Sat.Sep 16, 2023

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How can I establish a reputation for low prices WITHOUT seeming cheap and of low quality?

Beyond Philosophy

A podcast listener is in a pickle! Catherine wants to establish that her firm is known for low prices. However, she wants their reputation to avoid seeming cheap or low quality. Cheap and low quality is brand promise few firms want to make. However, many brands want to have a reputation for low prices and high quality. Unfortunately, this brand promise is challenging to get right.

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How Generative AI Is Transforming Open-End Analysis


Uncovering hidden insights Editor’s note: Rick Kieser is CEO of Ascribe. He can be reached at Artificial intelligence (AI) has gone mainstream and there is simply no escaping reading, hearing and talking about it. No matter the industry, AI will impact it. Indeed, AI is already impacting such disparate industries as finance, health care, travel, national security and farming!

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The 7 Best CRM Platforms Compared (2023)

Help Scout

There are quite a few CRMs available on the market today and some excel more in certain areas than others. We've put together a list to cover a variety of use cases, company stages, and team sizes.

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