Six Skill Sets that Drive Customer Change

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There are skill sets specific to driving culture change that need to be present when doing this customer experience work. This crucial past experience of many start-to-finish achievements will optimize the customer experience work.

Why Do Customers Change Their Minds?

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Colin Shaw and Professor Ryan Hamilton examine the question: Why do customers change their minds? What makes a customer change their minds when they have been so certain the day before? The post Why Do Customers Change Their Minds?

Marketers, Do You Know Everything You Should? From the 5Ps to the 7Qs.


Marketing is a great profession. I’ve worked in or with marketing teams for most of my career. From the outside, they are seen as the department that comes in late, parties every night and gets to talk about advertising at conferences in exotic places.

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Stop Hiding from Your Customers: Changing Self-Service for the Better


When it comes to customer support, self-service is stealing the show. Yet, many companies still make it extremely difficult to solve problems on their own and yet don’t have the resources to take care of every customer request in a timely manner. Traditionally, self-service has been used for customer deflection – keeping customers with simple (and sometimes silly) questions out of the call center. in customer support is a trend that is here to stay and here’s why.

How to Improve Your Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) Score


Y ou know your customers are satisfied because the Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) that you see on your daily dashboard tells you as much. Here’s a thought — and the answer surely lies here: don’t focus on the score; focus on the customer and the experience.

Three Keys to Effective Customer Journey Mapping

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This the third in what I am planning to be a four-part series on service design, persona-based customer journey mapping, activating customer journey maps, and optimal future experience visioning. The same is true with customer journey maps.

CX Opportunities in 2019: What We Can Learn from the Forrester Customer Experience Index

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As customer experience leaders, we have to set the tone for our organizations by acknowledging customer needs and motivations. ” Of the 15 elite brands that were in the CX Index last year, 12 showed no statistically significant score change.

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8 Steps to Help De-clutter and Re-think Your Customer Listening

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Just like that full-to-the-brim closet you’ve been ignoring, the customer listening data you’ve collected can pile up until it’s more a nuisance than it is informative. Let’s talk about de-cluttering your customer listening! 8 Steps to De-Clutter Your Customer Listening Data.

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Five Essentials of Customer Service Excellence


Recently, I took a very early flight with British Airways (BA) out of Geneva airport and once again, BA staff demonstrated their excellent customer service. What has this got to do with your own customer service excellence? How do you Train your own Customer Service Advisors?

From Cloudy to Clear: Cloud Native Contact Center Apps Drive Enhanced Customer Experience

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Customer experience (CX) is now the new way to compete in this experience economy and contact center operations are the real powerhouse to drive exceptional CX, thereby revenue. Here are some of my insights on how the two models can help you deliver exceptional customer experiences.

How to Create a Successful Customer Loyalty Program

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Recently Starbucks announced a change in their highly regarded loyalty program and I heard both praise and deep criticism. In those days of yore, leaders were concerned about decreasing product value by giving away a 13 th drink to customers who had purchased 12.

Who Sized Your Customer’s Shoes?

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The best-practices upstart often prefaces their plea for a pet “oughta” or “shoulda” with the words standing in the customer’s shoes. decrease in FCR that created a 31% increase in customer sat. It is incredibly valuable and insightful to regularly stand in your customer’s shoes!

How well do you anticipate your customers’ future expectations?

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Have you noticed that your customers have changed? They have raised the bar on how they view customer experience. The kind of service that takes the customers’ breath away! Xerox found that customer loyalists were 6 times more likely to repurchase than satisfied customers!

Customer Loyalty: Let’s Talk About 8

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I’ve heard this question a lot from companies who measure customer loyalty using a 1-10 rating scale. It asks how likely a customer would be to refer a company to someone else, with 10 meaning very likely and 1 meaning very unlikely. But my customer is happy! Not the customer.

Are You a Customer Forensics Specialist?

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So, what is the DNA of customer service? What if we assumed there was a component in the service encounter unique to each customer? If we could “crack the customer’s service DNA code” we could fire off a special experience that encouraged the customer to shoot back their loyalty.

How Are You Learning About Your Customers’ Expectations?

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The best practices upstart often prefaces their plea for a pet “oughta” or “shoulda” with the words, “Standing in the customer’s shoes.” decrease in FCR that created a 31% increase in customer sat.

Battle Scars and Lessons Learned in Implementing Customer Success Systems

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A while back, I sat down with Paul Piazza for a fireside chat at one of our PulseLocal Silicon Valley Customer Success event series. At that time, Paul Piazza had already had multiple Customer Success systems deployed and configured. Does your customer success team have CSM software?

Is Your Own Management Stalling Your Customer Experience Transformation?

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In this follow-up to my recent article titled “ Has Your Customer Experience Transformation Stalled? ” I continue to outline why customer experience transformation efforts stall or slow. There’s a New Hire Fail Employees are critical to customer experience transformation success.

Is Your Own Management Stalling Your Customer Experience Transformation?

CX Journey

In this follow-up to my article last month titled “Has Your Customer Experience Transformation Stalled?” I continue to outline why customer experience transformation efforts stall or slow. There’s a New Hire Fail Employees are critical to customer experience transformation success.

Customer service stats and what they mean for your business


Businesses can pour money into elaborate advertising campaigns, but poor customer service can undo all that hard work instantly. Excellent customer service can be as good (and often better) for your brand than a well-orchestrated PR campaign: get your customers to do the talking for you! Great service also determines whether your existing customers shop with you again and whether your potential customers get beyond just that – potential.

Do You Know the DNA of Your Customers’ Experience?

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So, what is the DNA of customer experience? What if we assumed there was a component in the service encounter across the customer journey unique to each customer? We believe the service molecule containing the customer’s unique identity is “Connection.”.

Are You Tracking Your Customer’s Empathy Level?

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Often it takes a “customer emergency” to jolt us into focusing on the customers’ journey with our organization. An important customer leaves angry, a key account is lost to the competition, or a sneering review on the internet awakens us from our numbness.

Customer Experience and the Bottom Line

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Image courtesy of dizzycage Still trying to show executives how your proposed customer experience improvement initiatives impact the bottom line? The implications of investing in both the employee experience and the customer experience are measurable against the bottom line.

Reducing Churn: ROI-Focused SaaS Strategies for Customer Success


Fear of customer churn can make you feel you’re standing above a trap door, like the floor could fall away at any moment. We believe in data-driven, proactive customer success that lets you take control of your churn risk and strengthen your customer relationships. Reducing churn in this customer-centered subscription economy means placing the customer at the center of everything you do. It’s about proactive customer success , not reactive customer service.

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5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of March 19, 2018


Each week I read a number of customer service and customer experience articles from various resources. Infographic: What Marketers Need to Know About Changing Customer Service Expectations by Erik Wander. Customers want and expect a consistent and predictable experience.

When your Customers are Talking

Ann Michaels and Associates

The single biggest complaint of customers is that salespeople talk too much and don’t listen enough. When salespeople are excellent listeners, prospects and customers feel comfortable and secure with them. Use body language to show the customer you’re interested in what’s being said.

Guest Blog: 3 Proven Ways to Personalize the Customer Service Experience


This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post my colleague, Ross Clurman, writes about how important it is to personalize the customer service experience. Regardless of the type of business you are in, there is always an opportunity to personalize the customer experience.

The 5 Best Strategies to Win Back Lost Customers for Your Enterprise


Think of them as your customers—even when they’re heading out the door. That’s the ideal approach when a customer lapses. Today’s customer-centered economy means every customer should feel your product is built around their needs. After investing time and effort into helping your customer through the onboarding and adoption phase, it can be discouraging to see them leave. You don’t have to give up on your customers, though.

Five Trends Shaping The Future Of Customer Experience In 2019

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(This article is first published at Forbes ) Before we get into my fifth annual piece on customer experience predictions, let me introduce myself to new readers. Customer experience is now seen as a key business strategy for every brand.

How to Prevent Blind-Side Churn by Identifying and Aligning With Customer Stakeholders


I frequently hear from customer success and sales leaders that two of the most common reasons for churn or downsell (revenue compression) are executive/sponsor change and lack of perceived value (for your product/service). IT) within the customer org.

How to Maintain Customer Satisfaction with Surveys – A Beauty Industry Perspective


Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine a company that wouldn’t put customer satisfaction in the spotlight. After all, satisfied customers usually come back to buy more, tell friends and relatives about their successful experiences, and – most importantly – advertise a beloved brand with great zeal. Business marketing professionals unanimously agree that the cost of customer retention is five times lower than attracting a new one. Happy Staff = Happy Customer.

De-Risking the First 90 Days for Your SaaS Customer


The following is part of a conversation about Customer Success Management (CSM) between Amity and Jason Whitehead, CEO of Tri Tuns. Jason brings the perspective of the consulting methods and approaches CSMs should employ to drive user adoption and ROI with their customers.

Apple Horror Story: Why Customer Is Not Always Right


The “ customer is always right ” slogan is both: a customer service mantra and its curse. On one hand it encourages representatives to go above and beyond customers’ expectations. Because customer is not always right. Stop, never say “can’t” to a customer.

How to Provide Seamless Customer Support With the Help of Technology

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One area that has enjoyed enormous benefits of technology is customer service. But all that has changed. Organizations give their customers the opportunity to make payments seamlessly at their convenience. trillion when customers change supplier due to poor customer service.

I Spent 29 Years Adopting Channels for Customer Service – Here is What I Learned

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And, for the record, I do have 29+ years working in customer service, and I did learn a few things in that time. and very informative, and I used some of the data from my latest research study on customer service adoption to highlight the trends in customer service.

How To Cause Customer-Centricity By Shaping The Work Context (Part 2 of 3)

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If you took part in the previous conversation you will have a good grasp of the work context that led to the receptionists running to-fro from the front desks to the problem rooms, seeking to keep rooms in reserve so that they were in a position to placate angry customers by moving them to a different-better room, and using their newly acquired guest engagement skills to negotiate with customers – offering them refunds, room rate reductions and/or vouchers.

On Metrics and Complacency

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The customer experience is a journey; your transformation work is, too! I was recently asked for suggestions on how to prevent different business units and divisions within a larger organization from becoming complacent when they are performing well based on their customer experience metrics.