4 Ways Wendy’s Uses Social Media to Attract Consumers

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By the 1990s, Dave had become a household name, as he had appeared in more than 800 commercials, and a survey conducted by Wendy’s in the 1990s showed that 90% of Americans knew who he was. Consistency is key on social media, both in terms of what you’re posting and how often.

Why Businesses Need Social Media


Social media can serve as a testing ground for businesses, nurture customer relationships and provide brand identity. Businesses need social media to succeed in this increasingly technology-centric world. Three Reasons Why Businesses Need Social Media.

Best Ways to Utilize Social Media for Consumer Surveys

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Social media has quickly grown up to become the best tool to gain a clearer picture of what consumers want. Once you see the benefits of social media and create a plan of action, customer surveys become more effective and insightful.

9 Unmissable Reasons Why You Need to Care about Social Media Customer Service


With the fame came a wave of social media engagement. New customers and fans of the show posted comments and reviews of Amy’s Baking Company to social media channels like Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, and Reddit. How can social media customer service help?

The Challenges of Omnichannel: Why so Many Contact Centers Struggle with Digital Self-Service

to meet customer expectations for digital service Social Media Voice of the. that 59 percent of consumers and. surveyed to determine if internal. media discussion. forums and surveys give them. and social media (40 percent). consumer.

You Need a Jointly Owned Social Media Customer Service Strategy ASAP – Here’s Why


Once you decide to engage in social media customer service, the next step is coming up with an effective strategy for implementing it. You know the “what” and they “why” of social media support, but who within your company should be the one to own this new platform?

Data Snapshot: Social Media Benchmark, 2015

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We just published a Temkin Group data snapshot, Social Media Benchmark, 2015. This is our annual analysis of how consumers use different social media sites on computers as well as on mobile phones (see last year’s data snapshot ).

Data Snapshot: Social Media Benchmark, 2016

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Temkin Group just published a data snapshot, Social Media Benchmark, 2016. This annual research effort shows how consumer use of social media sites on both computers and mobile phones are changing. Here’s a description of the data snapshot: In January 2016, we surveyed 10,000 U.S. consumers about how frequently they use social media on their […].

Why Gamble Your Reputation over Social Media? Use Live Chat to Keep Conversations Private


You might believe social media is a boon for customer care. A Google search for the phrase ‘social media customer service’ returns 117 million results. Whereas 41% picked live chat, in a recent live chat statistics survey we conducted.

7 Social Media Customer Support Secrets That Never Fail

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Social Media Customer Support Secrets. It is no longer a secret that social media channels are used for assisting customers on a daily basis. In fact, 90% of consumers surveyed by Social Sprout have used social media in some way to communicate with a brand.

Brands Ignoring Consumers on Social Media Are in Trouble (Infographic)

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Gone are the days when we didn’t need to worry about using social media for customer support. According to the Sprout Social report 90% of people surveyed have used social media in some way to communicate directly with a brand.

Using Social Media Insight to Inform Competitive Intelligence


They could do so much better, pretty immediately, if they’d just let social media insight guide the way. What Social Media Insight Tells Brands . Consumer preferences (unmet needs, or just areas to pay closer attention to over others in the moment).

A Guide to Social Media Reputation Management


Social media gives customers the opportunity to voice their opinion about your business in an open space. It’s a space that exists for everyone to see — friends, family, and other consumers. That’s why businesses should manage their reputation on social media.

Mastering Social Media Reporting Guide


Social media analytics does a lot for brands and businesses – guiding efforts and keeping brands out of hot water. But if you don’t report your results to the people making decisions, they may not realize how vital these social analytics truly are – or why. Social Analytics

23 Restaurant Social Media Statistics You Need to Know


Social media gives consumers ideas about things to do and buy to make their lives better. . Restaurant Customer Statistics for Every Social Media Manager. An effective social media strategy in marketing is a must for all restaurants.

A Starter’s Guide to Providing an Efficient Social Media Customer Support

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During ancient times when the internet was but a fledgeling piece of technology, man relied on archaic ways like the reliable word-of-mouth when looking for reviews about certain consumer products or services before procuring them. Now, social media has turned into a place for business, too.

Maintain Healthy Relationships With Customers Through Social Media

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Social Media has become not just a prominent platform for marketing and advertising but also an accessible tool for forming and improving customer relationships. Check out some of these quick tips for maintaining successful relationships with your customers via social media.

The social media dilemma: how to get the most dangerous customer service channel right


Social media: a platform that allows consumers to say anything they like about a brand – and broadcast that message to the world. When you think about it, it’s not surprising that many businesses consider social media to be one of the dangerous communication channels.

9 Social Media Listening Success Stories


The case for social listening has been stated numerous times – and it’s a solid one. Not only does social listening lead you to important insights about your audience – it protects every aspect of your brand when you apply those insights. That’s how Hotwire uses social listening.

How to start using Social Media for Customer Service

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But today’s customers are expecting service on-line and on the social media channels that they use. One of the great benefits of social media is connecting with people who we would otherwise not meet. How to start using Social Media for Customer Service.

Guest Blog: How to Use Social Media to Provide Great Customer Service


This week we feature an article by Brooke Harper who writes about the importance of using social media to provide great customer service. If you’re not monitoring what customers are saying about you and your company on social media, what are you waiting for?! – Shep Hyken.

Social Media Marketing For Insurance: Dos and Don’ts


Social media marketing for insurance is experiencing major growth. While insurance providers recognize that social media marketing is essential to future growth, many struggle to keep up with the pace and drive real results from their efforts.

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Plan


Customers tell stories on social media. Building a social media marketing plan is essential to the success of your business because customers go to social media platforms to interact with other consumers – and your brand. Social Media Advertising.

4 Social Media Monitoring Tools for Tracking Your Brand


They’re posting comments and creating conversations on channels like Yelp, Google, and TripAdvisor, on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as via status updates, check-ins, hearts, thumbs up/down, and tweets.

5 Restaurant Customer Statistics Social Media Managers Need to Know


Social media gives consumers ideas about things to do and buy to make their lives better. . Restaurant Customer Statistics for Every Social Media Manager. An effective social media strategy in marketing is a must for all restaurants.

5 Ways to Boost Customer Retention with Social Media


There’s always going to be another option for the consumer. Fortunately, social media allows you a direct way to strengthen connections with your fans and repair your reputation with customers who may have had a less than stellar experience. Listen to customers on social media.

5 Reasons Why Social Media Is Critical for Great Customer Service

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Whether it’s Snapchat’s GeoFilters or Facebook’s 360 Photos, more businesses are finding that social media is one of the most powerful tools available today. Whatever industry you’re in, you simply must have a social media presence these days.

7 Social Media Marketing Strategies to Drive Results


You have already planted your business flags on popular social media properties. Now, it’s time to grow your social media presence, drive engagement, and get real results that can impact your bottom line. 7 Social Media Marketing Strategies to Drive Results .

24 Social Media Marketing Statistics You Need to Know in 2018


The state of social media today isn’t the same as it was a few years ago. In a rapidly evolving landscape, marketers must continue to keep an eye on industry trends and stay up to date with the latest social media marketing statistics. Social Media Marketing Statistics.

4 Types of Social Media Customer Complainers (and How to Deal with Them)

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When it comes to giving feedback, consumers are likely to complain or rant via social media instead of telling the brand directly because for them, it’s easy and safe. Brands, on the other hand, have much to lose with complaints on social media.

Social Media Ninja 101: The Most Popular Social Network Sites


While it’s clear why having at least one social media account is a “must” for business, it might be difficult which social network site you should choose. Q: Why do I want to have social media profile? Q: What’s the best time to post on social sites?

Is Your Customer Satisfaction Survey Dissatisfying Customers?


Think for a moment about all the companies you didn’t do business with because you heard complaints about them from a friend or on social media. . Why the average customer satisfaction survey doesn’t work. You may not have even considered it a survey.

Social Media Emerges as Wireless Customer Service Channel of Choice

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Could social media be realizing its true calling as the ultimate customer service channel? Power, overall satisfaction is highest when customers ask questions or make requests of their wireless carriers via social media.

2019 Social Media Monitoring Pro Tips: Making the Most of a Real-time Dashboard


It’s 2019 and time for another fast-paced year where brands are made and broken at the speed of social. With real-time social dashboards you’re never left out though – and you get to choose the data that matters most. Social Monitoring

7 Hacks to Customize Your Surveys for Your Brand


Surveys. It’s what every company wants following a consumer’s experience with their brand. Our inboxes receive surveys from companies we have done business with, asking for our feedback on a purchased product or service or an experience with their customer support desk.

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Be the Social Media Ninja: An Essential Guide to Social Media Sites


I’m sure that you’ve heard plenty of times why not having social media profiles is the worst idea you can have. If you’re not on social networking sites, it’s like you don’t exist, right? Why do I want to have social media profile? What’s the social media etiquette?

Social Media Metrics You Need to Master: Get More from Your Analytics


You know Social Media Analytics are important – yet 81% of executives surveyed don’t feel their company is using social to its full potential. We talked about 11 social media metrics worth mastering in a recent Adweek webinar. Social Analytics