4 customer-based strategies health care can learn from retail

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Long after the Affordable Care Act spurred a shift from fee-for-service to value-based , patient-centric care, many health care providers are still at a loss. What does it look like, and how should providers implement it in their practices and hospitals?

Segmenting Your Customer Base to Scale


As your company grows and more customers are added to your care, you will either need to hire more people, or be smarter with your time. To scale your Customer Success team, you will need to segment your customers and apply the appropriate engagement model.

How to User-Proof Your Product Strategy


The more we automate business processes, the more we lose sight of our customers. Though technology has undoubtedly made our jobs easier and improved the overall customer experience , it’s also distanced us from the people we serve. Luckily, reconnecting with customers isn’t all that hard. You just have to make the choice to do it. Here are some simple tips on re-engaging your end users and building a customer-centric product strategy.

Segmenting Your Customer Base To Scale

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As your company grows and more customers are added to your care, you will either need to hire more people, or be smarter with your time. To scale your Customer Success team, you will need to segment your customers and apply the appropriate engagement model.

7 Guaranteed Ways to Lose a Customer

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You worked hard for years to build a loyal customer base and now look at you. Your customers are leaving in droves. Employee morale is low and coming to work is no longer fun. You stopped doing the things that brought you success and took your customers for granted.

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How to Be a Low Effort Company


Much has been studied, discussed and debated about keeping customers satisfied and loyal to your brand. In the past, people believed that providing a unique customer service experience was the key to customer loyalty. Mitigates Customer Disloyalty.

What Is Voice Of The Customer (VoC) And How To Capture It


Voice of the Customer (VOC) is the entirety of a customer’s expectations, experiences, and feedback from on-boarding through to successful implementation and beyond. Some companies recognize these platforms as a collection of feedback from their customer base.

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How to Capture the Voice of the Customer in 2018

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Our flagship customer intelligence event in London was a great opportunity to discuss the latest innovations and product updates in the industry, the constantly evolving expectations of today’s consumer, and how to deliver a superior customer experience in 2018.

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Watch Jeanne Bliss’s Webinar: How to Provide Customer Service That Would “Make Mom Proud”


Customer experience expert Jeanne Bliss joined us for a webinar where she spoke with us about her new book ‘Would You Do That to Your Mother’, and how businesses can provide customer service that would quite literally “make mom proud!”. Be the person I raised you to be.

How to Measure Customer Experience: CSat, NPS and More


This level of competition has increasingly led companies to research for new ways to get customers while retaining their existing customer base as well. In today’s economy, customers can easily compare your product with others online.

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How to Set Up a 24-Hour Support Operation Your Customers Will Love


As your business and customer base grow, there’s a question every support leader has to answer: Do we need to expand our support operation? When you serve more customers, the demands on your support team grow. Do you need to offer 24-hour support?

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How to Effectively Capture the Power of Customer Experience ROI

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Uniting the leadership team in the purpose of delivering one-company experiences and connecting it to business growth occurs with my clients when we can simplify the “why” behind this work in a manner that they can stand behind and communicate as their own. Then move to specifics.

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How To Craft Helpful B2B Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions


Having another business as your client is a lot different from providing products or services to consumers. But just like in B2C businesses, getting feedback from your customer base is still an essential tool to ensure you’re meeting your clients’ needs.

How To Use Automation For Customer Success


Customer Success Managers have so much to offer, and there’s no limit to what they can do. The more domain expertise they gain, the more they create and deliver value to their customers and become long-term strategic partners.

How to Calculate Net Promoter Score

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On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to share this article? This would be my Net Promoter Score question to you. These days a lot of the content we come across on the internet contains terms such as customer satisfaction , feedback, and Net Promoter Score.

How to Make Your Customers Actually Like Your Email Communications


Email marketing is the digital equivalent of direct-mail marketing and in spite of social media’s recent rise in the marketing and communications department , it continues to produce results. There are two aspects to relevance and they are as follows. The Right Customers.

How to Calculate Customer Experience ROI


By Swati Sahai The importance of calculating your customer experience ROI cannot be overstated—how will you build, measure and regularly optimize your customer experience efforts if you don’t know the return on your CX investments? Segment Customers Not all customers are alike.

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Customer Success Personas and How to Leverage Them


At Amity, we define persona as a description of a type of customer, including associated job titles, work responsibilities, current goals, pain points, etc., based on research of existing customers. However, personas don’t need to be exclusive to those teams.

How to deliver superb omnichannel CX in a digital world according to 24,000 consumers globally


Omnichannel CX and how to optimize across channels is a huge challenge in today’s increasingly digital world. 87% of customers think brands need to put more effort into providing seamless omnichannel CX ( Zendesk ). Digital touchpoints tend to be cheaper to operate.

How to Sell Better Customer Service to Your Board


You’ve been hired as a customer service manager, tasked with delivering great customer service. They want to cut your budget. Customer service is a cost-center, it doesn’t impact earnings, and investing money into it is like pouring money down the drain… isn’t it?

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Customer Experience ROI – How to Introduce And Grow It

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Honoring “Customers as Assets” connects volume and value to customer experience ROI and growth. Your goal as CCO is to unite the leadership team in delivering one-company customer experiences and connecting the delivery to business growth.

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How to Draft Effective Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions for Hotels & Tourism


Because of this, it’s vital that establishments can create effective customer satisfaction surveys to identify which areas of their service can be continuously improved, helping to attract more customers now and in the future. Consider Your Customer.

How to get a 50% NPS survey response rate [CHECKLIST]


Managing customer feedback surveys. After all that effort, at least you know there’ll some valuable debate about the results and the team will be busting with enthusiasm to kick into action to improve the customer experience! Here’s a job I hate.

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Using Industry Benchmarks to Set a Good Net Promoter Score (NPS) Goal


Humans like to know how they’re doing compared to everyone else. This carries over into customer experience as well. The Net Promoter System is the quantification of customer loyalty and the process for improving it over time. When and how often you ask.

20 Ways to Thank Your Loyal Customers (Infographic)

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It’s probably needless to say that loyal customers are the biggest assets of any business. Studies show that only a 5% increase in your loyal customer base can result in increases of revenue and profits up to 85% or more.

Service Recovery Paradox – How to Turn Failure Into Value


EST, popular workplace messaging service Slack suffered a massive outage , leaving over a million users around the world unable to send or receive messages and files for almost three hours in the middle of the workday. The situation had the potential to explode, but Slack was ready.

Why You Struggle To Meet Your Business Objectives (And how to Crush them)


“There may be customers without brands, but there are NO brands without customers!” ” I am often quoted as saying this and yet I still find most companies spend more time thinking about their brands than their customers, which is alarming to say the least!

How to Create the Perfect Customer Satisfaction Survey: Questions, Tips & Templates


Running a successful business requires more than just a great product — it also means that you need to please your customers and ensure their satisfaction. That is why you need to consider ways of getting feedback from your customers through effective customer satisfaction surveys.

How to nail a successful website redesign in six steps


But, by the same token, a website redesign may make little difference to performance. So how can you ensure yours generates the results you want? What things do you need to think about when initiating a website redesign project? The result is a mismatch of nine to one, or 9x.”.

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Prove it: 3 ideas on how to meaningfully measure CX transformation

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Everyone working in customer experience (CX) wants to know if their time and resources are well spent. CX can be a messy space , full of different beliefs and potential paths to follow. At the same time, CX has to compete with other departments for resources.

How To Leverage Automation For Customer Success


Customer Success Managers are people and because of that, they are very good at doing people things. For instance, Customer Success Managers have the opportunity to bring value to their customers thanks to their domain expertise.

12 Support Pros Share Their Tips on How to Manage Support in the Holiday Season


Working in the holiday season for any support professional is going to be one of the most stressful times of the year. If you’re in retail customer support, it’s probably the busiest time of the year for you with customers going shopping mad stocking up on presents.

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How to Build in Experiences That Will Earn Customers’ Raves: Introducing the “Talk Trigger” with Jay Baer

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In this interview, Jay also shares examples from 3 companies (B2C and B2B) who’ve successfully operationalized talk triggers that keep their businesses booming and customers talking. Customer Experience Creates Conversations When You Do it Differently. Understand your customers.

How to Write a Compelling Customer Success Job Posting


In the growing field of customer success, it can be difficult to find the right people for the job, especially because some of them don’t even know that the job exists yet. What kind of goals (short- and long-term) do you want the candidate to achieve in this position?

How to Choose the Best NPS Software for Your Business [2018 Update]


In the increasingly crowded market, each NPS® product strives to become noticeable by means of distinct features that makes it competitive and visible. While you can send a survey and get a score using these platforms, there are certain benefits to using a specialized NPS survey tool.

How to Improve Your Conversion Funnel with a CX Design Update

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Image courtesy of Pixabay Today I'm pleased to share another guest post by Lexie Lu of Design Roast. How do you turn site visitors into raving fans? You spend a lot of time and money driving traffic to your website and reaching out to new potential customers.

How to Build an Accurate Product Roadmap with Customer Feedback


Customer experience is everything at Help.com. If our customers aren’t happy, we aren’t either. One of the most important parts of customer success at Help.com is making sure that the voice of our customer is heard and acted on. How did we implement a suggestion board?