Sat.Jul 17, 2021

Is Customer Experience Really The New Marketing? Join The debate!

Beyond Philosophy

In a discussion that echoes the age-old chicken vs. egg conversation sentiment, we engaged in a debate. After meeting a fellow Customer Experience proponent on a new social media platform called Clubhouse, we invited author and speaker Stacy Sherman to debate.

Why Do Insurers Give Up And Just Outsource Claims Processing?

Magellan Solutions

Let’s check some insurers’ responsibility and why it is practical to just outsource claims processing. Outsource claims processing has become a reliable solution for insurance companies wanting to optimize their operation. .

How Bad or Good Are Outsourced Telesales in 2021?

Magellan Solutions

Are cheap telemarketing services bad or good for outsourcing in 2021? Telesales is the art and science of selling products and services directly to the customers via a phone call. Sometimes this is a part and parcel of cold calling. On some occasions, it goes by the name of telemarketing.