The Assets of a Chatbot for your Customer Journey


Why transform your customer journey? The customer journey refers to the entire path a prospect follows when interacting with you. As Internet users have ever higher demands, offering an optimal and efficient customer experience is not an easy task.

Customer Self-Service: Pros, Cons, Examples


Let’s start with the bottom line – keeping customers satisfied is the key to a successful and profitable business. Customer experience and engagement are not buzzwords – they are solid performance indicators that continue to gain traction and are a top priority for businesses.


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Hold times are unacceptable – now more than ever


Naturally, I picked up the phone and dialed their 800 number to schedule my delivery, only to be put on hold for over 25 minutes before speaking to an agent. Without automation and self-service, every customer requires an agent’s help to resolve their query. Customer Experience

How to Create a Patient-centric channel deployment


Patients today are involved in their healthcare journeys more than ever before. Or you had to repeat your reason for calling to multiple different agents? Improve Agent Productivity & Engagement.

4 Steps for a better Digital Experience


In the last few years, businesses have been in a race to add channels of communication to better reach their customers where they are. As we see businesses embrace digital transformation, it’s becoming clear that it’s not enough to just focus on the customer experience.

Redefining your CX strategy: The COVID-19 Effect


Businesses are gearing towards opening up while maintaining the safety and security of their employees as well as the customers. So how can businesses redefine their customer experience or customer service strategy to fit this world? Reimagining Customer Service Strategy.

2017 Is Out, 2018 Is In – What Will Customer Service Look Like This Year?


Now that 2017 is out of the picture, what can we expect customer service to look like in 2018? The question isn’t new – after all, customer service is always changing. As each year comes to a close, thought leaders and customer experience experts rush to offer insight on how these changes will manifest themselves in the coming months – and whether nor not they’ll leave a lasting impact on the industry. Customers aren’t the only ones who experience pain points.