A Dozen Crazy Customer Touchpoints Translated

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

No matter what language they speak, there’s typically a barrier between the language brands use internally and the language customers use while trying to get something done. Does it drive the next best action, or leave them scratching their heads and dropping out of the journey? Mixed message can make their way into signage, marketing materials, online experiences, and countless other touchpoints within every customer journey.

What You Don’t Know About Millennials Will Hurt Your Bottom-line

Natalie Petouhof

Tweet This research that I just completed is about how to use customer experience to turn Millennials into brand advocates. And while this post is about customer service, we can’t really separate marketing, customer service and other disciplines. And millennials take online action all the time! 47% write about good online experiences. 70% would create a video and post it online or write a review about their experience with a company.

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The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Customer Journey Map


A customer journey map is a way to graphically present the whole experience of your customer when he interacts with your business. This means illustrating his whole journey – from finding out about you to buying from you and beyond. The purpose of the customer journey map is to identify: key interactions of your customer with your business. Here’s what you have to do to create a customer journey map for your business.

Constellation ShortList™ Customer Service and Contact Center Software

Natalie Petouhof

Tweet Constellation Research is launching a new program, and I’m happy to share that the vendors that have been listed on the Constellation ShortList ™ for Customer Service and Contact Center Software. The program offers buyers of technology a list of offerings to consider in their pursuit of digital transformation to p rovide the best capabilities to drive leading customer service. Covering Customer Facing Applications.

10 Steps to Immediately Improve Customer Retention With Journey Analytics


What’s better than acquiring one new customer? The answer isn’t acquiring two new customers. Much of the marketing world is still focused on customer acquisition, but to improve customer retention will yield f ar better ROI and cost about 5-25X less than customer acquisition. What is Customer Retention? Why Customer Retention Matters. Yet companies struggle with customer retention or seem to underestimate its revenue impact.

The Use of Design Speaks Volumes About Your Online Business

CSM Magazine

The internet has been around long enough that businesses no longer question the need to establish an online presence. You don’t pay annual hosting and domain registration fees for what amounts to an online business card. That’s just poor ROI.

48 retail survey questions for the customer feedback you need


According to UBS , 40% of customers still like to experience products first-hand before purchasing, and shoppers still love the instant gratification of an in-person purchase. Even with the rise of ecommerce and shuttering of retail incumbents, the in-store experience can still be a gamechanger for your company. This new generation of customers is expecting a different kind of in-store experience. Why in-store retail customer feedback is vital.