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How to Improve Your Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) Score


Y ou know your customers are satisfied because the Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) that you see on your daily dashboard tells you as much. The score is solid. So, what’s a company to do to earn an even better CSAT score? Before I answer that, let’s take a look at a popular CSAT metric that was established 25 years ago: the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). It’s interesting to take a look at this metric over time.

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2021 Survey: The State of Journey Management & CX Measurement


In 2020, enterprises and consumers were forced to cope with unpredictable circumstances that altered how customers behave, what they want from brands and most importantly, how organizations can meet their evolving expectations. As we figure out what comes next in 2021 and beyond, one thing is certain: enterprises must advance their approaches, strategies and tactics to better understand customer behavior and deliver the experiences their customers demand.


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Are Surveys Really Customer-Centric?

Blake Morgan

Survey response rates are dropping because customers feel brands don’t care about their opinions. Instead of relying on NPS, brands should consider the most valuable metrics. Feedback is crucial, but brands must pay attention to customer data and not waste their time.

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6 Steps to Launching Your Customer Health Dashboard


Customer health dashboards are one of the critical keys to durable revenue growth. At its heart, a good dashboard can summarize tens or hundreds or even thousands of metrics on customer experience into one simple, impactful snapshot of sentiment and behavior. Customer Success

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Good Customer Experience is Now Required


The world has begun to catch on to the importance of great customer experience, and for good reason. Customer experience is the overall impression that consumers have of your brand. Providing a remarkable customer experience is vital to business success. Customer Engagement

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Reducing Churn: ROI-Focused SaaS Strategies for Customer Success


Fear of customer churn can make you feel you’re standing above a trap door, like the floor could fall away at any moment. We believe in data-driven, proactive customer success that lets you take control of your churn risk and strengthen your customer relationships. Reducing churn in this customer-centered subscription economy means placing the customer at the center of everything you do. It’s about proactive customer success , not reactive customer service.

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