eCommerce Outsourcing for the Modern Day Entrepreneur

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With quarantine measures in place around the world, demand for ecommerce is stronger than ever before. To meet these demands, ecommerce outsourcing is a solution to mitigate financial risks while coping with demand. What are the most important elements in an ecommerce business?

3 Reasons Why You Should be Tracking Customer Experience as Part of Your eCommerce Strategy


eCommerce is probably the field with the most key performance indicators ( KPIs ) to track. Measuring the right KPIs gives you the right information about your business ventures and your customer. There is no better way to improve your customer experience than through tracking data.

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing eCommerce

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PERSONALIZED MARKETING Astute companies know consumers don’t want to feel marketed to, and each interaction with the customer needs to be purposeful, yet subtle. Previously, customers have used a text search to look for their desired object.

Which Live Chat Software is Best for an eCommerce Business?

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Customer support is one of the most important aspects of any brand , especially if you run a sales-based business like eCommerce. But, most of them still follow the traditional, on-call approach to customer support. Chat Customization. Feature #5 Chat Customization.

5 Brands Building eCommerce Buzz


And we’re sharing five brands that are beating the odds and winning eCommerce buzz during a global pandemic. The approach encourages customers to tag their home workouts for a chance to be featured on TRX channels. The post 5 Brands Building eCommerce Buzz appeared first on NetBase.

Best Chat Practices for Ecommerce Brands


Live chat is more than just a customer service trend, it’s a pillar of business communication. It’s typically the best way for an online customer to get immediate help when they have a question or problem. Here are a few tips on how your ecommerce brand can make the most of live chat.

Mobile App for eCommerce Store — Even More Customers, Sales, and Profits

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In 2019, it is important for your eCommerce store to have a mobile app for iOS and Android. Through messages, the shop talks about promotions, sales or new products and can even communicate with a specific user or their group. Increase sales. Do you want additional sales?

Why Accurate Data Entry Matters in Your eCommerce Store

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Data entry has become a necessary component in streamlining sales and marketing databases. Not until a tremendous amount of inaccurate entries wreak havoc on your brand and customer base. . Key Challenges that eCommerce Stores Face. Do you want to expand your eCommerce store?

The E-commerce Guide: How to Tackle eCommerce Customer Pain Points

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There is no magical pain relief spray to ease customer pain points. online retail sales amounted to 365.2 Customers might have embraced online shopping with open arms, but most are still skeptical as their pain points get overlooked. . What Are Customer Pain Points.

Integrate Live Chat & AI to Your eCommerce Business [& Learn How to Do It Right]

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2018 saw the eCommerce industry grow by over 25 percent with 2019 showing no signs of a slowdown for the industry. The eCommerce boom has resulted in lots of competition. Better customer service – It’s no secret that customers love live chat. This will lead to more sales.

2018 Holiday ECommerce Predictions

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This is a preview of the report, “ 2018 Holiday Ecommerce Predictions ”. With the help of ecommerce industry experts, the Oracle Commerce Cloud team has developed a list of holiday predictions accompanied by top tips to engage and convert shoppers during the most wonderful time of the year.

6 Surefire Tips to Grow Your B2B eCommerce Business


B2B eCommerce is growing at a fast pace and is expected to touch $6.6 Customer Experience and B2B eCommerce Sales. B2B buyers have come to demand much more from their buying journeys, and many expect a buyer experience similar to that of B2C customers.

Last-Minute Tips for Ecommerce Success on Cyber Monday


With it, an avalanche of shoppers will be scouring online ecommerce websites for deals. 2019 is projected to see another 20% increase, with sales expected to reach with $9.4 Likewise, ensure that navigation is fluid and intuitive, especially on pages that have sales or discounts.

AI in Ecommerce: Personalization and Beyond

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Kate Pioryshkina, Sales Manager at Iflexion takes a close look at how AI is transforming the ecommerce customer experience. Personalization, customer relationship management, and inventory control are some retail elements benefitting from AI today.

Top 10 Effective eCommerce Tools to Boost Conversions & Improve ROI

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Running an eCommerce business is all about surviving the competition and sustaining a steady upward growth in revenue generation. Further, eCommerce involves plenty of different activities, and you can’t point out the correct tools required to make their business more accessible.

4 Reasons Why Live Chat Drives Sales and Loyalty To Your Business


If you take a look at Kayako’s website and blog, it’s obvious that we know live chat customer support is a big difference-maker for businesses large and small. But the biggest takeaway from our study isn’t a particular statistic—it’s that live chat (when done right) has the power to drive sales and boost customer loyalty. Customers Buy from Companies That Offer Live Chat. The bottom line is that customers want to buy from people who value their time and concern.

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5 Features the Best Ecommerce Platform Should Have

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Shopping cart, wish list, gift card, coupon – these concepts have migrated online with the rise of ecommerce and are now primarily associated with nifty icons on a website rather than objects of the physical world. Customers read reviews, period.

Social Listening & Market Intelligence Saving Retailers From eCommerce Crush


Retailers’ landscape is changing, and brands must get their social listening and market intelligence intel in order if they hope to avoid the ecommerce crush! Retailers are “struggling to adapt to the changing retail landscape,” which has shifted toward ecommerce offerings.

6 Ways to Improve Customer Experience on Your Ecommerce Website

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An unsatisfactory customer experience due to poor UX/UI can drastically reduce your web traffic and revenue. It is, therefore, worthwhile to improve your website regularly to ensure your customers have a good experience. Some tactics you can employ to improve a customer’s experience are to reduce friction, ensure quick loading, employ a customer service help desk software , and provide great customer service. Great Customer Support.

Actionable & Effective Ways to Increase Your E-Commerce Sales

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Many online stores struggle with attracting new customers and growing their revenue, and that mostly has to do with the fact that their entire e-commerce business model isn’t optimized to achieve growth and satisfy the increasing demand of their target audience. Improve Your Customer Support.

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The 6 Stages of eCommerce Customer Journey


The eCommerce Customer Journey encompasses all of the different touchpoints where a customer interacts with a company, product or branding online. The 6 Stages of eCommerce Customer Journey. UX (or User Experience) is a vital component of any eCommerce site.

How to Optimize Your Ecommerce Customer Support

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Customers are the lifeline of every business. Therefore, it is vital that you provide not just high-quality products and services, but also excellent customer service and support. Additionally, the customer’s relationship with your business does not end with the purchase part.

6 Things That Will Help Your Ecommerce Website Reach Relevant Traffic

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For ecommerce websites, the essential thing is to attract as much relevant traffic as possible. This is why we have created this list of 6 things that can help you drive traffic that has interest in what your ecommerce store has to offer. CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

How to Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rate with Live Chat


Uncovering a new marketing insight is like discovering a gold nugget that has the potential to increase ecommerce conversion rate. Recently, as I was digging through data for a few ecommerce websites, I noticed something big. Sales Happen Outside ecommerce Checkouts.

Why Mobile Website Design Matters in Ecommerce


It’s a whole additional marketing channel through which potential customers can find your business and make purchases. Why mobile website design is so important in ecommerce. Mobile sales have recently overtook the ‘normal’ desktop sales.

The Relevance Of Responsive Design In Ecommerce


This is why it’s extremely important for your online ecommerce store to have responsive website site design. It all looks a bit avant–garde and super off–putting to customers who just want to do a bit of shopping – as opposed to working out a puzzle. Mobile ecommerce is taking charge.

7 Lessons We’ve Learned from eCommerce Brands on Instagram


eCommerce brands on Instagram are experiencing exceptional engagement – and your brand can join their ranks. To help you along, we’re sharing seven lessons we’ve learned from eCommerce brands on Instagram. And all things the following eCommerce brands obviously understand well.

How to Prepare Your Ecommerce Store for Holiday Shopping Season


For you, it means more inquiries and more sales – if you only handle heavy traffic on your website and manage to send all gifts a day before Christmas Day. For your ecommerce store, sales is the most important part of the holiday season, so you need to think some things through.

How Stripe Features the End-User Experience to Enhance B2B Sales

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What makes a B2B customer experience memorable? When shopping for outside services to help connect us to our customers, we see lots of language about ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and overall efficiency. You get to see the real deal for yourself, as a customer would.

eCommerce Brands Winning Market Share with Social Insight


Able to stay one step ahead of consumers, offering what they want, when they want it, ecommerce brands using social insight have early access to consumer conversation and are winning market share. eCommerce Consumers Kicking It with Keto. Customers everywhere applauded.

5 CX Technologies for Modern Ecommerce Stores to Employ

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The global ecommerce market continues to present a massive opportunity for retailers. According to eMarketer , the global ecommerce market is expected to grow by 20.7% One thing retailers can do to stand out from the competition is to improve their online customer experience (CX) using new technologies that improve the online shopping experience. Here are 5 examples of CX technologies retailers can use to encourage customers to buy on their sites and nurture customer loyalty.

3 Technologies Changing the Ecommerce Payments Landscape

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Change is constant in the world of ecommerce. stimulating the market, which represents trillions of dollars in sales. New innovations in ecommerce are pushing retailers even further to consistently delight customers and exceed their expectations.

How to Boost your Sales with Customer Browsing Data


Many ecommerce companies track their customers’ browsing activity – when they entered the site, which pages they visited, and for how long. I tracked over 60K paying customers for a six-month period, in which they visited the site almost 700K times and made over 125K orders.

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5 Awesome Use Cases For Live Chatbots in Ecommerce


Read on to see five compelling cases for bringing chatbots and live chat apps into your ecommerce brand. Chatbots can act as an encyclopedia of product knowledge , providing support to customers who have questions or hesitations on the way to the checkout page.

3 Ways to Keep Up with Ecommerce Growth, Featuring WebContinental

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Strategies for driving ecommerce growth are important, whether you’re launching your company or finding new ways to expand an established brand. Innovation and a focus on ecommerce growth has been a key to their success. Recently, they partnered with Oracle to upgrade their ecommerce infrastructure. Here’s a closer look at how your brand can foster continued ecommerce success. We had major outages during our Black Friday and Christmas sales.

Mobile Apps and Ecommerce: Why Usability Testing Isn’t Enough


Customer loyalty is hard to come by, and it’s even harder to keep. The two things consumers want most— omnichannel consistency and an effortless customer experience —are moving targets. of total sales). All of these initiatives can help fortify and grow a brand’s customer base.

Mobile Apps and Ecommerce: Why Usability Testing Isn’t Enough


Customer loyalty is hard to come by, and it’s even harder to keep. The two things consumers want most— omnichannel consistency and an effortless customer experience —are moving targets. of total sales). All of these initiatives can help fortify and grow a brand’s customer base.