Mapping Customer Journeys Through a Systems Lens

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The customer journey map (CJM) is a useful and crucial tool to help businesses uncover and visualize the experience their customers have when interacting with the brand from the customer’s point of view.

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The digital customer journey: Understanding the role of the contact center in creating a connected experience

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The digital customer journey is very different from a physical shopping experience, yet it is very much the same. CXOne Customer Experience Omnichannel


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4 Ways To Avoid a Disjointed Customer Journey


Think back to a bad customer experience that you’ve had. Whatever your story, there’s probably a common underlying theme: a disjointed customer journey. And if you’re thinking, what does a disjointed customer journey have to do with a rude agent?

Customer Journey Mapping: Real-World Examples & Use Cases

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

Are Customer Journey Maps Really Necessary? She was defeated, and realized she made a misstep in trying to get resources for a journey mapping initiative. They wanted to know why they needed a customer journey map, when they already had: Process maps.

The Modern Customer Success Playbook

The evolution of every high-functioning, effective customer success strategy centers around three C’s: connected experiences, an engaging customer journey, and a culture built on customer-centricity. Find out how to transform customer success teams into revenue-drivers by downloading the playbook today!

Artificial Intelligence and the Customer Journey

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So, what exactly is AI and how are organizations applying it, and most importantly, how does it either enrich or diminish the Customer Experience? This is where the fun begins or, to put it more crisply, where the customer journey can take a critical and not so smooth turn.

What is Customer Journey Mapping?


What is Customer Journey Mapping? Customer-centricity has become an essential focus for companies today. One of the challenges to achieving customer-centricity is that departments in most organizations operate in silos. What is a Customer Journey Map?

Attention Marketers: Your Campaign Workflow Is NOT A Customer Journey

Kerry Bodine

The concept of the “journey” has permeated organizations over the past several years. While this might seem like good news to someone like me who champions the journey framework, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend — and it reminds me of one of my favorite movies. The same thing is now happening with the word “journeys.” It’s as if by using this word, organizations believe that they are being customer centric. This is where Mailchimp’s customer journey comes in.

The 9 Stages Of The Archetypal Customer Journey

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No two customer journeys look the same. No two customers will ever interact with you in exactly the same way at exactly the same time—nor will they share exactly the same perceptions, thoughts, emotions, and memories about those interactions. And yet, to create customer journey maps , we need to assume some degree of similarity amongst our customers and their experiences with us. Use: Customers utilize the products or services they’ve acquired.

Attention Marketers: Your Campaign Workflow Is NOT A Customer Journey

Kerry Bodine

The concept of the “journey” has permeated organizations over the past several years. While this might seem like good news to someone like me who champions the journey framework, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend — and it reminds me of one of my favorite movies. The same thing is now happening with the word “journeys.” It’s as if by using this word, organizations believe that they are being customer centric. This is where Mailchimp’s customer journey comes in.

Plugging Your Community Into the Customer Lifecycle

Speaker: Nichole Devolites, Customer Experience Expert, SecureAuth

Customer experience professionals understand the importance of both creating and maintaining easily available programs that improve CX. Nichole Devolites is joining us for a webinar on July 27th at 12 pm EDT to discuss how CX professionals can integrate and connect their communities with the customer lifecycle. Register today!

A Guide to Customer Journey Optimization


Being a customer-centered enterprise means acting as a trusted advisor and helping your customers get greater business value from your product. The aim is to create customer lifetime value by nurturing sustained expansion over time for mutually beneficial growth. Customer journey optimization is a way of not only mapping the stages of customer progression but also identifying ways to add customer value along the way. Track the customer experience.

4 Things to Consider When Mapping Your Digital Customer Journey


Whether you’re new to digital omnichannel or your company is already deep into digital transformation for customer service, it’s always important to check the health of your digital customer journey. B2B and B2C digital journeys have their own set of channel preferences.

Do You Know Your Customer Journey Map & the Emotions Overlay?


A recent post by John Ollila on Loyalty Lobby about customer journey maps and touchpoints in the leisure industry prompted me to share with you, an experience I had recently with the Hilton Group. Clearly their online pixels had identified me as being interested in this hotel, but they hadn’t connected this interest with my having booked directly. Already there, you can see that they have an incomplete customer journey mapping process.

5 Customer Journey Mapping Mistakes that Lead You Nowhere

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

Understanding what your customers are doing when is such a sexy, intriguing topic. We all want to better comprehend why our customers behave the way they do and when they make certain choices. That’s why customer journey mapping is such an inviting idea. When we map out the actual journey our customers take and turn it into a beautiful visual? Beautiful customer journey maps are easy to find. When parts of the journey are left out.

Top 3 Ways to Conquer Virtual Retail Woes With Messaging

Today’s customers want to be met on the channel of their choice with experiences that are both personal and unique. Meeting these needs means delivering relevant experiences through the right technology such as messaging. Discover three ways to improve business outcomes by deploying messaging and AI. This quick read will help you discover strategies that help your brand stand out and go beyond customer expectations.

‘Tis the Season to Find Pain Points in Your Retail Customer Journey

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

When Santa delivers stress… As December furiously barrels on toward the holidays, your customers will become more and more hurried and stressed as they try to find the perfect gifts. Do you have a working customer journey map? Why map the retail customer journey?

Challenges of Understanding the Customer Journey End-to-End

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

Many customers experience the product or service offered by an organization differently than how the organization anticipates. Some of this has to do with where the journey actually begins and ends. Understanding the customer journey end-to-end helps brands innovate around the experience. But the experience is more than what a customer does after purchase. One airline trying to understand the actual journey more for their customers is Virgin Atlantic.

Guest Post: How to Use the Customer Journey to Create an Engaging Affiliate Marketing Strategy


She shares a 3-step guide on how to improve the employee experience while maximizing customer engagement. An affiliate marketing strategy needs to be effective, target well and work well for brands and customers. Provides a good solution to customer problems.

Customer Journey Measurement: The Essential Guide


Your customer encounters an issue using her mobile device. She reaches out via social media and then contacts customer service. How are you currently measuring this customer’s experience? But your customer sees each interaction as one continuous journey to reach her goal. You need a better way to measure experiences, prioritize the right opportunities for improvement and deliver the experiences your customers demand. Your Customers Aren’t Responding.

6 Killer Applications for Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Engagement Contact Center

topic in C-suites, AI for customer engagement is white hot. As a pioneer in AI for contact center customer service and customer. companies to transform—not just improve—customer service and. center customer service. Intelligence in the Customer Engagement.

Connecting Data to Map your Customers’ Journey


Every organization wants happy customers! Happier customers ultimately mean more revenue. We often find companies pay particular attention to individual touchpoints and transactions, and as a result are less informed of their customers’ end-to-end experience. Companies with this siloed vision miss crucial interactions along the customer journey and may be unaware of unhappy customers. And that’s where the Customer Journey Map comes into play!

Why the Customer Journey Should Be a Continuous Process

CSM Magazine

For many businesses, the customer journey stops once the ink has dried on a contract or a purchase has been made. But market leaders know that in order to retain current clients and attract new ones, their journey with your business must be a continuous process.

Choosing your Customer Journey Software: our best tips


Choosing your Customer Journey Software: our best tips. It’s critical that the entire organization works together to create the customer experience that your customers want and expect. What is customer journey software? . Customer Communications.

15 Customer Touchpoints That Will Optimize Your Customer Journey

CSM Magazine

There are numerous ways that customers engage with your business. Each one is a chance for you to nurture their interactions towards a sale, referred to as customer touchpoints. Optimizing your customer touchpoints can lead to stronger brand loyalty, more revenue, and improved sales.

Context is key. Introducing Customer Journeys and Conversations


Customer support teams focus their efforts on three goals: solve the problem, make the customer happy and set them up for success. In essence, the support team is responsible for delivering a great customer experience. The way we go about achieving these staples of support may vary, but we’re all working towards the same end goal: a better customer experience. Think about the last time you contacted a larger company for customer support. The Customer Journey.



The Limitations of Journey Mapping for Customer-Obsessed Brands. The COVID 19 crisis has dramatically changed customer journeys and what brands need to do to analyse and understand them. The limitations of customer journey mapping. Global Journey Analytics

Customer Journey Management: Keeping Your CX on Track


Customer journey management is one of the best methods an organization can use to continuously improve customer experience (CX). . Establish a disciplined approach to customer journey management. . What is Customer Journey Management? .

The Changing Face of Customer Journeys


One of the most important things a company can do is to map the customer journey. However, the consumer is evolving at the speed of light, and, thanks to technological advancements, the customer journey is changing just as quickly. How the Customer Journey Has Changed. The customer’s journey through a sales funnel was linear and predictable. Additionally, brands had fewer ways in which to connect with customers.

How to Identify Weaknesses in Your Customer Journey Map


About eight out of ten business leaders say they want to “improve” the customer experience (CX) to be more competitive. In CustomerThink’s recent study of 200+ CX initiatives, 74% agreed: “By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.”.

How Connected, Contextual Customer Journeys Make a Difference

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In each case, he expects continuity and connection. That continuity is required across the entire customer journey – no matter who John speaks with, whichever channel he chooses, and what transpires during each interaction. From the perspective of your brand ambassadors – your agents – the only way to provide that continuity is by having context for every step of that customer journey. FULL CX JOURNEY VISIBILITY. Meet John.

Why You Need to Use Your Customer Journey Map as a Business Decision Blueprint

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“With the journey map, I now have a powerful tool that helps visualize the visitor experience,” said Samir Bitar , Museum Director of the National Veteran’s Memorial and Museum, when I interviewed him in one of my most popular podcasts, How the Smithsonian Built Their Journey Map. So, let me ask – does your organization have a customer journey map ? Is it used to understand your customers?

Epic Fail of Customer Journey Mapping — Part 2


In our last post, we discussed three common pitfalls companies encounter in their customer journey marketing (CJM) initiatives: little support from the C-suite, a short-sided view of the end goal, and limited customer perspective. As Gartner notes , those successful CJM programs create usable journey maps. They take action on what they learn from journey mapping exercises, and they operationalize those learnings throughout the business. Customer Experience

How Two Leaders Use Customer Journey Mapping As a Tool to Unite Leadership and Address Customer Retention Concerns

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In my recent vlog, Jeanne’s Daily Dose…Of Reality , I discuss the importance of customer journey mapping and how you can use it to break down silos and unite your leadership team. In today’s episode, we’re continuing the conversation around journey mapping by revisiting two conversations I’ve had with previous guests on the show. First, we’ll hear from Kathy Tobiasen , the Vice President of Customer Experience at The Nature’s Bounty Company.

What’s a Customer Journey Map? Template & Crash Course


Customer journey mapping can make the crucial difference between driving business success and seeing flagging customer satisfaction, retention rates, and revenue. Creating an amazing customer experience (CX) is an intentional process. Customer Journey Map Template.

How to Make the Most of Customer Journey Insights


If you want to make your business customer-centered , you’re going to need customer data. Without it, you can’t keep track of your customers’ needs, business goals, and challenges. When you gather and analyze customer data, you can uncover customer journey insights that will allow you to take action to deliver a more personalized customer experience. How to Unlock Customer Journey Insights .

The Right Survey to Measure Each Touchpoint of the Customer Journey


Suggestion: make the choice of survey methods part of the customer profile. Think “Survey+” for Customer Feedback. As you might expect, customer listening–often called a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program –is an essential practice for any CX program. Customer Experience