Roadblocks on How to Fix Customer Retention


Whether a customer is ‘shiny and new’- a phrase used by this week’s ‘Sweets of CX’ guest, Jeannie Walters – or a loyal, long-time supporter of your brand, it’s all about keeping the healthy relationship going. Customer Retention

3 Ways to improve Your Customer Retention Scorecard

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Do you have a customer retention scorecard? Any of the plethora of scoring systems which measure customer satisfaction and loyalty. And your own performance is measured and compared with the ratings customers provide on a quarterly basis.

Are Customer Acquisition Stories also Customer Retention Stories?

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What do your customer retention stories sound like? Can you rely on the same stories you told to acquire new customers, to also retain them? Customer retention stories involve more than just how your products, features and services play out, over time.

Customer Retention Strategy or Customer Churn Strategy?

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Ever think that your organization’s or association’s customer retention strategy may actually function as a customer churn strategy? My One Millimeter Mindset blog post, “ Do Our Professional Labels create Positive Customer Experiences?

15 Customer Retention Strategies for Long-Term Customer Loyalty


Your customer retention is super important to your bottom line—after all, customer loyalty is well-known for being more valuable than customer acquisition. A good blog communicates to customers that you care about solving the problems in their industry.

Communication Disconnects negatively impact Customer Retention

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Communication disconnects, above all, have negative impacts on customer retention rates. First, when customers do not understand the purpose of your job function or cannot understand the words you use, they tune out and turn off. Customers feel the same way.

5 Blog Posts on Your Customer Retention Strategy Value

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What is your current customer retention strategy value? I offer these five customer retention strategy value blog posts for your reading pleasure. While retaining customers is an art form, the relentless pace of technology change challenges the norm.

3 Common Scenarios scream for Innovative Customer Retention

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Innovative customer retention should not be a rare occurrence. However, in many organizations, innovative is the last thing customers expect. First of all, customers continuously re-evaluate why they do business with us. Clarify the context of the customer’s issues.

Difficult Customers? Read this Customer Retention Blog Review.

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We all experience difficult customers, from time to time. When we only have one customer as our “one and only” customer, well, things become challenging. Our difficult customers test both our courage as well as our critical thinking skills.

18 Ways to create a more effective Customer Retention Strategy

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These 18 ways create a more effective customer retention strategy. Or a sales engineering professional, a customer service professional, or any other professional engaged in acquiring and retaining customers. And what is important to customers throughout that time period.

Customer Retention in Banking: Strategies to Get You Started


Bank Customer Retention: Why It Matters. You’ve probably heard this more than a dozen times: retaining a customer is so much cheaper than acquiring a new one. According to Kantar , banks that lead in the customer experience index have a recommendation rate that is 1.9

Why Your Employees are confused about their Customer Retention Roles

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Your employees are confused about their customer retention roles. Into customer experiences, customer success and customer retention. First, ponder whether your hiring processes focus on hiring employees to fulfill customer retention roles. .

Why do Organizations have Competing Customer Retention Cultures?

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Are competing customer retention cultures crippling your organization or association? First, competing customer retention cultures are sustained within traditional departmental silos and business models. Book an appointment with me to better serve your customers.

One Millimeter Mindset™ 2018 Customer Retention Blog Review

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Customer retention is a business growth, expansion and sustainability strategy. However, in reality, customer retention is firmly in the hands of everyone else in the organization who usually is not part of the customer acquisition process.

Are We Storytelling compelling Customer Retention Experiences?

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Customer retention experiences create a rich chronicle of just how it is to work with us, and our organizations. Some of our truly best stories about creating compelling customer retention experiences thus remain untold. Because I am known for having my customers’ backs.

How do Clients rate Your Post Sale Customer Retention Performance?

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How would you rate your own customer retention performance? Listen in on my latest video about post sale customer abandonment, and how it negatively impacts customer retention. When that happens, guess who owns customer retention – and that customer relationship?

Are Experience Conflicts sabotaging Our Customer Retention Strategy?

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Ah, the impact of experience conflicts on the performance of our customer retention strategy. That “something” completely disrupts customer experience equilibrium. Staying in front of customer experience is the responsibility of everyone involved in serving that customer.

Can Customer Retention succeed in Uncollaborative Company Cultures?

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Uncollaborative company cultures have long track records of retaining customers. As long as sellers continue to crush quotas and bring new customers into the revenue stream, uncollaborative company cultures survive. In spite of employee and customer churn.

One Millimeter Mindset Customer Retention Blog Posts 2017


One Millimeter Mindset customer retention moves you and your organization one millimeter outside your current comfort level. One of the biggest differences has to do with how we acquire and then retain customers. Customer Unretention Syndrome results from 4 Sales Achilles Heels.

3 Business Development Storytelling Review Blog Posts

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Client retention, instead of only client acquisition. Engage me to present one of my Storytelling for STEM Professionals and Left Brain Thinkers speaking programs, workshops or moderated facilitation services.

Will Customers evaluate Your Storytelling Credibility?

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Your customers will try to evaluate your storytelling credibility. Especially if the customer stories you tell seem too good to be true. So, of course, her customers were not invested in them, either. Compelling storytelling fuels customer retention.

A Hopscotch Client Retention Strategy will not boost Client Success

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If you practice a hopscotch client retention strategy, do not get your hopes up. When your organization embraces a hopscotch client retention strategy, you color within the lines. Based on the quality of customer insights you have gleaned by going off-script in your conversations?

A Workforce Profitability Strategy gives Employees Permission to Shine

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But also, they become co-invested in your customers’ and members’ growth strategies, as well. Think of the aggregated impact of engaged employees on customer experience, customer success and customer retention.

Leverage Tell Me More Storytelling instead of So What Storytelling

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Tell Me More Storytelling skills result in customers, investors, colleagues, and even your grandmother, asking you to tell them more. Tell Me More Storytelling Skills create memorable employee and customer experiences and outcomes. Do you want to retain more employees and customers?

Artificial Customer Conversations beget Artificial Customer Experiences

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Is your business fostering artificial customer experiences due to reliance on technology as the primary interface for customer conversations? Listening strategies and tools for the voice of the customer can produce skewed insights. What subset of customers’ voices are captured?

ROI 80

Why Your Soft Skills Scorecard impedes Your Professional Success

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Engage me to deliver one of my speaking programs or workshops for a refreshing change from the same-old stuff. Babette Ten Haken is a professional speaker specializing in customer retention. If your colleagues and clients gave you a soft skills scorecard, how would they rate you?

Retaining Customers requires All Hands on Deck

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Why do initiatives on retaining customers still feel like a bunch of isolated actions? All throwing their professional efforts at the customer. Instead of in partnership with the customer. That is such an outdated customer retention model.

To retain Customers focus on People Value instead of Products

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The people value which organizations and associations bring to customers’ tables influences whether customers will stick with you. Your people, and their understanding of the intrinsic value they provide to stakeholders and customers, are your “secret sauce.”.

Leaving Small Business Storytelling up to Customer Feedback?

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Especially, if you depend on customer feedback as a resource for stories. First, not all customers post their feedback, either on your own website or on review sites. Then, what information do customers convey to the world?

3 Reasons Storytelling Skepticism creates Decision Making Mistrust

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When storytelling skepticism creates decision making mistrust, your storytelling strategy falls short of convincing customers to do business with you. So, why is isn’t your storytelling converting decision-maker leads into customers? Will customers be prepared?

3 Ways Your Value Added Customer Experience Efforts are not Valued

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How are your best value added customer experience efforts sabotaged, both pre- and post-sale? What you do, when you are not actively selling, engineering, coding and serving, adds value to each customer’s experience of how it is to work with you.

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Do Flight Risk Employees gamble with Customer Experience Strategy?

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While multiple factors contribute to employee flight risk , ultimately, maintaining “flighty” employees impacts the quality of delivering on your customer experience strategy. Start asking your current customers. Also, they are dealing with potential customer flight risk, as well.

Why Selling Pressure impedes Service Delivery Quality

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Next, these teams may not have time to sell effectively, especially when actively serving customers. In taking my storytelling speaking programs and workshops to organizations and associations like yours, I constantly hear about how you are trying to do more.

Why avoiding Story Context derails Sales Decision Making

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Most of the time, these professionals are involved in the post-sale care and feeding of customers, once a sale is consummated. Then, take your next steps towards customer retention success. Story context is a critical element to creating compelling stories.

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The What You Do Story is Key to Retaining Clients

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And, not assuming customer connection is “someone else’s” responsibility. Engage me to present one of my Storytelling for STEM Professionals and Left Brain Thinkers speaking programs, workshops or moderated facilitation services.

Reviving the Value of Association Chapter Member Experience

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Just as organizations focus on employee, as well as customer, experience to drive growth, expansion and sustainability, so must association chapters. Engage me to deliver one of my speaking programs or workshops for a refreshing change from the same-old stuff.

Storytelling Outcomes influence Post Sale Customer Expectations

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Storytelling outcomes influence post-sale customer expectations about long-term experiences with products, services and solutions. In addition, the stories you tell impact investor, customer, and co-worker expectations of how it is going to be: working with you, yourself.

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Collaborative Revenue Generation is Everyone’s Job Function

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Consider that each employee touches some aspect of the customer acquisition and retention process. I offer you 16 collaboration exercises to jump-start collaborative customer retention in your own career trajectory. Better yet, ask your current customers.

What Type of Professional Legacy are You creating?

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With them, and for them, on behalf of better serving each other and your customers. Let alone experiences leading to customer success and customer retention? I survey the STEM professionals and left brain thinkers I speak to and conduct workshops for.

Does Making Excuses retain Your Clients Long Term?

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Regardless of whether you design, sell or serve, clients do not initially do business with you anticipating a client retention strategy focused on listening to your excuses. By completely ignoring their customer experience is it realistic to expect them to retain you?