Upgrade Your Customer Support Rep to a Customer Support Professional


The other day I was talking with a gentleman who was as passionate about customer service and experience as I am. He had worked with support centers and we were discussing how important the team in a customer support center is to an organization.

Building a Culture of Customer Care Isn’t Easy


She will guide you through why customer care is so important and how teams can feel empowered to help their customers. You love doing everything that you can for your customers. Customers can make crazy requests. But, it’s the first step in helping your customer.

“That’s Not My Department” and 10 Other Phrases Customers Hate


You finally get to a customer service rep. You tell your story and the customer service rep responds, “I’m sorry, that’s not my department.” That said, there are still plenty of other phrases and words we, as customers, hate to hear. Customers hate to wait.

Guest Blog: You Serve Customers? Is your light on?


This week we feature an article by Marlene Caroseli who shares some great activities and questions to help customer service representatives improve their service and make the customers experience better. – Shep Hyken. In what ways do you acknowledge the customer?

Why Must I Repeat Myself Again and Again?


Customer Support. Have you ever called a company’s phone support number, talk to their customer service rep, have that rep transfer you to another person, only to have to repeat the story all over again? Why did she ask for my account or customer number?

Customer Service Employees are Among the Least Engaged: What’s One Way to Change That?

Tricia Morris

The 2015 Employee Engagement Trends Report shows customer service employees are among the least engaged, falling behind human resources, sales, marketing, engineering, R & D, operations, finance and IT (in that order) when it comes to on-the-job engagement.

This is What Exceptional Customer Service Looks Like In 2018


It’s 2018, and customer expectations are changing faster than ever. While some businesses have struggled to withstand the shifting tides, others have reacted in a timely enough fashion to keep up (at least minimally) with changing customer expectations. Customer Service

United Airlines Computer Outage Is Customer Service Crisis Case Study


Keep in mind, this wasn’t a single unhappy customer complaining to a gate agent at the airport. Yet every cloud has a silver lining, and in this instance it’s a mini-case study on how to handle a customer service crisis.

Guest Blog: How to Ace Customer Service in the Age of Immediacy


This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post my colleague, Paul Comarto, writes about how the use of text messaging and live chat are influencing customer service. The point is speed, not nuanced customer service and niceties.

The Magic Words Of Excellent Customer Service

Magellan Solutions

We also know that exceptional communication translates to outstanding customer service. Believe it or not, customer service — excellent customer service — likewise involves using a few “magic phrases or words” to win clients’ hearts.

How to Use Psychology to Provide the Best Customer Service Experience

Joe Rawlinson

Professionals in the customer service industry know how complicated people can get—some are delightful, some are moody, some are grumpy, and so on. Here are a few ways you can leverage psychology to deliver the best customer support. Customer Service

20 Customer Service Skills Operators Need to Succeed in All Support Channels


There are so many different customer service support channels these days that it can be hard to know where to focus your efforts. The following list will provide you with 20 skills that customer service operators need to strengthen support across channels.

Social Media Customer Service: Are You Making These 3 Common Mistakes?


Social media customer service is part of your channel mix, whether you like it or not. Granted, social media customer service represents a small percentage of your customer interactions. Done right, social media customer service is a big win for brands.

9 Effective Tips for Customer Service on Social Media


The advent of social media has had a huge impact on the customer service industry. Here are nine tips on how to offer the most effective customer service on social media. Years ago, it might take days or even weeks for customer service to answer a question from a customer.

Don’t Forget to Connect Customer Service Week with Strategy

CSM Magazine

From October 1-5, thousands of organizations around the world will recognize Customer Service Week. It’s encouraging to see companies across all types of industries make an effort to celebrate their commitment to customer satisfaction. Customer Service Articles

Maximize web content for social media customer service

Magellan Solutions

The ubiquity of social media and the role it plays in the day-to-day lives of customers make it a powerful tool for social media customer service. There are several social media networks to choose from, but stick with the ones that best suit your customer service goals.

Are You Guilty of These Customer Service Fails?


A happy customer is the beginning of a positive chain reaction leading to better sales, strong word of mouth and hopefully, recurring revenues. Which means the more often you tick off your customers, your reputation and consequently, your revenues get pummeled soundly. Customer servic

Sometimes It’s Okay to Ask a Customer to Repeat the Story


Customer Opportunity. Just last week I wrote an article about companies that ask customers to repeat their problems, account numbers and more. For example, getting transferred from one customer service representative to the next and having to repeat the issue.

Guest Blog: How Companies are Using Bots to Enhance Customer Experience


This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post my colleague, Manuel Grenacher, writes about how using bots can help manage and improve the customer experience. Used properly, I believe bots can be an customer service excellent tool. Customer Care Customer Experience

CX Storytime Tale of The Couch with Abandonment Issues

The Upsell

This is the Customer Experience Storytime tale of…. Two days after the order, Todd and Vanessa were notified by the delivery company, a service the wholesale store was using, that the couches had been shipped. Todd called the delivery company’s customer service line.

CX Storytime Tale of The Couch with Abandonment Issues

Russel Lolacher

This is the Customer Experience Storytime tale of…. Two days after the order, Todd and Vanessa were notified by the delivery company, a service the wholesale store was using, that the couches had been shipped. Todd called the delivery company’s customer service line.

Vodafone – Global Innovator Chooses AR Remote Assistance


Our goal is to partner with innovative Tier-1 companies, by providing them with digital solutions that enable them to exceed their customers’ expectations. Vodafone Group plc is a multinational telecommunications conglomerate committed to customer service excellence.

How to Use Technology to Improve the Agent Experience


Customer care is an integral part of any successful business. After all, potential or loyal customers will often engage with customer care teams to inquire about a product or ask for help regarding specific issues that they may be facing. Customer Service

Don’t hold back AT&T customer service agent

Service Untitled

Rachael Parcht, customer service representative for AT&T may have just been having an incredibly bad day, but that hardly can be viewed as an excuse for her terrible conduct on Twitter. Customer service is also based on civility, and rudeness is expensive.

How to Use Technology to Improve the Agent Experience


Customer care is an integral part of any successful business. After all, potential or loyal customers will often engage with customer care teams to inquire about a product or ask for help regarding specific issues that they may be facing. Customer Service

From Knowledge Base to Virtual Agents: The Shift to AI-powered Self Service


Customer self-service refers to customer-initiated interaction technologies that enable customers to access information and perform routine tasks without requiring the assistance of a live customer service representative. You may not realize it, but every time you change your password, track a package, or pay a bill without calling the company for assistance, you are performing a self-service task. Drivers for customer self-service.

Amazing Business Radio: Joel Makhluf


Using AI to Guide Employees Toward Better Customer Care. They discuss the need for more awareness and empathy among customer service agents and how AI and technology can provide that. > Pay attention to the nonverbal cues your customers give you.

New Research Confirms – Honey Preferred Over Vinegar, Part One

NICE inContact

In July of 2016, inContact conducted a survey of more than 500 Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) to gather insights about their workplace environment, motivators and challenges. This deep dive study provides a glimpse into working on the front lines of the customer service industry. Weinstein said he didn’t stay on the line for so long “just for the sake of breaking” the record — he wanted to impress his customer.

Proving the Value of a CX Strategy to Your Executive Team


Customer experience is not a new concept. We heard by now that the battleground for business growth lies in your ability to provide a better customer experience than any of your competitors. Why your leadership should care about CX. Customer Experience

3 ways American Express is creating a customer-centric culture


Building a customer-insights program that allows companies to listen and then act on customer feedback is essential, but isn’t easy. To be truly customer-centric you need to empower people at all levels of your organization to listen to the customer and act on insights.

Everything You Need To Know About Call Center Outsourcing

Magellan Solutions

Call center outsourcing is a business activity of subcontracting call center services like customer care and sales-related tasks. Inbound calling services help you with incoming messages from customers. Inconsistent service. Sell products or services.

The Ultimate List Of Call Center Services In The Philippines

Magellan Solutions

Call center services in the Philippines cater to different business needs. There are common services such as customer service, technical support, sales, and lead generation. Fundamentally, call center services are divided into two categories: the inbound and the outbound.

How emotional intelligence can help the customer experience

Service Untitled

How a customer feels when they interact with an employee can make the difference in sales and customer loyalty. As an example, an American Express customer care person will commonly engage a client in conversation pursuant to a client’s mood.

This Is How You Save On Customer Support


The last decade has been defined by the customer becoming the center of nearly every business initiative. This intense customer focus has paid off for those who’ve gotten their customer experience just right. On the other hand, poor customer service can cost companies dear.

The Fact and Fiction of Chatbots: Expectation vs. Reality


As someone who reads, writes, and speaks about customer engagement technologies for a living, I make it my job to use as many virtual assistants and chatbots as I can to accomplish my day-to-day tasks. Chatbots are great to help with simple, repetitive, rule-based customer queries, for example, getting hours of operation, finding a nearby location, looking at the product catalogs, and answering FAQs. Chatbots are good driving traffic to more mature channels of customer care.

Key Takeaways: Mastering Digital Channels to Manage and Fuel Exponential Growth

Team HGS

The conference panel was moderated by Melissa O'Brien, Research Vice President Customer Engagement, HFS Research , with panelists: . Michael Truett, Head of Customer Success and Engagement, Newsela. Takeaway One: Where does the customer journey start? Customer Experience.

HGS Trend 1: Meeting Extraordinary Expectations of Today’s Customers

Team HGS

HGS Trend 1: Meeting Extraordinary Expectations of Today’s Customers. Earlier this year , HGS presented our trends forecast , comprising customer experience (CX) disrupter predictions, supported by practical strategies clients can use to succeed in the changing marketplace.

Service Untitled» Blog Archive » Personal shoppers now part of.

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Service Untitled The blog about customer service and the customer service experience. The brief welcome video was narrated by Joan Conlin, vice-president of customer care. All the customer needs is a PC or laptop and broadband internet service.

Video 52

Are Telecoms The World’s Worst At Customer Experience?

Beyond Philosophy

Neither of them provides a Customer Experience worth mentioning—at least not in a positive light. We asked the Customer Experience professionals there to name a Telecom they admired for the experience they provided. Telecoms lack Customer Centricity. Blogs Customer Experience

A Graceful Goodbye


There is rightfully a lot of focus in CX regarding how customers should be treated throughout their lifecycle, but what most companies actually do is focus on the acquisition phase of the relationship. My next task was to cancel our CRM service, InfusuionSoft, because it isn’t working out.

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