Confirmit VoC for Business to Consumer eBook


For business to consumer (B2C) organizations the customer experience can make or break your brand. Success therefore depends upon understanding where you are delighting – or failing – your customers, and making decisions to improve results. The most effective method is a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program that collects feedback across all customer touchpoints to deliver meaningful and actionable insights. Voice of the Customer

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Confirmit VoC for Business to Consumer eBook


For business to consumer (B2C) organizations the customer experience can make or break your brand. Success therefore depends upon understanding where you are delighting – or failing – your customers, and making decisions to improve results. The most effective method is a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program that collects feedback across all customer touchpoints to deliver meaningful and actionable insights.

eBook 40

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At a Glance: 3 Employee & Customer Experience Program Use Cases for Financial Services Brands

InMoment XI

Financial services brands know that customers take their money seriously, so many of them leverage employee and customer experience programs to understand what their customers need, then create experiences that build trusting, positive customer/brand relationships.

Clarifying the Role of the CCO – Competency #1

Customer Bliss

Competency #1: Honor and Manage Customers as Assets. Know the Growth or Loss of Customers and Care About the “Why?”. With this competency, the goal is to align leaders to make a defining performance metric—the growth or loss of your customer base. Customer Asset Measurement is about knowing what customers actually did to impact business growth or loss versus what they say they might do via survey results. how many customers increased their purchases?

Transforming the Digital Customer Support Journey

This eBook will focus on exploring the process of digital support transformations, including the types of support solutions available that meet customer demands and how to create the best combination for your customer base.

Winning in the Cloud – How Businesses Achieve CX Success

NICE inContact

Many of them have achieved superior customer experience outcomes – like better customer satisfaction and likelihood to recommend. We surveyed more than 900 contact center leaders in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia about key customer experience topics, including contact center plans and metrics. The latest results and analysis can be found in the 2019 NICE inContact Customer Experience (CX) Transformation Benchmark.

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Customer Journey Survey Strategy


Any CSM who has spent more than a few days in the SaaS industry working directly with customer contacts understands the incredible importance and value of customer feedback. Here are six winning customer journey survey strategies to introduce to your customers this year: 1.

The MOST Important Customer Success Metrics


Any customer success leader worth his or her salt isn’t making strategic, department-wide decisions based on gut feelings. Instead, customer success leaders lean on hard numbers, insights, and data to help steer their team’s decision-making.

How to Calculate: Customer Lifetime Value Formula (CLV)


When a new customer joins your book of business, there are some things that are known right out of the gate. The ‘sale’ of a new customer – aka the monetary amount of the contract – is often looked at as the be-all-end-all metric to determine the value of the customer.

CX Prediction 2022.2 — Surveys Are Just the Start


Please download our CX Predictions for 2022 ebook for our full report. Customer experience programs are far more than surveys. Surveys will always play a part in customer experience. But customer experience doesn’t need to be boring. This is part 2 in a 5-part series.

What We Learned From Our Own Data-Driven ABM Strategy

ZoomInfo has created the following eBook to help other B2B organizations gain insights on how to launch their own data-driven ABM strategy. In this eBook, we will reveal the good and the bad from our own campaign and highlight some key takeaways on how to improve your ABM strategies moving forward.

The Ultimate List of Customer Success Resources For 2021


As we embark on the New Year, now is the perfect time to catch up on Gainsight’s Customer Success resources from 2020. We compiled our best Customer Success resources from last year, from blogs to ebooks to webinars and podcasts. Launching Customer Success.

What is a chief customer officer?


Does your company have a chief customer officer (CCO)? Would your business benefit from appointing a chief customer officer ? Definition of a chief customer officer. What is a chief customer officer ? Chief customer officer job description.

10 Innovative Ways Companies are Winning with AI Today


Practically every business process can be impacted by artificial intelligence, especially repetitive, high-volume, or mainly rule-based processes. Enhance Customer Service. say that they’re leveraging AI to enhance customer service.

How to Get Started With a New Customer Success Platform


Now, the day is finally here – your team is finally implementing your new customer success platform. Making the decision to invest in a customer success platform shows that your organization is 100% dedicated to the long-term success and growth of your customer base. .

The Contact Center of the Future with Real-Time AI

An Al solution with only the highly technical or difficult calls coming to a human agent is what your organization needs. Read this eBook to discover how to implement AI for the best results in your contact center.

How to Create the Perfect Customer Satisfaction Survey: Questions, Tips & Templates


Running a successful business requires more than just a great product — it also means that you need to please your customers and ensure their satisfaction. Many businesses assume they know what their customers want, when those assumptions can be very different from their customer’s experiences. That is why you need to consider ways of getting feedback from your customers through effective customer satisfaction surveys. Helps You Retain Customers.

5 Ways Product-Led Growth Will Help You Generate Expansion Revenue


Snagging one-time customers and walking away won’t cut it if you want your Product team to grow. Expansion revenue is money that your company generates from your current customer base. It’s one reason nearly 60% of SaaS leaders mark customer renewals as a high priority.

How to Add Live Chat to your Website


Live chat has become one of the most popular customer service channels, so it comes as no surprise that there are many vendors to choose from. Live chat, email, messaging, social, ticketing & knowledge base – all in one, for free! Step 2: Customize the chat widget.

How To 130

Utility Customer Experience: Why Suppliers Need to Make it Effortless


The customer service game has changed for energy, gas and water companies. When customers contact them to pay a bill, check their usage levels or report an outage, they demand personalized, streamlined and convenient interactions. has been a Monolith Electric customer for 53 years.

Customer Marketing: Part 4 – Engagement


Over the past few weeks, we’ve been exploring some of the different types of customer marketing initiatives that CSMs can own to deliver fantastic customer experiences. Today, we’re going to take a look at a fourth customer marketing initiative: engagement.

Top 5 Customer Success resources


As Customer Success professionals you might find yourself building out something completely new at your organization, or just trying to break the status quo on what’s been done in order to help drive growth and expansion for your SaaS organization. 2021 Customer Success leadership study.

4 Reads That Will Help You Prove CX ROI

InMoment XI

At the end of the day, investing in customer experience (CX) is about more than just the score. Customer Acquisition Customer Retention Cross-sell & Upsell Cost Reduction. #1: 1: Customer Acquisition. 2: Customer Retention.

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3 ways to empower your customer support team


Customer support agents are the warriors of every organization. They tackle the toughest questions and they’re highly accountable to both the company and the customers they serve. It’s their job to represent the interests of both—make customers happy and uphold company policy—which is a hard role, to say the least. But no company will see success without a frontline team that keeps its customers on track. So how do you empower your customer support team?

Quickly Build Your First Customer Feedback Program for Powerful Results


While so many companies are pondering how to grow their customer experience (CX) programs, there are plenty of CX champions looking to start a CX program. With a little guidance, you can quickly build and implement a quality program that helps you: Listen to your customers.

4 Attributes to Look for When Hiring New CSMs


In 2020, customer success has become one of the most critical positions in any SaaS organization. With so much confusion and uncertainty across every single industry, an experienced, clear-headed CSM can be the defining difference between a reassured customer and a churned one.

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Recorded Webinar: The Customer Success Maturity Model


In this recorded webinar, Dave Blake, CEO/Founder of ClientSuccess discusses a customer success maturity model that will help you build, scale, and optimize a high-impact team and culture of customer success. The webinar will help you determine your current customer success maturity and guide you through the next steps and best practices to strengthen your approach to customer success. Request the recorded webinar here: The Customer Success Maturity Maturity Model.

3 Reasons a Customer Success Platform Is Fundamental to Company Success


If there is one lesson that SaaS organizations learned during the last year, the importance of a loyal customer base can not be overstated. With so much focus on customer success departments, investing in specific technology platforms is a necessity.

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8 SaaS Onboarding Best Practices


SaaS customer onboarding makes or breaks your customer retention. It has a long-lasting impact on your customer and deep ties to their likelihood to churn. For this reason, unlocking the optimal SaaS customer onboarding experience is invaluable.

4 Ways a Product-Led Approach Can Reduce Your Customer Acquisition Cost


One of the biggest reasons is this: Product-led approaches can plummet your customer acquisition costs. Wondering how exactly product-led growth slims down customer outreach spending? What is customer acquisition cost? How do you calculate customer acquisition cost?

PX for Multi-Product Companies


These giants are constantly adding, upgrading, and maintaining multiple product offerings while balancing a loyal customer following. Although multi-product companies have the chance to reach a broader range of customers, they also face common challenges as they grow.

How to Deliver a Personalized, Automated Customer Experience


Catering your customer support to your individual customers can be accomplished easily with a smart, chatbot platform like Solvvy. Businesses are leveraging this now to maximize their customer support experience. Differentiate Support Needs Based on User Group.

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10 Common Reasons Customers Churn – and What to Do About It 


While the best parts of working with customers involve forging strong relationships and engagement strategies, there is one downside to the role: customer churn. As hard as you work, there will inevitably be customers who churn throughout your tenure as a CSM. .

Referrals are your golden goose


The following post was written by a BirdEye customer. In my first weeks as CMO for Emerald Lawns, I found that only 38% of our sales were generated from customer referrals. Here are 5 lessons that we learned from sending customer referrals.

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The Importance of Customer Success Segmentation


How much you engage with your customers — and how much your customers engage with you — plays a vital role in the success of your business. Taking a one-size-fits-all approach to customer engagement isn’t the best strategy. Every customer is different.

Outdo Your SaaS Onboarding: 8 Expert Tactics to Exceed Expectations


SaaS onboarding makes or breaks your customer retention. Onboarding has a long-lasting impact with deep ties to a customer’s likelihood to churn. That’s what we set out to ask the Customer Success experts. But it’s not just about Sales and Customer Success.

eBook 52

4 Conversational Support Tips to Make Lifelong Customers


Content: The current state of customer support quality. Top 4 conversational support tips to increase customer loyalty. On the other, offering a chat channel is of high maintenance, since: – Customers expect you to answer quite quickly. Customer Service Statistics.