Is Your Customer Engagement Really Customer-Centric?


Is Your Customer Engagement Really Customer-Centric? Customer engagement can yield short-term or long-term rewards or penalties, depending on how customer-centric they are. However, not all are doing what is necessary to be truly customer-centric.

Customer Centricity = Sustainability = Customer Centricity = Superior Business Performance

Doug Leather

In a recently published article (MIT Sloan Management Review – How to Become a Sustainable Company)the authors point to a study that supports the view that ‘high sustainability’ companies significantly outperformed their counterparts over an 18 year period in terms of both stock market and accounting criteria, such as return on assets and return on equity. In fact, Customer Experience and Sustainability should go hand in hand – one without the other is indicative of opposing forces.

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A blended set of measures are critical for customer-centric operationalization

Doug Leather

What company doesn’t want to be customer-centric? It’s highly unlikely that any executive wakes up in the morning and makes a statement along the lines of – “Customer-Centricity is not important to us and we shouldn’t consider it!”.

The Gospel of Customer Centricity for Improved Customer Experience

CX Journey

The way customers interact with brands has drastically changed over the past few years. In the words of Forbes contributor Brian Walker, " Digitally empowered customers are firmly in charge, bouncing from channel to channel at the drop of a hat.”

Customer-Centric Transformation a no-brainer: Check out why!

Doug Leather

I admit that I’m a customer-centric evangelist because quite frankly, how else can you build meaningful competitive advantage? Customer-centricity is all about differentiation and it’s almost impossible to sustain differentiation around product, price and distribution footprint. But you can sustain differentiation around your customer knowledge, insights and understanding. Maximising the return for the investor is not necessarily good for the customer!

Customer-Centricity! Oh, I’m Doing that Already!

Doug Leather

Customer-Centric? Yet he was adamant he had ‘customer-centricity’ under control. A refusal to really understand what customer-centricity is all about. And what really agitates me is a verbal commitment made to developing themselves as an internationally recognised exemplar of customer experience. Yeah right! I had a really interesting discussion with a prospective client recently. He is the MD of a multi franchise vehicle business. Successful?

3 Enablers to Water Utility Customer Centricity

West Monroe

Over the past few years, water utilities have begun to embrace the importance of a unified customer experience strategy – one that involves technological transformation, employee engagement, and process improvements.

The Challenges of Implementing Customer-Centric Strategy – What creates the problem?

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There is very little new about the concept of customer-centricity. In these instances it’s almost impossible to operationalise around ‘the customer.’ Customers are not all created equal and shouldn’t all be treated in exactly the same way. Customers are a finite resource and their value lies in their business and value today, as well as their business and value tomorrow – referred to as Life Time Value. Customer Management Illusion.’ Let’s face it.

ServiceNow Offers A Refreshing Take On Customer-Centricity With Their Customer Service Application

Forrester's Customer Insights

It’s a well attended conference by 18,000 people who use one or more of their cloud service management, HR, security and customer service products which are all built on an enterprise-grade platform. CRM applications customer relationship management (CRM) customer service solutions CRM customer service CXI attended ServiceNow’s Knowledge18 conference, held in Las Vegas on May 7-10.

Customer Communities Are Buzzing, But Should Your Brand Invest In One?

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This year, we’ve seen an uptick in client and industry interest in customer communities. Marketers want to build authentic and lasting relationships with customers who are more and more likely to experiment and less and less likely to trust traditional advertising.

How To Know If You’re Prospect-Centric Or Customer-Centric


What is a customer? ” But everyone knows what a customer is, obviously. Companies can be customers in B2B. In fact, some of your customers might not have paid for your product or service! After all, there are thousands of business models—if you buy something from a third party on Amazon, whose customer are you? And in B2B, if you sell in the channel, who’s your customer—the partner or the buyer? Prospect Relationship Management.

Customer Strategy Infographic

Doug Leather

It goes without saying that if your organisation pledges to become more customer-centric, you need to innovate your business model through a customer-centric lens.

How SaaS Companies Can Benefit from NPS Measurement


Customers don’t have time to answer these and managers to draw conclusions from them. It’s the quickest road they can choose to get customers’ feedback. NPS gives you quick and reliable feedback from customers. Turn your customers into brand advocates.

NPS 56

Caught in the Act of Creating a Phenomenal Experience


This is about delivering a phenomenal customer experience through a thousand "hellos" and not discriminating about who is on the receiving end. But the Sage folks along with the management at The Logan unleashed the soulful, engaging and upbeat side of Anthony. They must understand that you cannot prescribe a great customer experience. Then, when you add true empowerment to the mix, you have a solid foundation for great customer service.

When ‘Push’ Marketing Goes Too Far

Beyond Philosophy

A couple of years ago, our local newspaper, The Philadelphia Inquirer, ran a disturbing story about how a mortgage loan company in Phoenix had sent spam advertising messages which appeared on the screens of thousands of wireless phone customers. Not only were the messages not requested, but these customers had to pay to retrieve them. The text messaging address for each mobile phone is derived from the phone number assigned to each customer’s handset and the wireless company’s name.

Leveraging the Power of CRM to Create Extended Loyalty for Your Bank

West Monroe

If you have read our white paper “ Becoming a Customer-Centric Bank ,” you are familiar with the four jigsaw puzzle pieces to become customer-centric: Sales Fundamentals. As of September 2016, there were 5,980 FDIC-Insured banks in the United States.

Employee Behavior That Delights Your Customers

Customer Guru

We all know this by now that organizations must focus on being customer-centric in order to come out on top. Most customer experience leaders believe that customer centricity starts with the customers always. Source: Seinfeld Customer Service Example.

Customer Experience As Idea, Not Methodology Nor Technology

Maz Iqbal

I say that the idea of Customer Loyalty had power. And this power vanished when we rushed to turn this idea into practical customer loyalty programmes: loyalty cards, databases, offers and points. I say that the idea of Relationship Marketing had power. I say that the idea of Customer Experience has awesome power. A good start would be the following questions: What world of possibility does the idea of Customer Experience open up for us and our customers?

Are You Prepared for the Utility of the Future?

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With many facets of the business shifting all at once, it is difficult to balance successfully running today’s utility while transforming into a more efficient, more secure, customer-centric and safer organization. Connecting customers into the organization’s digital foundation.

Customer service basics are timeless


Today’s new buzz words in the world of customer service are “customer engagement” and “ customer centric”. The concepts are very valid and important to create a relationship with the customer. The customer holds all the cards and the customer rules.

What does customer relationship *really* mean to you?

Vision Critical

Most companies know what their customers buy, when they purchase and where. But few truly understand why those customers buy—why customers choose to have a relationship with companies to begin with. The Oxford dictionary offers two notable definitions of relationships : 1.

CEMs vs. CRMs (And Why You Need Both)


Customer Experience Management (CEM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are the same, right?”. While it may be true that at their core, both systems revolve around the key interactions a customer has with your brand, CRMs and CEMs serve distinctly different purposes and operate from two contrasting angles. or not, why do customers return. Customer Experience Customer Experience Management Software

CEM 71

The CX Champions Who Deserve More Than Just A Prize- Feb ‘19


At CloudCherry, we believe customers are our backbone and value employees and influencers who make customers their top priority. Solving out their issues or creating a better deal or making a small change from the backend to make the customer’s problem addressed in no time at all.

The CX Champions Who Deserve More Than Just A Prize- Feb ‘19


At CloudCherry, we believe customers are our backbone and value employees and influencers who make customers their top priority. Solving out their issues or creating a better deal or making a small change from the backend to make the customer’s problem addressed in no time at all. .

How Customer Experience Metrics Help Create A Winning Strategy

Customer Bliss

Whether the experience is positive or negative, any interaction with a customer is important. Many companies depend on customer experience metrics to determine ways of increasing customer engagement and satisfaction. What Tool Should I Use to Measure Customer Experience Metrics?

From Build to Integration: The Essentials of a Successful VoC Program


Gathering customer feedback is a mainstay in business. However, most companies have recognized that closed-ended surveys aren’t enough to gain powerful insights into the customer experience (CX). VoC leaders also see an uptick in customer and employee engagement metrics.

5 Ways Successful Teams Close the Customer Experience Gap

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

It’s easy to underestimate the efforts it requires to become a truly customer-centric organization. Brave leaders do their best to lead customer experience initiatives that make an impact. What is the Customer Experience Gap?

Six Near-Universal CX Problems… And Six Solutions to Overcome Them

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

It wasn’t THAT long ago when business planning and strategy simply didn’t include the term “customer experience.” The formula for success often didn’t even require gathering customer feedback, let alone responding to it. What CAN we do for our customers?'

7 Wonders of Effective Customer Experience Leaders

Win the Customer

As customer experience leaders we need to be more proactive in creative a vision for experience rather than just empty affirmations of service. The decision sparked continued discussions around internal employee management practices, leadership, and results-oriented performance.

What is Customer Experience Strategy?


What is Customer Experience Strategy? Is “customer experience strategy” like the Wheel of Fortune spinner? As such, for instance, it’s a misnomer to claim that digital marketing is customer experience strategy. It spans the end-to-end customer life cycle.

Customer Care … CRM … Customer Experience — What’s the Difference?


Customer Care … CRM … Customer Experience — What’s the Difference? Customer Care … Customer Relationship ManagementCustomer Experience — what’s the difference? The purpose of any organization is to serve a customer need.

Which Customer Experience Tools Can Boost Your Strategy?


Managing the customer experience (CX) has become a top priority for many of today’s business organizations. Put simply: effective customer experience management leads to higher customer satisfaction, reduced churn, increased revenue, and better overall business results.

Tools 130

Customer Care … CRM … Customer Experience — What’s the Difference?


Customer Care … CRM … Customer Experience — What’s the Difference? Customer Care … Customer Relationship ManagementCustomer Experience — what’s the difference? The purpose of any organization is to serve a customer need.

What really makes customers happy?


Over time, several words have been used to describe the organisational focus on customers. They include: Customer Experience. Customer Focus. Customer Centricity. Customer Service. Customer Success. Customer Outcomes. Customer Management.

Grow Customer Relationships: Strategies for Long-Term Success


The new customer-centered economy marks a fundamental change in the business/customer relationship. It’s no longer wise for businesses to focus the majority of their efforts on seeking new customers. After all, recurring revenue business models revolve around customer subscriptions that must be paid for or renewed monthly or annually. But they aren’t a guarantee of revenue; customers can cancel at any time. Nurture Every Customer Equally.

10-step plan to personalized customer experience


Personalized customer service is about treating people as individuals. In an age where customers can buy into your products and services from almost anywhere in the world, this has become increasingly complex. Although there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, the following 10-step plan will provide a framework that will allow your contact center to adopt a more personalized approach to customer care. Give customers choice Customers don’t think in terms of channels.

Customer service skills: What does it take to make a great contact centre manger?


They are the point of contact where customers and companies meet to resolve issues and buy products and services. Operating at their best, contact centres play a fundamental part in creating a positive customer experience. Is silo mentality hurting your customer experience?