Sat.Sep 19, 2020

8 Strategies for Securing Great Customer Service

Doing CX Right

Who owns customer service? Is it strictly the companies we buy from or do consumers have a responsibility in achieving a positive outcome too? This is the theme of my newest article co-written with a psychiatrist and author, Dr. Grant Brenner.

What is Customer Science? Is this the next wave of change?

Beyond Philosophy

I heard a new term that I think has the capability of being the next wave of change in business today. Customer Science. ‘ Customer Science’ is the fusion between technology, behavioral science and data.

Data 92

How to Create Google Forms in 2020: A Guide


How to create a survey without the knowledge of any programming language? We’re sure you’ve asked this question multiple times over the years to which you’ve always come across the same result – Google forms. Google Forms is an all-rounder.