Mon.Apr 17, 2017

3 Ways to Win Big When Customers Are Furious


Have you ever had to deal with a customer who was really angry? While most days aren’t perfect, if generally takes a lot for us to get red-in-the-face angry. Of course there are exceptions to this rule, and some people are just plain nasty.

Handling a Social Media Customer Service Crisis

Who's Your Gladys?

Could a social media customer service crisis happen to your company? Here are some tips for managing one. The post Handling a Social Media Customer Service Crisis appeared first on Who's Your Gladys?

Leveraging technology to personalize the customer experience


Treating customers as individuals is not as hard as it may seem, provided you implement the right technologies into your center to enable such personalization. Read More. Jacada Blog

In Celebration of Customer Loyalty Month, Here’s Some “Anti-United Airlines” Stories

Steve DiGioia

lets highlight some great examples of service This original article was written by Steve DiGioia. April is Customer Loyalty Month. To celebrate, I share a few examples of great service that were submitted by the loyal readers of this blog.

Executive Report: The Customer Data Too Often Overlooked by the C-Suite

A recent Calabrio research study of more than 1,000 C-Suite executives has revealed leaders are missing a key data stream – voice of the customer data. Download the report to learn how executives can find and use VoC data to make more informed business decisions.

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Not Having Strategic Conversations with Customers? Here’s How to Fix That


I keep hearing “our Customer Success Managers need to have more strategic conversations with our customers.” ” I’ve heard this in numerous discussions with customer success executives over the last year.

Customer Success Story: Hwy 55 Burgers, Shakes and Fries


Customers expect a positive experience when they dine at your restaurant. Online reviews are a vital source of customer feedback to improve the guest experience. They’re also a key source of information for customers when searching for a restaurant.

3 Ideas to Help Customer Service Employees Work Through Burnout

Myra Golden

The twentieth of May marks 16 years that I’ve been in business for myself, doing the things I’ve dreamt about, the things I love – training, writing, designing curriculum. I love where I am and what I do; yet recently I have experienced burnout. Guilt was my first response to burnout.

Supporting Customer Values is More than a Nice Gesture—it’s A Necessity

Think Customers

Corporations have long avoided taking sides on controversial issues. Why risk alienating parts of your customer base? But in fact, more and more customers seek brands that proactively promote values and beliefs that are aligned with their own.

Study: The Health of the Contact Center

What does it take to engage agents in this customer-centric era? Download our study of 1,000 contact center agents in the US and UK to find out what major challenges are facing contact center agents today – and what your company can do about it.

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of April 17, 2017


Each week I read a number of customer service articles from various online resources. Here are my top five picks from last week. I have added my comment about each article and would like to hear what you think too.

NPS Black Belt Guide – White Belt: Taking on your boss


(developing executive buy-in). In the last post, we took a look at what NPS is and why you need to pay attention. In this post, we’re gonna to take a look at how you can achieve ‘executive buy in.’. After all, if your executives are not on board, your company can’t really benefit from NPS.

NPS 62

MarTech Advisor on the Need to Integrate Marketing and Business


In The Need for MarTech and Business Integration , SDL CMO Peggy Chen discusses the importance of proper integration of marketing technology and the business Impact of doing so.

7 Reasons New Services Fail

Middlesex Consulting

For service executives, the good news is that new product introductions fail more frequently than new service introductions, especially after we exclude the services associated with the failed new products. Even better news is the cost of developing the new service is generally less than the cost of developing new products.

How to Create an Exceptional Customer Experience

Learn 5 actions your organization can take right now to improve the customer experience.

Customer Obsession Lessons From’s Bezos

Experience Matters CEO Jeff Bezos recently sent a letter to shareholders sharing his view on how Amazon would avoid what he calls “Day 2,” because… Day 2 is stasis. Followed by irrelevance. Followed by excruciating, painful decline. Followed by death. And that is why it is always Day 1. I’ve shared the full letter below, but want […]. Customer Connectedness Customer experience Executive leadership Purposeful Leadership Amazon Jeff Bezos leadership

The Churn of the Digital Consumer


It’s no secret that consumers are growing more demanding, not less. Challenged by the growing customer preference for digital and the need to manage costs, organizations that succeed long-term will need to work hard to strike the right balance between the human and digital customer experience.

Don’t Waste Your Money on Customer Service Training! - Frank Reactions

Tema Frank

Customer Service Training Can Be Worthwhile, But… Too many companies waste their customer service training time and money. Customer service training is one of the most commonly searched terms online. Sadly, far too many companies throw away their money on such training.

Confirmit ACE Awards: Judgement Day


The submissions for the Confirmit ACE Awards came flooding in this year! It’s been a record year for the number of submissions received and we’re delighted with how passionate customers have been about working on them. I’ve had chats with customer experience teams in the US, UK, Norway, Spain and beyond to provide tips and guidance on submissions and what’s clear is that people are really keen to share their successes with the world.

Tips 40

Customer Experience Transformation in Telecoms

Transforming CX: Critical success factors mobile operators are looking for.