Best of the Podcast 2018: How A Telecommunications Organization Earned the Right to Customer Growth

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Today’s “Best of 2018” episode features Patricia Pedhom Nono , who was previously the general manager of customer service & customer experience at MTN Cameroon , one of the biggest telecommunications companies in Africa. CARE (Connect/Acknowledge/Resolve/Empower) at each interaction. CCO Role Podcast c-suite customer experience CX telecommunications

Tactics To Implement in Your First Six Months Leading CX in the Telecommunications Industry

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In this episode, you’ll hear from two brilliant leaders who’ve led CX work in the telecommunications industry. It’s the leader in the telecommunications market for the country, providing voice, mobile, cloud, data and SMS services for both B2B customers and the general public. Do you work in a telecommunications organization? Customers as Assets customer experience Employee Experience MTN Cameroon Sure International telecommunications voice of customer

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Earning the Right to Customer Experience Transformation at a Telecommunications Company

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In today’s episode, I talk to Patricia Pedhom Nono , General Manager, Customer Service & Customer Experience at MTN Cameroon , one of the biggest telecommunications company in Africa. CARE = Connect/Acknowledge/Resolve/Empower. Are you facing some challenges from your C-Suite regarding the implementation of a customer experience transformation?

Denera White: An Outstanding PSAP Telecommunicator

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How do you choose one employee over another when it comes time to nominate someone for the PSAPs’ Finest Telecommunicator of the Year Award? Each telecommunicator I supervise contributes so much to our department. I could hear telecommunicator Denera White in the communications center, calmly giving precise instructions to the mother in Spanish. Telecommunicators can use a Language Line to connect to an interpreter when dealing with a non-English speaking caller.

Denera White: An Outstanding PSAP Telecommunicator

Customer Interactions

How do you choose one employee over another when it comes time to nominate someone for the PSAPs’ Finest Telecommunicator of the Year Award? Each telecommunicator I supervise contributes so much to our department. I could hear telecommunicator Denera White in the communications center, calmly giving precise instructions to the mother in Spanish. Telecommunicators can use a Language Line to connect to an interpreter when dealing with a non-English speaking caller.

Markies Monday: 5 Strategies for Creating a Connected Customer Ecosystem

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The Nexus Award for Best CX Ecosystem honors an organization that architects a connected CX ecosystem with a CRM, third-party cloud apps, or API integration. What’s clear from this year’s entrants is this: Connected customer experiences are at the heart of these digital transformations. Build a connected CX ecosystem that empowers a single customer view across sales and service. Empower connected, omnichannel experiences.

Contact Centers Maintain Human Connections in Times of Crisis

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And in many cases, they are looking to connect with other people to share their experiences, emotions, and find someone who will listen. Contact centers and customer service organizations play a critical role in enabling those human connections. They provide essential services that in some cases deliver life-sustaining support of banks, healthcare organizations, telecommunications, travel, and insurance, just to name a few.

Customer retention in the telecom industry – new thinking


With the telecommunications industry at saturation point, and with services largely commoditized, providers suffer from exceptionally high rates of churn. She is instructed to reboot her router, reports that she is now connected and hangs up. For more information, click here to download the telecommunications-focused survey report, “Crash and Churn” and take the first step toward improving customer retention in the telecom industry by slashing effort.

The Realities of Rural 5G Deployment in the US

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Early last week, Ajit Pai, the Chairman of the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced his approval of the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint. This will result in a third mega-carrier in the US mobile wireless market, which is a good move for consumers like you and me. I am glad this deal will now […].

Coronavirus, Business Continuity and Visual Assistance: How Enterprises Ensure Service Delivery


The company has already achieved a 90% success rate for diagnoses and the 10% of issues that can’t be remotely diagnosed are due to accessibility issues, privacy concerns, and connectivity issues. AR in Enterprise Tech Dispatch Rate Virtual Technician truck rolls Field Services Visual Assistance consumer electronics telecommunications field service medical technology

To boost customer loyalty, telecom companies need to go beyond NPS

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Telecommunication companies are under immense pressure to provide better, faster services. Winning over a customer’s loyalty may just boil down to how fast an issue can be resolved, or how easy it is to connect with a real human when the internet’s down. Connect with me on LinkedIn. Research Business Strategy Customer Experience customer experience Market Research customer loyalty Net Promoter Score telecom telecommunications

Learn From Telcos And Network Infrastructure Vendors About Innovations For Networked Solutions

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The report “Connected Solutions Are A Catalyst For Tech-Driven Innovation” highlights how technology-driven innovation by telcos and network equipment vendors can help CIOs from outside the telecoms sector with their innovation initiatives. age of the customer communications infrastructure Innovation local area network (LAN)/wide area network (WAN) network management networking software-defined networking (SDN) telecommunications services virtual network infrastructure (VNI

Transforming Service in the Telecom Industry: Why It’s Needed and How to Make It Happen

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Telecommunications companies used to be cash cows: massive, often government-linked monopolies that provided essential connectivity services and reliably churned out cash. The industry is being radically disrupted by services that make use of telco’s connectivity platforms but offer higher perceived value to customers. Better connections, faster speeds and more convenience are now expected. What is your view of service in the telecommunications industry?

The Future Of Telecoms: Strategies To Transform Telcos Into Digital Services Providers

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Our key observation still holds true: The traditional connectivity-centric business model will work only for few telcos with a low-cost base. business models chief information officer (CIO) cloud brokers collaboration communications infrastructure network management software-defined networking (SDN) telecommunications services carriers

Lumoa raises €650 000 seed funding to take AI-powered customer experience analytics to the new markets


Leading companies in healthcare, telecommunications and banking across Nordics already benefit from real time Net Promoter Score (NPS) analytics that can handle feedback in all major languages. Ali Omar , growth-entrepreneur and investor, who has led companies from 0 to €100M revenue, comments that “Lumoa is special because it connects customer feedback to actionable insights, bridging the gap between a company and its customers.

Lesson #2: CX Measurement Is Hot, But It's Not What You Think It Is


Consider a telecommunications company whose business model is signing up customers for a one-year contract for various wireless services. In this example, VoC would reveal negative customer sentiment immediately, allowing the telecommunications company to course-correct. The following is an excerpt from Listen Or Die by Sean McDade, PhD.

What is an IVR (Interactive Voice Response)?

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I dial the number and find that the agent I am connected with is completely up to date on everything: she knew what I had ordered and where I am and after commiserating with me a little, immediately gave me a number of options on how to deal with this situation. Widely used for telecommunication signaling, it enables a caller to execute some basic interactions with a telecommunications platform by using their telephone keys.

4 AI Trends that will Transform the Telecom Industry in 2019


billion connected devices will be in use worldwide by 2020, more and more CSPs are jumping on the bandwagon, recognizing the value of artificial intelligence applications in the telecommunications industry. RPA can bring greater efficiency to telecommunications functions by allowing telecoms to more easily manage their back office operations and the large volumes of repetitive and rules-based processes. “Alexa, launch Netflix!”.

Tales of Not Putting the Customer First

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Weirdly, both telecommunications companies). Changes, that not only could save the customer a lot of money but also build a stronger connection to a company that has their best interests at heart. 2) Show them you care – if your customers aren’t alerted to the new plans, and they instead come across the change themselves, give them something to show you’re sorry you couldn’t connect with them and that you value them.

Uncovering the “why” delivers higher research ROI for CX leaders

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For example, Telstra, Australia’s leading telecommunications provider, adds context to NPS by creating “relationship memory” through My Telstra Experience (MTE), a customer insight community. Telstra has generated seven years of robust longitudinal insights and a deeper understanding of its customers by connecting these engagements with NPS and transactional data sets.

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Companies That Outsource Call Center Operations

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Being in the front-end, call centers create a direct connection between customers (even prospects) and businesses. In this article, there are four lines of businesses that outsource call centers overseas, these are: Telecommunications and Technology Companies. Telecommunications and Technology Companies. The telecommunications and technology sector is one of the primary users of various call center services.

6 Top Chatbot Examples: AI Customer Service Bots in Action


Industry: Telecommunications. It won’t be long before you see emotional connections with customers growing stronger, leading to higher lifetime value, customer satisfaction, and even advocacy.

Introducing GetFeedback for Field Service Lightning


Connect your GetFeedback survey to your Salesforce org. Field Service Lightning is most commonly used for industries like public utilities and transportation, vending machine services, telecommunications, waste management, financial services, retail, professional services, manufacturing, and child care. Get visibility into the onsite service experience and take immediate action to improve your field service operations.

March Madness! Events for Customer Experience Excellence

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

While delighted to help create a better living experience through improving the customer experience with 360Connext, Jon also enjoys cooking, decorating, squishing his toes in the mud, and connecting with his creative side in any way he can. It’s that time of year again! Who says March Madness is only for car dealerships and mattress stores!? We’re not having a tent sale or running a huge promotion, but every year March proves to be crazy but awesome, and 2015 is no different!

Building a CX Dashboard

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It raises awareness in and engages employees in what you’re trying to achieve in the CX department by connecting achievement of CX outcomes to business success. If you’re running a CX program, you need a way of communicating your progress to your superiors and the broader organisation. We are all guilty of not communicating enough on

3 Industries That Can Benefit Immediately from Digital Customer Service

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The fact is basic telecommunication services are essentially commodities these days, and everyone knows that competition over price and features only can go so far. This can make things very convenient for the customer, and it means that it can be harder to establish trust and loyalty because there isn’t that intimate connection between brand and customer. Every business is different, and so is every customer.

Amazing Business Radio: Jason Bradshaw


Connection: The emotional connection an employee feels. He created his first business at fourteen, selling telecommunications and computer equipment. How can you connect with your employees on a deeper level? It’s All About CEX. Building a Community of Champions. Shep Hyken sits down with Jason Bradshaw to talk about his new book, It’s All About CEX: The Essential Guide to Customer and Employee Experience.

Engaging Customers During COVID-19: How to Cut Through the Noise


The use of telecommunication has dramatically increased since the COVID-19 outbreak began, and people are spending more time on their digital devices while waiting for life to return to normal. .

The One Relationship That Determines The Success of Your VoC Program


In a telecommunications company, for example, the IT department has a system that houses all the technician appointments for the day, including specific customer information such as email address and phone number. As the lead of the customer experience team, you have to be multi-functional, with the right mindset and communication skills to connect with different personalities. They can be very helpful in connecting the dots and making sense of customer feedback.

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9 Companies That Outsource Customer Service

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The better the service quality, the stronger the connection will become. Over time, this connection transforms into loyalty which then leads to frequent purchases and stronger brand recommendations. Telstra Corporation is the largest telecommunications company in Australia which provides products and services spanning from telecommunications networks to the Internet of Things.

The rise of the mobile workforce: 4 trends and benefits


Several years ago, I was doing a research project for a leading telecommunications company. Yet, less than half of these professionals are equipped with mobile-ready tools, which significantly limits their ability to connect with the people, systems and information they need to work efficiently and effectively. Now imagine this same scenario, but with the incoming call coming through a mobile application that’s connected to customer data.

Visual Claims: The insurance process of the future


The visual claim process itself is easy and quick The adjustor can simply establish a live video connection with the customer (no app download necessary) in order to easily review and visually communicate with the customer through augmented reality tools. Many insurance companies have begun implementing smart technology as part of their strategy, including connected security, medical and other smart devices that influence the conditions of their insurance premiums.

Columbia Sportswear Takes Customer Service to the Cloud

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In 2010, Kristina Coker, Enterprise Mobility & Telecommunications Engineer, created a Request for Proposal (RFP) with a long wish list of ideal characteristics of a new contact center system including: Support for a wider range of communication channels. We can easily add more agents regardless if they’re working from home or elsewhere – all they need is a computer and internet connection.”.

Don’t Know Where to Outsource? Why Philippines is a No-Brainer

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High quality telecommunications. The country has been known to have a well-developed telecommunications infrastructure relative to other countries in Asia Pacific region. The country’s fast expanding and rapidly improving telecommunications and IT infrastructures are notably adequate to support corporate transactions of outsourcing companies. Digital connectivity is strong and consistent which enables reliabiity and convenience for an outsourcing environment.

Don’t Know Where to Outsource? Why The Philippines is a No-Brainer

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We live in a small world which becomes more interconnected through the widespread use of various gadgets, software applications, and high-powered internet connections. High-quality telecommunications. The country’s fast expanding and rapidly improving telecommunications and IT infrastructures are notably adequate to support corporate transactions of outsourcing companies. Are you facing the dilemma of deciding where to outsource some of your non-core business activities?

The Extra Mile or The Last Mile?

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According to Investopedia, the last mile is: a phrase used in the telecommunications and technology industries to describe the technologies and processes used to connect the end customer to a communications network. Image courtesy of S.O.O.C Which is more important: the last mile or the extra mile ? A couple months ago, I wrote about first and last impressions , posing a similar question there: which is more important? Today I''m wondering about the last mile and the extra mile.

Vodafone – Global Innovator Chooses AR Remote Assistance


Vodafone Group plc is a multinational telecommunications conglomerate committed to customer service excellence. At TechSee, we take pride in collaborating with forward-thinking companies, providing them with the innovation required to achieve a better connected tomorrow. . As a leading provider of intelligent visual engagement, TechSee is at the forefront of the digital CX transformation.