4 Essential Resources to Read Before You Craft Your Contact Center RFP


The purpose of a contact center RFP is no different: it’s an essential process to use when choosing an outsourcer. However, the contact center RFP is unique and can’t be modeled on the same old RFP template used for other services your company may procure.

The Truth About Attrition in the Contact Center


At first glance, attrition seems like a chink in the armor for contact centers. Across every industry, the fact that people leave their jobs and move on is a basic truth, but in the contact center, the attrition metric receives quite of a bit of negative attention.

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Can You Train Contact Center Agents in Empathy?


We already know most people hate calling tech support and even in basic customer service scenarios, consumers prefer to use self-serve options over contacting a customer service agent directly. That makes us curious: can you train contact center agents in empathy?

New Year, New Contact Center RFP? 10 Mistakes to Avoid


If enhancing your customer experience is a strategic priority over the next 12 months, you might be looking at putting out a contact center RFP or RFI early in the new year. Mistake #4: Being Too Vague About Employee Engagement. Is your contact center RFP ready to go?

Contact Center Metrics That Matter

Speaker: Nate Brown, Co-Founder, CX Accelerator

The contact center is one of the most strategic and influential groups related to the larger Customer Experience (CX). Learn how to round out your CX dashboard with metrics related to the employee experience, the customer journey, and business results.

Implement Continuous CX Improvements in Your Contact Center

NICE inContact

In the second episode, Building Continuous CX Improvements in Your Contact Center, Nate Brown, co-founder of CX Accelerator, shared his expertise regarding how to build an all-star contact center. Tune in and begin transforming your contact center today.

Leave the Toxicity Behind: Overcoming Contact Center Negativity


I got my start in contact centers by taking customer service calls. One of the big things that hasn’t changed is how people feel about working at a call center. Call center work is relatively easy to get into, but it can be a hard cycle to break.

The Contact Center of the Future in the Distributed Workforce Era


As customer service leaders envision the contact center of the future, a key question is whether agents will need to come in to work at all. In fact, the global Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) market is projected to expand to USD 24.11

Understanding Contact Center Billing

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However, the differentiator is the experience. Companies need to offer one point of contact linked to 24/7 support. Contact centers must capture data in real-time and enter correctly into CRM systems to provide reporting for your business to make data-driven decisions. .

How Contact Centers Support Plumbing Businesses

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Cue the experienced live-agent contact center. . Here are our top 4 benefits of partnering with a contact center to support and grow your plumbing business: . Hire a plumbing contact center that works 24x7x365. Understanding Contact Center Billing.

Build a better employee experience with Talkdesk Workforce Engagement Management


The Impact of Employee Engagement in the Contact Center What exactly is employee engagement? Why is it so critical to the customer experience and operational efficiency in the contact center? The same is true in the modern contact center.

Incorporate Technology Effectively in Your Contact Center – Your Agents will Thank You

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If you follow customer service trends then you know that technology continues to blur the line between digital and physical customer experiences. However, in today’s landscape, having pleasant and empathetic employees isn’t enough.

Key 2020 Trends: Cloud Contact Centers

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By actively harnessing a set of cloud-based AI-powered technologies, contact centers are infusing intelligence across the entire customer contact landscape. The contact center is in the midst of the most exciting and promising time in its history.

5 Reasons to Launch Your Contact Center to the Cloud


5 Reasons to Launch Your Contact Center to the Cloud. As the primary point of interaction between your business and your customers, a contact center is often the heartbeat of an organization. Happy Employees Lead To Happy Customers.

I’m New to Contact Centers. Here Are 5 Things I Learned at ICMI’s Contact Center Expo.


Last week, I attended ICMI’s yearly contact center expo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. And two, because contact centers are at a particularly transformative point in their existence. Positive Contact Center Culture is Vital to Agents and Customers. Call Cente

How Contact Centers Manage the Holiday Rush

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With this steady growth and increase in demand, contact centers are a vital partner to support the holiday rush. . . Customer activities and interactions with brands during the holiday season significantly impact contact centers. 6 Key Benefits of Employee Call Off Lines.

What Your Outsourcer Should Tell You About Managing Contact Center Agents: A Client’s Guide


Trusting an outsourced contact center with your brand takes more than a well-crafted RFP. More than just hiring and training them, you need to know how your outsourced partner is managing contact center agents on a daily basis. 3 Ways to Empower Call Center Agents. •

Plan For The Work-At-Home Contact Center You Want, Not The One You Were Forced To Build During This Pandemic

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Top Priorities in Customer-Centric Contact Centers


Did you miss this Customer Experience Update Webinar from the end of November? Read the transcript below: Nicholas Rodriguez: …the highest priorities for Contact Centers that focus on the customer. Okay, Nate will discuss the hectic reality of modern contact centers.

Perfecting Self-Service at Work Means Perfecting the Employee Experience


Shifting left was on everyone’s lips: IT teams want to make knowledge more readily available and accessible to employees, empowering them to meet customer needs more quickly, accurately, and efficiently while allowing IT to do more with less.

Incorporate Technology Effectively in Your Contact Center – Your Agents will Thank You

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If you follow customer service trends then you know that technology continues to blur the line between digital and physical customer experiences. While technologies like chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI) can play an obvious role in shaping the customer experience, true transformation comes from not only looking digitally outward at your customers, but inward as well. However, in today’s landscape, having pleasant and empathetic employees isn’t enough.

Contact Center Leaders: Look Back to Look Forward

Think Customers

Customer Contact Week—a conference focused on customer experience and customer care technology and trends—recently celebrated its 20th anniversary in Las Vegas. So, how has the customer experience evolved in the past two decades?

What HR Wishes WFM Knew About Call Center Employee Experience


Put your hand up if you grew up wanting to be a call center agent. That’s why we’re so dead-set on defying that stereotype and creating an excellent call center employee experience. It’s what helps things keep moving and what drives consistency in the customer experience.

Contact Centers: The Last Line of Defense


78% of consumers permanently change how they feel about a company based on a single interaction with the contact center, according to this Qualtrics study of 2,000+ consumers, 100+ contact center agents and thousands of customer journeys. Experiences are the new differentiators. Customer service and contact centers are among the most critical – and costly – areas for delivering a high quality customer experience when customers need it most.

Jackson Receives Prestigious Awards for Contact Center Excellence

CSM Magazine

for excellence in contact center service in 2017. SQM named Jackson a top-three Contact Center of the Year Finalist for receiving high ratings in customer and employee experience among a field of 500 leading international contact centers.

Please hold, this contact center isn’t ready to deliver breakthrough CX


Customer care teams have the power to deliver breakthrough experience s , and our latest research shows just how much customers value them. Find out how making the right investments in your service center culture can turn yours from a necessary cost center into a key brand loyalty driver.

VoiceFoundry and SMG Leverage Amazon Connect for New Self-Serve Contact Center Feedback and Measurement Application

CSM Magazine

The integrated solution allows businesses using Amazon Connect to measure the customer experience through an advanced, post-interaction survey—making it easy to gain customer feedback on each interaction. VoiceFoundry is passionate about customer experience.

What customer feedback can reveal about employee experience gaps


Yet one opportunity is often overlooked, especially early in an organization’s experience management journey: uncovering gaps in the employee experience (EX). A fundamental truth of customer experience (CX) is that it flows from the employee experience of an organization.

Employee experiences are connected to customer experiences.

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There is a connection between employee experiences and customer experiences. Upset or frustrated employees are likely to affect your business and lead to unsatisfied customers. It is essential to focus on employee satisfaction. . What is an employee call out-line?

Here’s an Idea: Put Millennials’ Needs First


What does that mean for outsourced contact center employers? A commitment to employee engagement , clear career path opportunities, and a well-articulated value-proposition for the employee will take you a long way as an employer.

The holiday rush doesn’t mean an overload for your business when you partner with a contact center.

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Businesses feel the influence of these negative support experiences on social media channels and email-based customer communications. A well-seasoned contact center will help! . The holiday rush doesn’t mean an overload for your business when you partner with a contact center.

With CXone, Valvoline Drives Results that Exceed Expectations

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What’s more, this issue was having widespread impact: both in the stores and on the phone, it was negatively affecting customers’ and employeesexperiences, as well as hurting performance and service standards. Valvoline, Inc.

Are You Ready for the Future of Customer Service?


Did you know that 32% of customers worldwide will quit doing business with a brand – even if they love it – because of just one bad experience? But what constitutes a bad experience? Automation through AI-driven technologies will never replace the need for human contact center agents.

5 Top Customer Service Articles for the Week of January 6, 2020


Each week I read a number of customer service and customer experience articles from various resources. 8 CX Design & Strategy Trends You Need To Know: Looking Back On The 2019 Contact Center by Matt Wujciak. My Comment: What’s your ROX (Return on experience)?

Winning in the Experience Economy – Working up the CX Maturity Curve

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In part 1 of the blog, we looked at the foundations of building a robust Customer Experience (CX), starting with contact centers. Employee experience and voice of the employee get as much priority as customer experience and voice of the customer when the synergies are well understood. It is extremely important to look at employee tools, ones that can provide enough and more information about the customer, knowledge base and the likes.

Amazing Business Radio: Rebecca Martin


They discuss the role of technology in customer service, how emotion can drive customer loyalty, and how marketers and contact center workers can help each other in building the ideal customer journey. Chatbots and similar technologies are not replacing call center agents.

Gartner Recognizes NICE as a Leader in Magic Quadrant for Workforce Engagement Management

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NICE continues to build upon their leadership position as a provider of customer engagement solutions that enable organizations to deliver an effortless, consistent and personalized experience. WEM delivers interaction quality management while ensuring employee engagement is a focal point.