What is the difference between User Experience (UX) and Customer Experience (CX)?


In order to understand the difference between User Experience (UX) and Customer Experience (CX), it is necessary to clearly define each concept. UX is concerned with how a person, or User , deals with, and responds to, a company’s product. Customer Experience Desig

3 Keys to Building Customer Engagement – Connect, Automate, Iterate

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According to Gartner’s report, Bridge Silos of Customer Engagement, or Risk Killing Your customer Experience , “Customer engagement is frequently delivered in silos, even though this is a known, significant customer experience issue. Connect.

The Tinderization of Mobile Customer Expectations


With the widespread acceptance of apps like Uber and Tinder , customers are demanding more personalized, instantaneous experiences. Uber, of course, is the on-demand ride sharing app and Tinder is the dating app allowing users to “swipe” their preference based on a photo.).

[ASTEA WEBINAR] Intelligent Integration – Connecting Apps and Sharing Data


By Michael Glaser, Director Technology Solutions, Astea North America. Today’s business back-office users are highly connected to information through multiple channels, relying on field service management (FSM), customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and other software platforms to drive effective customer communications and operate the business. Streamline user experiences. Drive technology adoption and engagement.

Tapping Into Real-Time Customer Input


First, let me share my experience with TripIt the app. Based on feedback and where they see the travel experience going, Amy discussed some of what’s next with travel. 360Connext serves mid-market companies and larger by helping them evaluate their true customer experience.

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3 Ways to Convey CX Needs to Your Executive Leadership Team Using Research and Empathy

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Samantha shares how she’s used her communications and marketing background to unite leadership across silos within her organization to provide a more efficient and unified customer experience. Essentially, their digital experience wasn’t matching the offline experience.

Customer Journeys Are More Jungle Gym Than Funnel


But customer experience travels on, past the prospecting and sales phase and well into the relationship with the customer. And while there are many ways to map out the journey – awareness through advocacy – many still rely on thinking the experience itself is linear.

Nearly 50 Customers Share Successes and Strategies at the Calabrio Customer Connect Conference


Calabrio Customer Connect (C3) starts today, and we couldn’t be more excited. Based on a vertically oriented media player that aligns with how we consume information today, the design puts critical customer insights at users’ fingertips.

VoiceFoundry and SMG Leverage Amazon Connect for New Self-Serve Contact Center Feedback and Measurement Application

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The integrated solution allows businesses using Amazon Connect to measure the customer experience through an advanced, post-interaction survey—making it easy to gain customer feedback on each interaction. VoiceFoundry is passionate about customer experience.

Are Your FAQ’s Driving Customers Mad?


FAQ’s are not mobile friendly or optimized for today’s technology. Instead of using technology to determine who the customer is (member, provider, employer, etc.) Groupon , the daily deal site, does a great job by leveraging technology to get to the information quickly for the customer. Users can type in their own question to the search box, review the curated FAQ’s under Trending, or use the Help Wizard tab. What about your digital experience?

Disruptive Technologies – Solving Tomorrow’s Public Sector Challenges

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The Cordence Worldwide (CWW) network, of which North Highland is a proud member, met in 2018 to bring together our global knowledge and experience in the public sector and to develop ideas on the future of government services. Our very own Mark Dunwell was asked about disruptive technologies in public sector – here’s what he had to say. Q: Disruptive technologies – what are they and why is everyone talking them? Technology and Digital Category Featured Featured News

Opportunities Abound in a Digitally Connected Asean


The answer lies in technology, a great leveler for businesses of all sizes and scale. Leaders recognised that digital technologies can springboard developments for Asean nations and urged local businesses to embrace true digital transformation.

Leverage CRM Technologies to Pave the Path to a Successful Company

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Today’s customers make their purchasing decisions on the overall experience they have with a brand. Therefore, offering great customer experience is one of the most important goals. Customers also rely on the experiences of their peers before choosing a brand to spend their money with.

How Technology Can Help You Improve Your Company’s Customer Service

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Not only do the vast majority of companies underestimate the importance of quality customer care, but they also hesitate to start integrating technology into it. Modern tech can be an intriguing new solution to being able to connect with your clientèle on a deeper, more meaningful level.

Adobe and Google Partner to Create a Better Mobile Experience

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To change the world through digital experiences. Consumers expect to connect with content immediately no matter where they are or what they are doing. In the personal, always-connected mobile world we now live in, the inability to deliver the right experience to the right person at the right time directly impacts engagement and the consumer relationship. AMP will enable content to load instantaneously and provide a better mobile web experience for all.

The Entrepreneurial CCO, with Kevin Bury – CB24

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Kevin Bury had a very successful career as the CEO of several technology startups before he took on the senior customer experience leadership role at the very large technology company, SolarWinds. Episode Overview.

Why is my smart device making me feel dumb? The challenges of onboarding IoT devices


While in theory, smart devices should be easier to set up – most are wireless and can be remotely connected; in reality, the setup of smart devices can present significant challenges to the consumer. After all, with the number of connected devices expected to reach 20.4

How Innovative Technologies Will Influence Customer Experience in the Coming Years


Businesses can differentiate themselves from one another by way of the customer experience. Several exciting innovations took place in 2016, as businesses realize the inherent benefits of delivering an exceptional customer experience. As technology drives innovation, we can expect customers to see major changes in the way that big brands interact with them. The customer experience is paramount. Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Customer Experience.

How CIOs can Enable an Agile Organization


I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with IDG’s Rob O’Reegan and Isaac Sacolick, President of Star CIO, to discuss the CIO’s strategic mandate and how they can create a more connected, engaging and agile organization. A connected customer experience.

Guest Blog: Digitizing the Customer Experience Without Losing the Customer


who argues that digital transformation is bringing customer experience to an entirely different level. Communities were smaller, shopping was local, and technology wasn’t there to either help or confuse the customer. This week we feature an article by John Boccuzzi Jr.

Astea Launches Alliance Enterprise™, the Newest Version of its FSM Platform


Alliance Enterprise delivers enterprise-grade technology designed to unify the increasingly complex service ecosystem. Smart Scheduling that Efficiently Connects All the Right People and Parts. Sleek, Web-Inspired User Interface Designed for Configurability and Usability.

Building The Cognitive Organization: AI-Ready Information (Part One)

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Attribute Three: Connected Information. After you’ve created information and made it accessible to machines, the information needs to be connected so it can solve complex problems. Each AI solution requires slightly different kinds of connections.

Building the Cognitive Organization: AI-Ready Process (Part Two)

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Human experience and context are often non-documented drivers of efficient and effective processes. Machines and bots live by rules and only do what you tell them; this information must be captured and added to current process flows for the technology to work “like a human.” Joni Roylance, Global Lead for AI Readiness at North Highland, is hyper connected to the emotional world of humans and how those emotions impact everything in business. Technology and Digita

Why We Made 2019 The Year of Relentless Innovation at Bizagi


We firmly believe that for companies to survive and thrive in this digital age, they need to be more Agile, Connected and Engaging. “To To enable innovation and experimentation your organization must have agile technology implementations,” said Gustavo Gomez, Bizagi CEO.

Guest Blog: Rolling Ahead of the Game with Digital Customer Experience


This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post Shaista Haque writes about a very timely topic, the digital customer experience. Digital experiences are starting to mirror in-person experiences and you better be monitoring your digital customers now! – Shep Hyken. Obviously, scenario 2 is better than the first case where Mr. Henry got delighted with the impeccable experience provided to him. Connect with Shaista on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Customer Self Service – What the Future Holds


More companies than ever are tapping into the power of AI customer service technologies to enhance efficiency and positively impact the lives of consumers, and with good reason. As self-service technology becomes more sophisticated, both consumers and enterprises are feeling the benefits.

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Constellation ShortList™ for Digital Performance Management

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Tweet Digital Performance Management provides companies with the analytics to determine if their customer experience is optimized. It is no longer just about IT looking at the performance of the technology stack or the management of the infrastructure or cloud that delivers customer experience. . When DPM is optimized, companies can deliver an engaging digital experience, maximize revenue and improve brand loyalty.

How business leaders in retail plan to improve CX

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To win the business of consumers, however, companies need to invest in continuously improving the experience of their customers. While physical stores aren’t dead, they need to provide a memorable experience in order to deliver ROI for the company, said Lunger. Retail is far from dead.

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Destructive Leadership Practices: Is Your CEO in Denial?


I was working with a growing technology company. Then it tapered off, they felt less connected and important, and they drifted to my client’s competitors. This included the design of the logo (it was awful) and the user experience of the very product they were selling.

Customer Service Trends 2018: Creating Effortless Customer-Centric Experiences


Armed with that empathy and over ten years in the business, there’s been one consistent signal that stands out from the noise in this year’s customer service trends: customers want effortless experiences. Navigate the trends: Customer-centric through a customer experience strategy.

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Has The Age of George Jetson IoT Time Come? Alex Was the Star of CES

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It connects to the Alexa Voice Service to provide information, news, play music, report on sports scores, deliver weather reports… The uses for AVS and Alexa are limited only by your imagination. When something is connected to Alexa, the device instantly becomes pseudo-interoperable. Interoperable technology is not an evolutionarily stable strategy for most IoT manufacturers.

On-Demand Webinar: Intelligent Integrations for Field Service Management


System integrations used to require relying on technical users with coding skills or paying an additional fee to your field service management (FSM) provider to build them. Astea understands today’s business environment requires cost-effective, technology-enabled service improvements.


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Additional features like peer-to-peer recognition, enhanced SEO, global translation capabilities and updates to Jive’s purpose-driven apps deliver a complete, engaging experience that drives brand affinity for external communities and employee engagement for its interactive intranet offering.

Smarter Services Symposium 2019 Recap


During the discussion, Giant Eagle, Scientific Games as well as several other service providers in the room, shared the challenges faced by their organizations and their strategies for recruiting and on-boarding the millennial workforce to support technology innovation and business growth.

Artificial Intelligence Tech: What Is It, and How Can It Create Jobs?

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For this reason, companies will benefit from a long-horizon view of their investments in AI technology. To fuel job creation, it’s important to understand AI’s two foundational technologies. The underlying technology is NLU/NLP, a sub-field of AI and information engineering.

10 Quotes About Artificial Intelligence from the Experts

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Technology is going to disrupt the future of work, perhaps sooner than we thought. Making a connection. However, the AI agents must be properly monitored to prevent digital harassment and frustrating user experiences.”

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How to Test a Folding Smartphone (and Other Emerging Tech)


Seeing the risks and rewards of emerging technology unfold is part of what makes the tech industry so exciting to follow. We spend a lot of time helping our customers work through similar challenges as they develop never-before-seen technology.