Sat.Jan 22, 2022

Turning One Time Purchasers Into Lifelong Customers

Doing CX Right

Joey Coleman, keynote speaker, author, and workshop leader shares proven ways to retain customers beyond First 100 Days®. The post Turning One Time Purchasers Into Lifelong Customers appeared first on Doing CX Right. DoingCXRight®? Podcast Customer Experience CX Joey Coleman

Watch Out! We Are in Danger of Repeating the Same Mistakes We Did Last Year!

Beyond Philosophy

I started Beyond Philosophy 20 years ago when Customer Experience was the next big thing; the new concept that was going to change everything in business. The last big thing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), was old news. After all, everyone had one at that point.

Purposive Sampling 101: Definition, Types, And Examples


Data is the new oil. We believe in that, don’t we? Well, not exactly. Raw data can never be the new oil unless it’s structured, and that happens when it’s appropriately sampled based on our needs. One such sampling technique is purposive sampling. .