: Remote, US Organization: Talkdesk In this role, you will need to develop a comprehensive sales strategy and a sales plan that ensures consistent achievement of objectives over the short and long-term for your coverage model.

The Best Sales Forecasting Models for Weathering Your Goals

Every sales forecasting model has a different strength and predictability method. It’s recommended to test out which one is best for your team. This way, you’ll be able to further enhance – and optimize – your newly-developed pipeline. Your future sales forecast? Sunny skies (and success) are just ahead!

Walgreens Captures Consumer Concerns with Care Clinics


Consumers are worried about lots of things – more so than ever before. And Walgreens is listening. It is expanding its offerings to speak to consumer concerns, by opening care clinics across the U.S.

Customer Satisfaction vs Customer Delight


As a customer-facing brand in a highly competitive market, what gives you the cutting edge over others? What does it take for the customers to pick you over the competitions? How to ensure customer delight or how to improve customer satisfaction?

Low-Code Development Requires A Security Rethink

Forrester's Customer Insights

Low-code platforms speed delivery of applications, but are they secure? The answer is more complicated than I expected when I started this research project with my colleagues, John Bratincevic and John R. Rymer.

What Is Customer Success and What It Is Not


Gone are the days when businesses used to run only for the success of their own. Now the customers have become an integral part of your ecosystem. Your success would not be prolonged if the whole ecosystem around you is not growing.

Customer Communities Elevate the Customer Experience

Speaker: Rachel Happe

An online community is an increasingly vital part of many leading companies’ support strategies. Creating a branded place where your customers can ask and answer questions, interact with each other, and search for the information they need is a great way to decrease the burden on your staff and allow them to focus on the customers that really need their help. Join us at 9:00 am EST on Nov 18th for this talk by Rachel Happe, founder of industry-leading strategists, The Community Roundtable. You will learn the effectiveness of the community in empowering your customers and generating value for your business.

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) gets new Chairman

Helen Dewdney

But will the UK’s airline regulator now regulate the sector properly? The new Chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Sir Stephen Hillier, starts his role tomorrow, 1 August 2020.

Simplify Customer Service Policies With Advance Knowledge Management


Simplify Customer Service Policies With Advance Knowledge Management. Customer Experience agent experience Agent Learning

How to Conduct Virtual Classroom Training: An Ultimate Guide


With Covid-19 entering our lives as an uninvited guest, we have had to make a lot of changes in our day-to-day activities. Right from traveling, working, and even social interactions, it has affected us deeply and has completely changed the way we usually function.

Close the loop on your feedback

Zeisler Consulting

You’ve likely heard about the concept and practice of “closing the loop” or a “closed-loop feedback” (CLF) cycle. What is it, and how does it work? There are actually a couple types of closed-loop feedback systems depending on whether you’re talking about internal or external feedback. Internal refers to an employee feedback mechanism where as an external closed-loop feedback system is geared toward the Customer’s inputs and what you do with them.

Busy Season? Keep Customers Satisfied with Great Support

A great customer experience drives customer loyalty. Learn how to keep your customers happy this holiday season by helping them through their channel of choice with seasonal support experts.