5 Keys for Multi-Channel Customer Support


Customers are seeking your attention in immediate and demanding ways. Welcome to Multi-Channel Customer Support. Customer Service, a stand alone department in many companies, remains a call center. Multi-channel customer support fails are well-documented.

Multi-Channel Customer Marketing E-Book


Learn How to Win Multi-Channel Campaigns for Your Company. In this age of multiple screens, multi-channel marketing is a fact of life. As businesses communicating with customers, it’s imperative that we understand this fundamental aspect of the user experience, and tailor our marketing strategies accordingly. Effectively communicating with customers requires a multi-channel strategy.

Talking Omnichannel But Organised Multi Channel?

Peter Lavers

Remember when we used to talk about “channels and media”? Channel meant physical route to market e.g. retail, wholesale, intermediated, direct, etc. These terms have effectively amalgamated since we started to become “multi channel”.

Multi-channel Attribution

Fox Metrics

Before we get into multi-channel attributions, let’s first define the analytics term attribution modeling. For companies that have online sales, it can be challenging to determine what marketing channel deserves the credit for a conversion (sale). What marketing channel deserves the credit? The right model will help you (or your company) determine what channel should get the conversion credit. The post Multi-channel Attribution appeared first on FoxMetrics.

The Challenges of Omnichannel: Why so Many Contact Centers Struggle with Digital Self-Service

to meet customer expectations for digital service Social Media Voice of the. Customer. Digital Self Service Tweet this Customers want digital self- service options, such as chat and. customers to order their favorite. experience that helps customers. to customers.

Let the Numbers Persuade You: The Success of Multi-Channel Campaigns is Indisputable


In today’s digital-focused world, multi-channel marketing is important for the simple reason that you must be able to reach your customers where they are. The following research comes to show exactly how effective multi channel campaigns are compared to single channel.

Five reasons why you should be using multi channel marketing software


Now, marketers have to utilize all their marketing channels to ensure that a message is seen, and heard. Moreover, that their brand is visible in the right place at the right time, no matter what digital channels consumers touch as part of their customer journey. Article Multi-ChannelThe days of plastering a message on a billboard or running an ad in a newspaper is not as effective as it once was.

Omni-channel vs. Multi-channel: What’s the Difference?


As customers, we’ve reached a stage where we now expect to be able to interact with our favorite brands wherever, whenever and however it best suits us. Customer Experience

Omni-Channel vs. Multi-Channel Retailing


Customers reach out to organizations and businesses in a variety of ways today, including text, web, mobile, social media, email, and phone. Multi-channel retail experiences simply imply the use of multiple channels when delivering customer experience.

A boost in multi-channel holiday shopping and 5 more CX stories you should read


Customer ExperienceWith Black Friday officially kicking off the holiday season just over a couple of weeks ago, we’re now in the midst of what is the busiest time of the year for many companies.

4 Ways to Win with a Multi-Channel Contact Center with Service and Technology

Win the Customer

Multi-channel is more important than ever as customers expect information to be available when instantly and through the channels they already use daily. Call Center Communication Customer Experience Customer Service

Using Metrics, Analytics with Multi-channel Customer Communications


In Three Ways to Use CCM Metrics, Analytics to Improve Customer Experience , one of the three methods I mentioned was multichannel contextualization: Customer Experience Customer Communications

Call it what you will: Multi-channel, Omnichannel—It isn’t about the Contact Center!


At this point, we know that most companies are competing exclusively on the customer experience ( 83%, according to Dimension Data ). The issue isn’t that companies fail to understand the importance of the customer experience (CX). Customer Experience is the Entire Brand Journey.

Top Five Obstacles to Customer Centricity #4 Multi-channel Journey

Peter Lavers

This series of blogs is based on the early results of research undertaken by Peter Lavers on customer centricity. Participants are asked to tell us what, if anything, they are pulling their hair out over when it comes to customer centricity. Blame cultures from one channel to another.

“Omni-channel or Multi-channel?” blog published on #ThinkMarketing

Peter Lavers

Peter Lavers’ blog on the “Are you talking omni-channel customer experience but in fact you’re still organized multi-channel?” The post “Omni-channel or Multi-channel?” ” has been published on IBM #ThinkMarketing. Read it here. Tweet to @PeterLavers. ” blog published on #ThinkMarketing appeared first on Think CX. Latest Thinking

Multi-Channel Marketing and What It Can Bring to Your Business


In the past, the local shops had all the power in a customer-seller relationship. Multi-channel marketing didn’t make sense because sellers got results without going the extra mile. They have to embrace multi-channel marketing if the want to make a dent in the market.

5 Reasons Customers Love Chatbots

NICE Systems

Chatbots are a kind of silver bullet to fulfill the needs of today’s demanding digital customers. Let’s take a closer look at 5 reasons customers love AI-driven chatbots. 1) Customers expect self-service options. While customers still like talking to human customer service agents when they have complicated issues that need real interaction, these days most customers also expect websites to provide self-service options. Digital customers are impatient.

3 Ways to Streamline Digital Customer Service Integration

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Digital customer service and business both move at the speed of now. This is why digital customer service is such a good fit for business and why integration needs to be seamless. The case for digital customer service integration is clear: Companies using digital channels for customer service can increase customer engagement and answer more customer queries without any additional resources. b) Determine the most useful channels for your customers.

Are Your Customers as Satisfied as You Think They Are?

NICE Systems

We live in an omnichannel customer service world now. Emerging technologies and changing consumer demands fundamentally have shifted the way businesses interact with their customers. This dynamic has created a scenario in which organizations have to offer many more service channels than in the past in order to address the wide spectrum of preferences and capabilities of their customer base. The post Are Your Customers as Satisfied as You Think They Are?

How To Reinvigorate Your AdvocateHub With The Multi-Channel Model


As an Influitive customer, you get access to one of the most engaging and resource-rich communities in the advocate marketing world—we call it “Influitive VIP.” Advocate Engagement advocacy advocacy marketing advocate advocate marketing advocate marketing program advocate success advocates B2B advocates B2B marketing b2bmarketingzone customer advocacy customer advocates customer engagement customer experience customer marketing Influitive online community

4 Questions Every Contact Centre Needs to Ask

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Companies hold contact centres accountable for delivering a critical competitive differentiator — superior customer experience. And so do customers: In fact, 73% of consumers say customer service plays an important role in their purchase decisions. What Do Customers Want? Customer experience, when it’s done well, can be the best form of promotion. A good experience, according to 65% of customers, carries more weight than great advertising.

5 Recommendations to Evaluate Your Chatbots and IVR for Elevated CX

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We already discussed the gap between the number of digital channels for CX that are supported in the contact center and the number of channels that are evaluated as part of a business’ QM programs. But even if you’re already evaluating your chat and email interactions, you may need to expand your QM program to address an even bigger gap in the customer experience — your online assistants/chatbots and IVR.

5 Ways That Digital Customer Service Is Influencing Customer Expectations

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It’s common for blogs related to customer service and customer experience to talk about how the increasing ubiquity of social media requires fundamental changes in the way that brands should conceive of customer service. Social media is a relatively new medium of communication, and brands certainly must tailor their tone of voice and style of interaction to social channels. Gone are the days when customers were willing to wait on hold for a response.

Why Your Company Needs Multi-channel Tech Support


People are used to calling customer service. As support outsourcing became more and more common, the normal complaints of scripts and language barriers started to be commonplace in discussions of customer service outsourcing. As e-commerce companies started to grow, they started to build customer support systems that didn’t rely on telephones. Email solutions, live chat programs, and digital customer support systems started popping up everywhere.

6 Things You Need to Know About Multi Channel Customer Service


The way companies and customers interact with each other gets more and more interesting each year. The times when you could contact a company on a single channel only are long gone. For example, in the eyes of a typical customer, a company and its support is always available.

Omnichannel Customer Experience = Omnipresent + Omniscient Agents

NICE Systems

Digital is the new norm, and it’s disrupting the way customers communicate with brands. With the proliferation of newer digital devices and channels, customers prefer to reach brands through digital channels rather than voice channels. But companies deploying and promoting digital customer service channels, like chat or SMS, are not seeing the results with NPS, containment, and agent efficiency.

Honeywell Transforms Its Business with the CXone Solution

NICE Systems

As a multi-industry manufacturing company, Honeywell develops solutions around energy and efficiency. The company determined that customer experience excellence could be the catalyst for many of the business transformations it wanted to achieve. Honeywell not only established customer experience as a top priority but made it a corporate initiative. However, moving to NICE inContact — and the cloud — has enabled Honeywell to elevate its customer service to a whole new level.

5 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service

NICE Systems

At NICE inContact, we’re always thinking about digital customer service. We love finding ways to make customers happy and helping businesses raise the bottom line while doing it. We’ve looked at the trends, we’ve listened to customers, and now we’ve put our key learnings together. So here are 5 ways to improve your customer service. Following these tips will cut costs and increase revenue — all while making your customers happier and more loyal.

Digital Omnichannel: Most Businesses Aren’t Where They Need to Be

NICE Systems

The line between traditional and digital communications has blurred, and savvy customers are demanding more from the companies they do business with. One top demand is for true omnichannel customer service , no matter the channel. We reported in the 2018 NICE inContact Customer Experience (CX) Transformation Benchmark that 91% of consumers expect a seamless omnichannel experience.

Using Quality Management Analytics to Elevate the Customer Experience (CX)

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Many companies underestimate just how much the customer experience on digital channels matter. So, it’s no surprise that when it comes to dealing with businesses, I prefer to use digital channels over live phone calls. In our 2019 NICE inContact Customer Experience (CX) Transformation Benchmark study , we found that businesses greatly underestimate customers’ likelihood to recommend their company based on their experiences with online chat, apps and websites.

Using Quality Management Analytics to Elevate the Customer Experience (CX)

NICE Systems

Many companies underestimate just how much the customer experience on digital channels matter. So, it’s no surprise that when it comes to dealing with businesses, I prefer to use digital channels over live phone calls. In our 2019 NICE inContact Customer Experience (CX) Transformation Benchmark study , we found that businesses greatly underestimate customers’ likelihood to recommend their company based on their experiences with online chat, apps and websites.

With CXone, Fossil Group Unifies Contact Centers, Raises Performance

NICE Systems

This not only saved huge amounts of time that could be repurposed to more productive activities but also boosted customer satisfaction: Fossil Group is delivering a consistent, outstanding customer experience across the globe. CXone also has impacted the company in a variety of other ways, improving training, coaching, forecasting, agent engagement, and more.Hands down, CXone has been a real game changer for Fossil Group stakeholders: supervisors and agents as well as customers.

Omni Channel vs Multi Channel: What’s the Difference and Who Does it Best?


Multichannel and omnichannel might be this decade’s buzzwords, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t also essential to success for both your business and customers. Multichannel: • Literally means ‘many channels’. Gives a Collective Content Experience, between all of these channels.

Do Your Service Channels Turn Your Customers into Net Promoters?

NICE Systems

When your customers are willing to recommend your company to friends and family members, you definitely are doing something right. And when the percentage of customer “recommenders” (aka promoters) greatly outweighs the percentage of detractors, that’s a big win. This is the basic concept behind Net Promoter Score®, which has been adopted widely as an indication of whether a company is successfully delivering the experience its customers want and need.

Best Practices in Multi-Channel Support

Brad Cleveland

Call Center Contact Center Customer Service Multi-channel Support Research/Statistics Videos multichannel support center

CXone Is Right on the Money for Check Into Cash Collections Team

NICE Systems

The bad news: The Check Into Cash retail collections team — 50 agents who collect past-due payments — were still using a legacy Genesys PBX dialer that had serious shortcomings, including no visibility into performance metrics and limited customization. CXone has really helped us shine a light on how we can provide a better customer, employee, and business experience,” says Amber Cannon, Contact Center Support Manager. Check Into Cash had both good news and bad news.

Are You Meeting Your Customers’ Expectations for Omnichannel Service?

NICE Systems

How often do you actually ask customers how they feel about the service they receive, what their expectations are, or how they would prefer to contact your business? If you’re like most customer service organizations, probably not as much or as often as you’d like.