A knowledgeable, well-trained, professional customer service representative is worth their weight in CX gold!

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I’ve been involved in customer service for all my 40 years in business. For four decades, I’ve been trying to improve the customer experience for organizations in a variety of industries and diverse geographic locations.

These Are the Interview Questions You Need to be Asking Customer Service Representatives

Myra Golden

There was a time when customer service departments/jobs were solely reactive. But increased competition and higher expectations from customers have led companies to require customer service professionals to take on a more proactive role. Customer Service .

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These Are the Interview Questions You Need to be Asking Customer Service Representatives

Myra Golden

There was a time when customer service departments/jobs were solely reactive. But increased competition and higher expectations from customers have led companies to require customer service professionals to take on a more proactive role. Customer Service .

6 Habits of Highly Successful Customer Service Representatives

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At the heart of every business is a great customer service team, always striving to deliver an exceptional service to their clients with the goal of turning a first-time customer experience into repeat business. Richard Branson truly is the face of customer service.

What it takes to succeed as a customer service representative

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The best customer service representatives focus on people. For anyone considering a career in customer service, one must initially be able to handle stress, handle pressure, maintain friendly interactions with customers, and follow through on tasks.

Qualities to Look for When Building Your Customer Service Team


The business of customer service has grown consistently, and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics says the number of customer service representatives will have grown by 5% between 2016 and 2026. Customer Service Customer Experience Culture Support

Customer Service Employees are Among the Least Engaged: What’s One Way to Change That?

Tricia Morris

The 2015 Employee Engagement Trends Report shows customer service employees are among the least engaged, falling behind human resources, sales, marketing, engineering, R & D, operations, finance and IT (in that order) when it comes to on-the-job engagement.

Evolving Customer Service to the Next Level in 2017


The evolution of the self-serve customer service solution isn’t exactly headline news as we enter this new year. We all know that many, if not most, consumers today prefer to avoid interacting with a live customer service representative if a self-serve option is available.

The Essential Guide to Customer Service Outsourcing

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Customer support outsourcing services help in responding immediately to your customers. So you do not have to worry if you are losing money on unattended customers. It is for this reason that companies invest in customer service. .

Statistics that Predict the Future of Customer Service

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The result of a business is a satisfied customer.” We have come a long way since the first industrial revolution and are now bursting with new products and services in crowded markets regularly. But an often neglected area is how the organization makes the customer feel.

10 Warning Signs That Your Customer Service Sucks


We all want our customers to be happy with our products and services. As much as we want to assure the total satisfaction of each and every one of our customers, unfortunately, this is a practical impossibility. The problem might be with the quality of your product/service.

This is What Exceptional Customer Service Looks Like In 2018


It’s 2018, and customer expectations are changing faster than ever. Consumer patience is dwindling; we want better, more accessible products, and everything that we do seems to revolve around convenience. Delivery in Hours – Tailored to Fit Customer Needs. Customer Service

100+ Customer Service Statistics & Facts of 2019

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Do you know how to keep your customers satisfied? Customer service is a high-stakes game. Every company is competing for the same customers, and customer satisfaction is one of the main differentiators between success and failure. Latest Customer Experience Trends.

13 Shocking Customer Service Statistics

Tricia Morris

It’s frightening to think just how much poor customer service can impact the customer experience and the overall reputation and bottom lines of brands and organizations. 76% of consumers say they view customer service as the true test of how much a company values them.

Would You Rather? Study Finds Consumers Would Rather Watch Paint Dry or Give Up Sex Than Call Customer Service


The preferences and demands of the modern consumer can be hard to predict. One thing that most seem to agree on, however, is that calling into a customer service contact center is extremely painful. We recently conducted a survey in conjunction with OnePoll that looked at the good and bad of today’s customer service experiences and how these interactions impact the way consumers engage with brands. On the flip side, what makes consumers happy?

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Omnichannel Customer Experiences: Do Consumers and Businesses See Eye-to-Eye?

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In today’s digital economy, there have never been more opportunities for businesses and their customers to interact. Chat, text, social media, websites, IVR, even traditional phone calls with customer service representatives – the list continues to grow.

6 Things Every CEO Should Know about Customer Service

Tricia Morris

Sometimes an investment or a culture change supporting customer service is a hard sell to the CEO and the C-suite. So to help make the case, here are six things every CEO should know about the importance of customer service: 1. Let’s face it.

Learn from Jeff Bezos: 9 Powerful Quotes to Boost Your Customer Service


Even with 244 million unique customers , Jeff Bezos knows better than to see his customers as a series of transactions. But with so many different customer relationships to maintain, what’s the wisdom that keeps this enterprise running? Customer Service

How Customer Service Affects Your Brand

Ann Michaels and Associates

High-quality customer service is essential to growing your brand and setting your company apart from the competition. When a customer has a bad experience, you can be sure their friends, families and colleagues will know about it faster than ever thanks to the internet.

The Power of Psychology in Customer Service

Call Center Pros

Psychology is very important when we are talking about customer service. If you can better understand how the mind of your customers work, you can offer a higher level of intuitive support and consequently, they will be happier. Really listen to your customers.

Customer Service – 9 Tips for Sales, Marketing, and Support

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Customer service is just a day in, day out, ongoing, never ending, unremitting, persevering, compassionate, type of activity. It needs no mention that buyers love excellent customer service. Courteous treatment will make a customer a walking advertisement ~ J.C.

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10 Essential Customer Service Skills Your Team Should be Practicing


Customer service is one of the toughest jobs out there. To be good at customer service , one must be able to put their own needs aside for their working hours and be able to concentrate fully on other people. Solid Understanding of the Product or Service.

How to Beat Customer Expectations with Better Customer Service


Your business offers top-of-the-line products or services—but does your business offer top-of-the line customer support? When you’ve invested heavily to drive customers to your site, you want to provide the same white-glove service throughout their customer journey, even if they contact you about an issue after a purchase is complete. . Want to deliver Zappos-level customer service? Customer satisfaction: 85%.

Celebrating the Impact of Customer Service Teams

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Customer Service Week is a time for employers to celebrate their hard-working customer service teams—those on the frontline who are the unsung heroes of delivering a positive customer experience. But a good customer experience isn’t as simple as it often seems.

9 Effective Tips for Customer Service on Social Media


The advent of social media has had a huge impact on the customer service industry. Here are nine tips on how to offer the most effective customer service on social media. Years ago, it might take days or even weeks for customer service to answer a question from a customer.

The Critical Role Of Customer Service Training In Successful Customer Engagement

Magellan Solutions

To develop a strong and lasting relationship with customers, you must first strengthen the camaraderie within your organization. To keep the customers satisfied, you must first create a great corporate culture. Start with the basics — customer service training.

Set the tone for exceptional customer service!

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Earlier this year, Software Advice, an online firm that reviews customer service software, published a new study , based on responses from more than 2,000 consumers, that examines the impact of a support agent’s tone and language on customer satisfaction.

30+ Most Important Customer Service Skills to Delight Customers

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Walmart ’s customer support was questioned when a customer pointed out a discrepancy in online and in-store product pricing. Walmart wasn’t at fault; however, they didn’t understand the importance of customer experience and the magnitude of loss they risked in this case.

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Service Untitled The blog about customer service and the customer service experience. The program can even tell if a customer is unlikely to buy. It’s nothing personal Monday morning and an angry customer is walking into the.

Follow These Rules for Great Customer Service

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Are your customers not so important for you? Are you witnessing a steady loss of customers? It’s high time that you realize the value of customer service and loyal customers. Don’t take them for granted, as acquiring new customers is a hard nut to crack.

Maximize web content for social media customer service

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The ubiquity of social media and the role it plays in the day-to-day lives of customers make it a powerful tool for social media customer service. There are several social media networks to choose from, but stick with the ones that best suit your customer service goals.

Why Is Customer Services So Important in Legal Services?

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Whilst American author and former dot.com guru Seth Godin has established himself as a true authority on the concept of marketing, it’s his approach to revolutionizing customer service that has really wowed businesses across the globe.

Don’t Forget to Connect Customer Service Week with Strategy

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From October 1-5, thousands of organizations around the world will recognize Customer Service Week. It’s encouraging to see companies across all types of industries make an effort to celebrate their commitment to customer satisfaction. Customer Service Articles

Multichannel vs. Omnichannel Customer Service: Which Is Right for You?


You know that there are some serious gaps in your current customer service strategy — and you’ve seen how those gaps have affected your business. Every year, companies lose over $60 billion thanks to poor customer service. Deeper Consumer Insights .

10 Ways Technology Will Affect the Future of Customer Service

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What’s your impression of good customer service?Most The customers demand greater efficiency, so businesses compete to deliver it. Technology plays a major role in the future of customer support. Live chat and other software as a service is changing everything.

4 Customer Service Strategies of Excellent Support Teams


Wikipedia defines customer service as “the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase.” Although that definition captures the essence of customer service, it lacks a few important elements. Customer Service

Customer Service: The Need for Speed

CSM Magazine

John Tschohl looks at four companies who have built their success on delivering fast service. Today’s consumers want speed and convenience, but they also want a great customer experience.” Takeaway: Express your genuine appreciation to the customer for sharing their complaint.