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The Best Way to Create a Customer Journey Map


The customer journey map is a visual representation of the customer journey. Customer journey mapping is a way to overview the customer journey that helps you to manage the customer experience. Feed generated with FetchRSS

Thinking Inside the Box: The 4 Fundamental Use Cases in CX


The Beginning of Customer Relationship Management It was the 80’s. Hair was big, rock was loud, and something funky and new was being born. It was called Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and it was freakin rad.

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The Top 10 Sparq Enhancements of 2019

Vision Critical

Over the past 15+ years of working for software companies of all sizes and serving many different markets, I’ve noticed a few constants.

How Learning Well Can Improve the Experience for Customers

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

The goal of learning in any workplace is to be, well, better. Better at serving customers. Better at increasing efficiency. Better at employee development. Better at staying ahead of the competition.

Can you justify investing in all these digital channels your customers use?

NICE inContact

You need to invest in digital channels in order to keep pace with the way your customers are communicating today. But, how do you justify the investment other than to say that you know that is what your customers prefer?

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Self-Auditing Your Company’s Customer Experience for Value Opportunities Pays Off

Kristina Evey

It should old news to you by now that focusing on Customer Experience(CX) drives sales and customer loyalty. What stymies … Read More Self-Auditing Your Company’s Customer Experience for Value Opportunities Pays Off. The post Self-Auditing Your Company’s Customer Experience for Value Opportunities Pays Off appeared first on Kristina Evey. Customer Experience Management Leadership Perceived Value Perception

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The 3 Biggest Customer Experience Game Changers of the Last Decade

Customers That Stick

It is an amazing time to be a customer experience expert and a fascinating time to look back at the immense changes to both the idea and practice of customer experience that the last decade has brought.

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Amazing Business Radio: Robert Glazer


Elevate the Employee (and Customer) Experience. Making a Lasting Impact on the People That Power Your Business. Shep Hyken interviews Robert Glazer.

Perkville and Twin Oaks Software Partner to Provide Tailored Fitness Rewards Program


3 2019 — Perkville, a leading loyalty and rewards program in the fitness space, and Twin Oaks Software, a leading club management software provider, today announced an integration that makes it easy for health club owners to grow revenue with rewards. press release rewards program twin oaks

The Top 5 Customer Success Manager Best Practices


Customer Success Managers (CSMs) work hard to provide the best customer experience possible by prioritizing customer needs and helping them throughout the customer journey. They monitor the customer experience and their achievement of value.

11 Must-Attend Customer Experience Conferences in 2020


Customer Experience (CX) can make or break a brand. With 2020 upon us, brands must stay on top of all the latest CX innovations, gleaning opportunities, and cautionary tales to ensure their CX program prospers over the next decade.

Field Service and the IoT


Download the Astea-authored whitepaper to see how IoT is Driving Field Service Transformation. The expectations and demands of today’s customers continue to increase rapidly. They expect improved uptime, better first-time fix rates, and faster response times.

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Multichannel Marketing: Real-World Examples from Brands that Do It Right



Bad News – Customers Don’t Care

Andrew Mcfarland

There is an interesting asymmetry in business. Despite teams of people dedicated to customer service and care, customers themselves do not care about our products, our services, or us. But surely this can’t be true! If customers didn’t care about. Customer Experience Drill bit Goals Objectives

This is the Business Equivalent to the “Good morning” Text

Myra Golden

I picked up my iPhone and saw a text from a five-digit number. My heart gazelled – I just knew it was the airline telling me my flight was delayed, or worse, canceled. But it wasn’t. A delay that is. It was my airline saying, “We’ll see you soon!

4 Reasons Chatbots Fail


With so much research on and reasons why (and how) chatbots can add value for businesses and consumers alike, why is it that chatbots have gotten a bad rep? The short answer is poor implementations. The long answer is a bit more nuanced. . Here are four of the top reasons why chatbots fail and ways to overcome them : . No clearly defined business goals .

UP! Your Service is now “UPLIFTING SERVICE”

Up Your Service

Your Service – The brand that has been known and loved around the world is growing up. We are now becoming ‘Uplifting Service’ Here’s why we’re making this simple but very important change.

AI for Customer Care Automation

CSM Magazine

Volumes of business communication are growing constantly. A huge part of this is repetitive and time-consuming, but it is necessary for the enterprise to achieve success. That’s why intelligent automation is a priority for growing businesses.

Developing Unique Growth Mindset that Fuels Growth, Success, and Innovation


Vincent Manlapaz, in an interview with Brett Andersen, Director of Client Success at Degreed, shares the dynamic role of CS and provides clear-cut strategies to structure grow and manage expectations and opportunities across the entire organization.

I Quit: How Poor Treatment by Customers Leads to High Turnover in the Service Industry

CSM Magazine

How supervisors manage customer conflict also determines how long employees stick around.

Provide a consistent customer experience across retail channels


While scrambling to drive in-store traffic in an online-focused retail environment, brands have let their customers’ digital experiences suffer.

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Manufacturers Needlessly Let Customers Wait More Than a Week for Repairs

CSM Magazine

By analyzing more than 100,000 support requests, tech support company Mavenoid discovered users of tech hardware have to wait on average eight days to have a problem fixed. In half of the cases, the long wait could have been avoided with automation and better self-service capabilities.

Why is Digital Transformation So Important?


Before the Internet and the World Wide Web, sending mail involved paper and envelopes, taking a photo required film, and shopping meant going to a store or buying through a mail order catalog. Now though, email, mega-pixel cameras, and eCommerce have moved those activities into the digital realm. These simple examples of digital transformation have profoundly affected our real-world activities, our behavior and our culture.

How To Get BBB Reviews For Your Business


The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has developed a reputable brand over many decades. That said, BBB’s reputation has fluctuated and in some industries become a little less relevant. With a recent resurgence, businesses are starting to focus on this accreditation ecosystem.

Altair Global- redefining relocation as an ‘experience’


Scour the internet for a list of the most stressful moments in life and you’re bound to find ‘relocation’ right up there as one of the most difficult milestones in many people’s lifetimes.

Reaching New Heights: Why You Must Build a Community Around Your Customers


Despite some rather valiant efforts by organizations, many of today’s customers feel incredibly disconnected from the companies around them.

Unlock CX Stories: 2019 EMEA Report


. Customer experience (CX) stories are everything – and social analytics gives brands access to all of it. Why, then, are brands failing to make the most of this insight? Why are very obvious customer needs and wants left unmet in many categories? And what can brands do to change this dynamic?

20 CX Changes From Y2K to 2020

Smarter CX

There’s no question the customer experience (CX) has evolved significantly over the past 20 years. As we move into the third decade of the new Millennium, it’s helpful to take a look at the past to see how it will inform the future. Here’s our take on 20 important CX changes from Y2K to 2020. Change #1: Artificial intelligence-powered, zero-wait customer response. When’s the last time you picked up the phone to solve a customer service issue?

Customer Engagement vs Customer Experience: What’s the Difference?


Any business owner worth their salt understands that their clients are their most valuable resource. That almost goes without saying, right? But with so many client-oriented elements within the marketing sphere, it can be tricky to prioritize. So, in this article, we’ll delve into customer engagement vs customer experience argument. Hopefully, this will help you gain a fresh perspective on the topic. That’s enough preamble. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of this blog post!

How AI beats fake reviews


Online reviews likely hold more power than you think. The feedback of other ecommerce users convince plenty of people to commit or not to.H 3rd Dec 2019. By niveladrevuze

Uberflip Acquires SnapApp: What It Means To B2B Marketers

Forrester's Customer Insights

Remember when saying “Content Is King” was all the rage and B2B marketers got excited about content marketing? It turns out marketing your ideas and product information via content only works if prospects and customers interact with that content.

The best places to shop these holidays


Love it or hate it, you can’t deny shopping in the holiday season is big business. For retailers there’s more than 700 billion dollars up for grabs. In the rush to claim their share, we consistently see brands launching unique offerings and campaigns at this time of year.

The Top Tech That Will Win The Wallets Of Insurance Companies In 2020

Forrester's Customer Insights

Digital is now the essence of how customers engage and how carriers and agents operate. The result? Insurance digital and application teams are executing their digital roadmap and commercializing their new thinking faster than ever before.