New Report: The ROI Of Agile Customer Care: Reduce Training and Easy To Add Channels

Natalie Petouhof

Often times, depending on the technology stack they already have, there is a lot of code that has been written to add something new – i.e., it requires that a major pow wow of IT, customer care, business leaders, etc.

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Why Asking for Contact Center Pricing Shouldn’t Be Your First Question


You want to ensure every decision you make is cost-effective and produces sufficient return on investment. That’s why when you’re searching for a new contact center outsourcer, one of your first questions is about pricing. Calculating Contact Center Pricing.

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3 ways to secure your contact center when working from home


What did 2019 teach us about security in the Contact Center? Some countries have developed specific legislation that is both raising the bar on privacy as well as impacting global policies. What to Do to Secure Your Contact Center Now That Agents Are Working From Home? #1

A Contact Center Features Checklist for 2018


To gain a competitive edge with today’s customers, your contact center features need to continually improve your customer service offering – doing nothing is not a viable option. What new tools will your contact center features offer customers and agents in 2018?

Contact Center Metrics That Matter

Speaker: Nate Brown, Co-Founder, CX Accelerator

The contact center is one of the most strategic and influential groups related to the larger Customer Experience (CX). Do you have the right metrics in place to assess your true impact?

A Contact Center Features Checklist for 2018


To gain a competitive edge with today’s customers, your contact center features need to continually improve your customer service offering – doing nothing is not a viable option. What new tools will your contact center features offer customers and agents in 2018?

Sell the Value of Data Insights to the C-Suite

NICE inContact

It is a necessity that gives the contact center the flexibility, agility, and power required to optimize agent performance while responding to customer needs quickly and effectively. Show the Return on Investment (ROI) in both quantitative and qualitative terms.

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The Voice of the Customer is Asking for a Better Citizen Experience, is Your Agency Listening?

NICE inContact

Businesses make investments to improve all touch points across the customer journey to ensure that each one of those customers has an exceptional experience when it comes to engaging with the brand. Contact center investments can yield significant and rapid improvements to that.

How Valvoline’s Service Team Pleased Two Very Diverse Constituents — Its CFO and Its Customers

NICE inContact

They expect to see a solid business case with a strong, defensible return on investment (ROI). These anticipated benefits were driven by a focus on greatly improving the customer experience across multiple channels. Recognizing an opportunity to improve the customer experience as well as the bottom line, Valvoline embarked on an effort to redirect calls from its company-owned service centers to a centralized contact center, powered by NICE inContact CXone.

AI Customer Service: Today’s Most Transformative Technologies


This realization has seen investments in AI rapidly increasing. The two fields attracting the most AI investment last year were automated AI-powered customer service agents, which raised $4.5 Contact Center workload management.

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of December 12, 2016


We Asked, Zappos Answered: Tracking Contact Center Metrics, Omni-Channel & Chatbots by Sharpen. Sharpen) We went one-on-one with Zappos to get a sneak peek into the contact center famous for their customer service. For information contact or

How Workforce Optimization Tools Positively Impact Your Business, Clients, and Bottom Line


In pursuit of this goal, Common has been a long-time user of Avaya IP Office ™ with Avaya Contact Center Select. –supporting our long-term focus on regulatory compliance and business security.

13 Short Customer Service YouTube Videos You Can Use for Training

Myra Golden

Myra Golden Seminars offers engaging, cutting-edge classroom and online customer service training based on the work of Myra Golden. Customers have the option of enjoying our interactive online training on our Learning Management System (LMS) or through SCORM modules for their own LMS.

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Back Office Integration Coming to the Forefront in Customer Engagement


We have begun to see the boundaries of the contact center expanding as its functionality encroaches upon other departments within the enterprise, agents gain access to subject matter experts in other departments, and data silos have come together in the interest of improved customer service. As the worlds of back office and front office operations come together, contact center agents will benefit by the improved customer service they are able to offer customers.

Calling out All CX Innovators!


Award recipients will be recognized during a special customer panel session on the second day of Opentalk 2020 , April 23, at Pier 35 in San Francisco. CX Business Impact – Celebrating companies who have optimized their contact center(s) and had a positive impact on their business.

New Report: ROI Of Customer Service & Customer Experience

Natalie Petouhof

Customer Care as a cost center is an unfounded p aradigm. In fact, executives have long thought of customer service or customer care as a cost center. This paper looks at the paradigm of “customer care as a cost center” and shows that it is false.

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Who benefits from an AI-powered knowledge base?


Now, we’re going to dive into the different stakeholders within and outside of the contact center who will benefit from this evolution of the traditional knowledge base, and how you can use it to transform your customer experience. . appeared first on Talkdesk

ROI of Social Customer Service: How to Calculate It and Create a Strong Business Case

Natalie Petouhof

If a consumer’s flight gets delayed or she receives terrible food brought to the table, she might post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Yelp within minutes of the incident. Customer care extends far beyond the traditional call center. Costs of Investment.

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Build the Business Case to Invest More in Customer Experience

NICE inContact

This is part one of a four-part series on the economic value of NICE inContact CXone. Investing in customer experience technologies has become more critical than ever because it directly impacts top line and bottom line.

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Weekendesk Reaches Bigger Heights With Talkdesk Support Solution


Founded in the early 2000s, Weekendesk is an online travel agency for weekends and short-themed breaks that has so far helped one million people go on travel getaways. The post Weekendesk Reaches Bigger Heights With Talkdesk Support Solution appeared first on Talkdesk.

Building a Customer Experience (CX) Strategy

CX Accelerator

At first, focus on addressing and fixing the pain points which will have the most positive impact to the business with minimal cost or effort. As you gather this information, bake in metrics so you can demonstrate to leadership the return on investment (ROI) of an enhanced customer experience.

Omnichannel Customer Support – a Shopping Checklist


Research shows that companies with extremely strong omnichannel customer engagement retain on average 89 percent of their customers, compared to 33 percent for companies with weak omnichannel customer engagement. It should be easy to implement, and provide a solid return on investment (ROI).

Speech Analytics: Five Ways to Set Your Company up for Success


If you aren’t at least considering speech analytics for your contact center, you risk missing out on valuable information that can improve the entire customer experience. The premise was to help brands—just like yours—answer that very question and start out on the path to success. When implementing speech analytics, the pressure is on to quickly realize return on investment. Speech analytics is a huge opportunity for brands.

Best Practice Number One: Start Your Self-Service Transformation Project with the Right Approach

NICE inContact

You’ve invested a significant amount of time and energy to hire highly skilled contact center agents, and you’ve invested a lot of money in the technology they use to handle calls/inquiries, so what is missing? If your efforts aren’t optimally performing, it may be time to jumpstart a self-service transformation project in your contact center. Take a steady pace and make continuous improvements in the call center.

5 Insights About Sourcing and Developing Strategic Partnerships


Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, Ontario, we discussed how securing long-term partnerships with service suppliers like outsourced contact centers can impact your overall business objectives. Blue Ocean: Return on investment is crucial, but its measurement isn’t always tangible.

Building a Customer Experience (CX) Strategy


At first, focus on addressing and fixing the pain points which will have the most positive impact to the business with minimal cost or effort. As you gather this information, bake in metrics so you can demonstrate to leadership the return on investment (ROI) of an enhanced customer experience.

5 Insights About Sourcing and Developing Strategic Partnerships


An expert strategic sourcing team adds value not only to its own organization, but by leading a world-class process focused on the right outcomes for a lasting partnership, the strategic sourcing team plays a vital role in the outsourcer’s success as well. Read on to see for yourself.

[Report] Are Chat Bots the Future of Service?


Currently, chat bots are not suited to handle all customer interactions but are rather programmed to handle simple verbal or text requests of customers based on a set of questions and answers they are assigned. appeared first on Astea.

From Knowledge Base to Virtual Agents: The Shift to AI-powered Self Service


Although this information can usually be found in the user manual, customers looking for assistance with these basic tasks drive a large volume of calls to the customer care center, which can be avoided with self-service. The ability to improve service quality, while remaining cost effective, is heavily reliant on the company’s ability to adopt and integrate effective self-service alternatives.

The Essential Guide to Customer Service Outsourcing

Magellan Solutions

So you do not have to worry if you are losing money on unattended customers. Regardless of the channel and the type of customer service you need, whether it is voice or non-voice function, contact centers got your back! . You can avoid capital investment through outsourcing.

It’s All About The $$$ – How Much Money Can Chatbots Actually Save You?


From customized Chatbots on major brand websites to Siri and Alexa in our own homes, it seems like Chatbots have entered the discussion (and our lives) for good. What decision makers really want to know is: Is investing in a Chatbot worth it, and how much money can Chatbots actually save?

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Learn Three Insights About the Lean Six Sigma Process to Ensure Success with Your Performance Improvement Project


A business issue involving your call center has been affecting your organization for months. Using Lean Six Sigma to improve call center performance is a proven way to determine underlying operational issues and to implement organizational change. Six Sigma Call Center Training

Introducing AppConnect Launch Partners


The mission of AppConnect is to allow Talkdesk customers to add more tools to their contact center stack without any hassle. TalkAlly – TalkAlly helps call center agents around the world manage their workflow. Read more about these partners on the AppConnect homepage.

Rapid Adoption of AI

Call Experts

If we look at the surveys, the biggest challenge to the adoption of AI is related to strategy development and managing return on investment. Upgrade your property management services with a contact center. Why do you need a 24-hour contact support system?

Outsourcing an Infomercial Call Center

Magellan Solutions

To make sure that an infomercial campaign achieves a robust return on investment (ROI), put all the necessary support and technology in place. This is where your infomercial call center comes in. What Makes an Infomercial Call Center Special?

Why Metrics Aren’t Everything for Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

Joe Rawlinson

Fully-engaged, satisfied customers believe that the company they’re purchasing from delivers on what they promise. This challenge becomes even more complex when you consider that the customer experience happens on a variety of channels. Whether a customer interacts with a company on a digital channel, a voice channel, or face-to-face, they still only see a single brand and not a channel-specific version of the brand.

Mapping digital transformation in customer experience


Published on: May 25, 2016. What is changing is the importance of digital channels, and the impact that this transformation is having on how companies interact with customers on an ongoing basis. Share this page on: Tweet.

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NICE Wins Four Prestigious Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service

Natalie Petouhof

NICE won three Silver Stevie ® Awards in the Contact Center Solution New Version category for the following: NICE Engage Platform – The NICE Engage Platform provides comprehensive omni–channel interaction recording. Designed for flexibility, it easily adapts to the unique operational requirements of any call center. This helps businesses prioritize which areas they should address to maximize the customer experience and their return on investment.

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The #1 Reason Most Voice-of-Customer (VoC) Data Are Wasted


There’s input (investment) and output (ROI + waste). Sometimes, the data aren’t acted on at all. They sit on a shelf, collecting dust. But it’s equally important—if not more important—that brands use their VoC data to make tactical updates on the spot.

4 Automation Strategies to Earn Your Customer’s Loyalty


Creating a flow or drip campaign traditionally includes: Segment your email list based on customer data, online behaviors, and interactions with your brand. Using the data, identify customers that make repeat purchases and/or regularly download, share, and comment on your content.