Wed.Jan 19, 2022

How to do effective Account Transitions in Customer Success?


What is an account transition? An ‘ account transition’ is the process by which an existing or a new customer account is transitioned from one member of the Customer Success team to another. In an ideal world, your Customer Success Managers would have a great relationship with the customers.

A Small but Powerful Surprise

Shep Hyken

I love a surprise. Think about the last time you received a surprise from a friend or loved one. It doesn’t even have to be a big surprise. It could be something small – just something that proves the other person was thinking about you. . Has this ever happened to you in business?


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Land your Next Customer Success Manager Job with these 3 Tips


Whether you’ve worked in the customer success industry for a while or you’ve recently decided that this is the career path for you, searching for Customer Success Manager jobs can be intimidating – especially if you don’t know where to start.

The Emotions And Moments In The Customer Journey That Really Drive Loyalty

Forrester Digital Transformation

Emotion is key to differentiated experiences that drive customer loyalty. But many companies get emotion wrong. Rather than designing experiences built on a broad spectrum of emotions, they equate emotion with delight.

How to Supercharge Your Customer Feedback Strategies with Messaging

When customers communicate with companies, they choose the channel for quickest response, even if it’s not their preferred channel. Read about this disconnect, the preference for human-assisted channels, and how messaging improves customer experience.

Here at Last: 3 Trends That Will Finally Deliver Unified Experiences to Customers in 2022


The world of marketing has been significantly evolving at a rapid pace — digital transformation accelerated during the pandemic, creating more and more digitally connected channels, and ever-expanding volumes of real-time data.

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The Challenge of Evaluating Research Ethics

dscout People Nerds

Though created to protect participants, company Institutional Review Boards can do more harm than good. But by making them less formal, both participants and researchers can benefit

Talent Woes: Sometimes Your Best Defense Is A Really Good Offense

Forrester Digital Transformation

Use Agile Knowledge Management Practices To Combat Knowledge Loss In The Great Resignation It’s the fourth quarter, your team is down three points, and there’s less than two minutes to go.

5 Playbooks Every CSM Team Should Have


For many CSM teams, it can feel as though there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done and still deliver high-quality results to customers. This is where playbooks come into the picture.

eBook 73

Your customer feedback is gold dust, please don’t lock it away

customer sure

A lot of time can be spent developing customer surveys. Who to ask, when to ask, what questions, what survey method do we use, etc. There are certainly a few variables to consider and think through. The feedback programme is discussed, weighed up, and surveys are produced and tested.

The Inner Circle Guide to Remote & Hybrid Contact Center Solutions

In this handy guide, learn everything you need to build your ultimate contact center—with no walls and no limitations. Empower your agents to serve your customers better, and from anywhere.

6 Ways You Can Drive Proactive Customer Engagement—And Why You Should


Done right, Proactive Customer Engagement makes it easy for customers to engage with your brand, and it improves customer experience in the process.

Is This The Future? Great Practical Examples of the Beginning of the Metaverse

Beyond Philosophy

By now, you have probably heard of the metaverse. If you haven’t, describes the metaverse as a digital universe that users access through virtual reality (VR).

Did The Virtual Customer Retention Dog Eat Your Client Base Homework?

One Millimeter Mindset

Surprised to enter 2022 digging yourself out of a huge 2021 customer defection hole? It just could be you left your entire client retention strategy up to the virtual customer retention dog. What excuses do you make to your managers about your less-than-stellar rate of customer retention?

Is This The Future? Great Practical Examples of the Beginning of the Metaverse

Beyond Philosophy

The metaverse. It is supposed to be a digital world. Some say it will combine social media and virtual reality (VR), like a more complex VR chat. Some say it will be the next level of online interaction where anything can happen. Others are confused by what it is and what it means.

Should Loyalty Metrics Be Reassessed Post-Pandemic?

Two years later, CX pros wonder how the pandemic has changed customer expectations, and how their CX measurements should accommodate these changes. To find the answers we analyzed VOC data from a variety of industries. Download this eBook and learn what we discovered!

Free Webinar: Top Customer Care Trends for 2022

CSM Magazine

Is your customer care strategy prepared to meet the demands and overcome the challenges of 2022? To help you stay informed and ready to tackle the year ahead, Reuters Events have teamed up with Hootsuite to bring you their latest webinar – And you’re invited!

Schlesinger Group Launches Crowd Survey

2020 Research

Schlesinger Group Launches Crowd Survey. We are excited to announce the launch of Crowd Survey, a seamless solution for delivering large-scale insights in real time.

Erika Jolly Brookes on 2022 Community Predictions & Top Skills for Marketers

Vanilla Forums

We welcomed Erika Jolly Brookes to the Higher Logic marketing team late Q3, and it’s been an awesome few months. We got a chance to sit down with Erika and ask her a few questions about her decision to join the team, her perspective on modern marketing, and her thoughts on the community industry.

5 Tips for How to Deal With an Angry Customer


The customer is always right. That’s how the saying goes. That’s also what you might be thinking when trying to figure out how to deal with an angry customer. No matter what industry you’re in, chances are that you’ve crossed paths with an irate customer more than once.

The New Digital Landscape for Next-Gen CX

Boost customer satisfaction across all digital channels with this stat-filled guide, which reveals the key ingredients you need to keep all of your customers satisfied.

Winning the Streaming Wars: A Step-by-Step Marketing Guide


Breaking news: customers are waging war from the comfort of their couches. Okay, so maybe it’s not exactly war — and not exactly breaking news. For media marketers like you, the streaming wars have been going on since before the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to write thank you for your order messages (+ 10 ready-to-use templates)


Last Updated on January 19, 2022 How often do you use the words “Thank you”, or “Thanks” in your daily life? At least a dozen times. Saying thank you for anything comes naturally to us.

What Is Workers’ Compensation?  

CSM Magazine

Many workers nationwide may have got injured in the workplace at least once during their employment. When employees suffer a work-related injury or sickness, they can apply for a workers’ comp claim to receive benefits while they recover.

Forr The Planet: Sustainability Interview Series — Ericsson

Forrester Digital Transformation

(Photo by Abhinav Sunil) As the key backbone provider for connectivity and network infrastructure, the telecommunications industry has been in a spotlight for sustainability. With the advent of 5G, what can we do to build our new networks to be as energy-efficient as possible?

How to Make Every Survey a Top Customer Experience!

We’ve all had surveys that we’d rather forget, but surveys are a critical element of your overall customer experience. Download this eBook and get the four key elements of a brand-building survey program. Use these tenets to help your surveys deepen your customer’s relationship with your brand.

When Customer Support is the only number Part II

Zeisler Consulting

Last week I wrote about an interaction I had with a large well-known brand that provides services for homeowners. It was a cautionary tale about how challenging it is to actually communicate with some brands.

069: Solving the WFH (Work From Home) Quandary

The DiJulius Group

Chief Revolution Officer John DiJulius of The DiJulius Group discusses how companies can solve the WFH quandary.

The Latest Trainings And Knowledge Enablement Offerings About SAP Commerce Cloud

SAP Customer Experience

On behalf of the CRM & CX Product Learning CoE Team, it is my pleasure to introduce you in this blog post to the latest trainings and knowledge enablement offerings about SAP Commerc Cloud. If you prefer to watch a presentation with interesting Q&A directly, here is a recorded event.

Customer Journey Measurement: The Essential Guide


By Steve Offsey. Your customer encounters an issue using her mobile device. She reaches out via social media and then contacts customer service. The agent transfers her to another representative who answers her question. Now, she’s able to use her mobile app to complete her goal. How are you currently measuring this customer’s experience?

Should Loyalty Metrics be Reassessed Post-Pandemic? And What About NPS?

How has the pandemic changed customer expectations and CX strategies? From several verticals and a wealth of VOC data, we share key insights and examine if NPS has the same predictive power. See how you should adjust your metrics!